Nandos Midlands Mallproduct and service

Ka Sep 07, 2019

On the 07 September 2019, Saturday around 20.15pm my husband and I went to nandos, we ordered our meals and sat down, not even 5mins our meals was ready and delivered at our table, on arrival there wasn't no indication of which was hot and which was extra hot, when I asked the waiter she was confused, I showed her my slip and asked her to call the manager, the manager came and I told her what had occurred even out meals were very cold, so she promised to rectify this and took our meals away, once again they brought the meals and this time it was just warm, and dry, we had asked for extra basting sauce also, then we kept asking for manager and all the waiters just ignored us, then another manager came and we asked for a refund, I as a valid customer is very upset with the poor service nandos has provided us with as it is I was feeling so much for it,

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