I purchased a wireless headset from this company and when I finally received the item after 12 days, it was broken and didn't even work. I returned the item and didn't want to wait for a refund before I purchased another one thinking they would just swap them out without a problem. I was wrong...

I ordered a second one and that one too was broken. I sent multiple emails and none of them received answers. I called around 7 times and sent more emails asking why no one was answering the phone and was finally able to talk to someone on the phone who proceeded to yell at me calling me a liar and saying that none of their products are faulty.

I requested a full refund in total of $103.98. They refused multiple times but finally agreed to submit it to their corporate and I eventually received a mere $39.99.
So, I am supposed to pay for a product that I don't even have and shipping for 2 items that never worked in the first place.
Yeah right... There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company, and I think I will be the one to start it.

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