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Not fair when teams like kc don't get flagged for wrong doing, giving kc touchdowns, that are not real touchdowns. Calling flags only on other teams... ridiculous and unethical. Why can't we watch a game that's real, does it really only have to do with money. How sad is it. Greedy. Examples Kansas City vs Buffalo Bills. Kansas City vs Cincinnati Bengals. Stop hyping up quarterbacks that are not that good. Just because they are on commercials and make people more money, how disgusting. 🤔

It's obvious it's rigged... Take a look at the longest yard, remember the titans. If you haven't seen these movies, you should watch them. What happened to letting the best team win? That's real entertainment, not paying people off to put more money in the pockets. This team KC should not go to the Superbowl, they should be disqualified and the last games should be replayed in fair standings. Bills and Bengals games and actually give them a real chance to play a game worth watching

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