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I've been dealing with mortgage companies for the past 40 years and Nation Star is proving to be the absolute worst. Five months ago they bought my mortgage from Bank of America. It took Nation Star two months to begin sending the statements all the while I was responsible to pay monthly. For the last three months, I have been checking the box to change my billing address all to no avail. The last statement I high-lighted and used a post-it to indicate the billing address has changed, all to no avail. This month they didn't send a statement and when called, because their online system wouldn't let me access my account, I was informed the SSN they had on file was not correct. They wanted me to fax my SS card and driver's license to correct the mistake THEY made. I was told they didn't have the information from my previous company. Through this I asked to speak to a manager who was very belligerent and talked over me as I was explaining the situation. The manager, Blake Adams, just kept repeating what I had to do not what THEY could do to help. I was totally disheartened by the treatment and performance of this company. It's no wonder why our banking system was at the root cause of our nation's economic collapse. Without question, I will be looking to refinance elsewhere and/or sell.


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    helpingotherswithmtg May 22, 2015

    Well its sad to hear you had an unpleasant experience. Whenever a new loan is transferred over to a new servicer your previous servicer sends you a goodbye letter and the new servicer sends you a welcome letter and packet. So you should have received at least one of those. If not then that would be a great question for your post master. . . also You have at least a 60 day grace period where you are not charged late fees or interest so that should have helped you out to kind of give you some time to get payment arrangements settled. Also whenever its completely transferred over if the new servicer has the loan and they don't have all of the information they need then you will have to provide whatever information they may need due to privacy reasons. They cannot, by law, release any of your information on your account without verifying the account and its information.

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