Neiman Marcusgucci sales person lori or laurie

S Apr 16, 2018

Topanga Woodland Hills location, this will be my second purchase of a Gucci purse from this location, and most likely my last! In the past I've always been so pleased with the help and respect I've received from employees at nemins! Laurie or Lori who ever was in the Gucci section of the topanga nemins Friday April 13 I believe is so incredibly rude over the phone and in person it's just not acceptable especially from a store like this! She was rude to not only myself but rude to my friend who was purchasing the Gucci purse for me to the point my friend thought this woman was racist! I'm so upset and saddened by this insident I request this woman to be addressed and this problem to be solved. Thank you for your time I truly hope you take this matter seriously and this is addressed immediately. Thank you.

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