Nationstar Mortgageabusive and unprofessional workers


Nationstar Mortgage is the worst Mortgage Company on the face of the earth. Their CSR are rude degrading and outright abusive and prejudice. On August 23, 2013 I called them to find out if an inspection was done on my house, which was scheduled to be done the day before. The CSR told me it was cancelled. This is after she asked for my life history first. Everytime I called Nationstar I have to speak to a CSR and jump through hoops to speak to someone who has a brain in their head. And just when I thought I had heard it all. I was transferred to someone else. This is the ABSOLUTE WORSE COMPANY I HAVE EVER DONE BUSINESS WITH.
Consumers: if you need a mortgage loan go to a CREDIT UNION, NOT NATIONSTAR.
After I was done talking to what she referred to herself as a Specialist. She thought she had hung up the phone with me when in fact she did not. She proceeded to discuss my financial and personal business with her co-worker who agreed with her. Her statements were abusive, prejudice, and down right ugly. and derogatory. After listening to their conversation I informed her that I heard all the things she said about me. And I will be taking this matter up with my Attorney. I was so emotionally shaken by the CSR's rants about me and my business I was emotionally shaken, my husband had to leave work and come home. It seems to me that Nationstar needs to invest in some behavioral training for their CSR and Specialists as they call themselves, on how to handle people.


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    b_yueh Sep 16, 2013

    Thank you for your sharing. I have the same problem with Nationstar. Is there any way to start a class action to suit this company?

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    Lu228 Sep 26, 2013

    NATION STAR MORTGAGE COMPANY IS NOT A MORTGAGE COMPANY!!! I have never dealt with such rude CSReps in my entire life. I spoke with a Rep by the name of Ariel Johnson who gave me nothing but attitude. I asked to speak to her supervisor in which she replied WHY. I said to her please get me your supervisor, she said you can tell me the same thing your going to tell my supervisor. Once he got on the phone he was just as rude, in no way, shape or form did I believe she put a supervisor on. She was ranting and raving in the background. When I said to this per say supervisor that I wanted to speak with his supervisor I was told he went home early. I get the same nonsense every time I call and no one every calls me back. BOA wake up and stop selling good customers loans to low life companies like NATION STAR! I have reported them to the BBB in Texas, everyone who is having a problem jump on board and do the same. You can do everything online. My next step is to call the Attorneys General Office in Texas. If we all stick together we may be able to put them out of business. They have not applied 4 months of payments to my account and then reported me to the Credit Bureau stating I am 4 months delinquint when the are the ones holding my payments!

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