National Adjustment Bureaugap insurance

We had our GAP insurance with this company because the Dealer RED NISSAN on Colonial Drive in Orlando, recommended them, we trusted them. When my husband had the accident was total Lost and our Insurance GEICO did an awesome job and told us the GAP Insurance was asking them for more money to pay us. However; we did not pay attention trusting that everything will be ok. We started to get worry because the surplus of the money -the debt- was still in Ally the bank that lent us the money. My husband called them multiple times, and Ally said we are waiting for the payment from National Adjustment Bureu, GEICO Said we already paid, the rest is their responsibility, and the National Adjustment said yes we are waiting for your documents, My husband sent two fax two different numbers they gave him and they said they didn't receive it, then National Adjustment told my husband that he needed to send the documents by mail, and my husband did it, finally they received the papers and they told my husband they were processing the information. Waiting and waiting, my husband called them but still they were processing the documents. Yesterday, they said they didn't receive the papers and they don't have any recorded calls and it's more that 90 days and they are not going to pay. So, I wonder my husband was talking whom to, when he called them, do they have special people for lying to the customers? Because my husband talked to them multiple times.
How in the world they said they did not recorded the calls? They are a SCAM, they Are liars, they are stealing American People! My credit went down -64 points yesterday! It was over 700 I was during two years working hard to get there and because of them I need to start again. This kind of things should not be happen in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, "WE ARE NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY"; this country is big and powerful! How do we allow this kind of companies go around scamming Citizens of United States without any consequence?
How? how? I have been investigating and we are not the only ones, calling multiple times, having trouble with their fax number, going back and forth with the company begging for an answer, their customer service is mediocre, irresponsible, liars, negligent, rude... they NEVER called us trying to help us, NEVER, you can see they don't want to help the customer they just want to take advantage of us. Sadly, if they are allow to keep on going they will continue doing the same thing to a lot of people. I would like to see if they are going to answer to this, because at the end they DO NOT CARE!

Oct 02, 2019

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