N1Wireless.comDon't Buy From N1 Wireless. Scam operation.

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Don't Buy From N1 Wireless. Scam operation.

I order and bought 2 “JawBone” headsets from "N 1 Wireless" ( on may13 2009 Order #: [protected]
Their website states that it is new and in original manufacturing package.
Additionally pictures on the page show original manufacturing package which is a nice plastic box.
Instead of that I received collection of bubble wrapped pieces in the plastic bag.
I call their Support line explain situation and was forced to get RMA number thru their website.
I was promised full reimbursement. N1Wireless issued partial reimbursement withholding TAX and Shipping.
I contact them again and was promised full remaining sum.
4 days later I found that they reimbursed only Tax.
I call them on June 11 and they told me that they did not reimburse shipping at all even if it is their fault disregarding of their promises.

Overall their business practice reflects pure scam operation:
1) They deliberately mislead customers providing false information about item condition.
2) They overcharge shipping 2 times over the regular price $20(versus when I ship back fully insured, with notification, 2 day delivery $10) with the same USPS carrier.
3) They refuse full reimbursement even trying not to return Taxes and shipping.
4) They did not respond on emails, their voicemail box is full and not accepting any messages and it is almost impossible to get some one online.
5) Searching their company review on the web show that this is their common practice.

This is their website item link:

Please see package content section:
Brand new *Original JawBone Sealed Package

We guarantee brand new Jawbone Headset in original sealed package.


  • J
      Jul 02, 2009

    Stay a way from buying from Bad service, bad phones. Mine arrived with keypad problem and not working charger. Later I found that it was refurbished phone! (as well as probably all of them on their web site) I had to call always to check/remind if they sent, received, had in stock etc. No apology from costumer service. Beside, I paid shipping $15 (regular ground!) + $8 return shipping (they don't send you free return shipping slip even if they sold you not working item) + $10 restocking fee if you aren't ordering anything else from them in replacement of original item.

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  • G
      Jul 02, 2010 - They will not answer messages or emails
    United States

    They tell you that things have been shipped and have not. They even tell the USPS that your item has been shipped and it has not been. They will not answer messages or emails. They do this in hopes that the item will finally come into stock without the good grace of marking "out of stock" on their site or emailing the customer of the fact. They refuse to contact the clients on complaints. They also have a habit of bumping themselves up on complaint sites by writing their own reviews on themselves.

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  • V
      Jul 12, 2011 - Do not pay them
    United States

    Order#959442 Jawbone bluetooth headset.
    Instead of Jawbone noice cancelation headset has arrived cheap FAKE which was not fitting into ear. The picture on web site even not close to real appearance except only black color the same.

    Damage included shipping $38 USD. Return policy web page opens code 404 - does not exist.

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  • I
      Aug 01, 2011 - AVOID THIS STORE AT ALL COST!!!
    United States

    Dealing with N1wireless was one of the worst (if not the worst) online buying experience I have ever had. First they sent me a defective phone. Secondly after discovering the phone did not work I spent an entire day trying to contact them by telephone. No one answered the entire day! The following day I tried again and was told a new phone would be shipped out as soon as possible and a return mailer would be forth coming. When neither arrived after 5 days I called the company again and was told that my previous conversation never occurred, with the implication that I was either delusional or a liar. The person I spoke with was exceptionally rude and unhelpful. I will be returning their defective phone and will be buying it from a reputable dealer. Life is too short for this kind of interaction. If you want to have a 3rd world experience this is the place for you. If you are like me and expect a working phone with customer support I would highly advise taking your business elsewhere.

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  • K
      Sep 23, 2011

    My experience with N1 Wireless was terrible. I purchased a new cell phone. The phone arrived in a box with a broken factory seal (the seal stated “do not accept if this seal is broken”). The phone was packed sloppily, had fingerprints on the keypad, the protective film over the phone display was missing – this phone was obviously not new. Plus, it came with a European charger, which would require me to haul around an adapter wherever I used it, and this was not indicated when I made the purchase. I returned the phone on the strong evidence that N1wireless did not send me a new phone and requested a full refund. Instead, they gave me a refund that is $37 less than the price I paid, holding back the shipping charge and a 20% restocking fee. I spoke with a billing department supervisor to insist upon a full refund and he became insulting. In the end, N1 wireless got $37 of my money for sending me an item other than what I ordered. N1wireless appears to have a culture of disrespect toward its customers. It's Better Business Bureau rating is “F” because of many unanswered customer complaints, and most of the complaints are over “refund and exchange” and “product” issues. An internet search shows that many others have had similar and worse experiences with N1wireless – there are complaints of items being advertised as new and instead being used or damaged, the work “refurb” scratched off of one product, empty boxes shipped instead of items purchased, and the absence of customer service and willingness to believe customer complaints. Just as with me, many others complain that certain employees of N1 wireless are rude, dismissive, and unwilling to believe customers when incorrect, broken, missing, or used/refurbished items are shipped by N1 wireless. My strong recommendation is to never do business with N1wireless. It is very possible they will not ship you the item you ordered, and instead will ship you a refurbished or used item when a new one is advertised, or the item will be broken or have missing parts. When you complain, you will be met with denial and/or rudeness and will not get a full refund. My recommendation is the check out the Better Business Bureau ratings and internet reviews of other resellers and avoid N1 wireless. N1 wireless earned their BBB “F” rating through a pattern of dishonest and disrespectful behavior. Avoid N1 wireless.

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  • T
      Sep 28, 2011 - Terrible Experience
    United States

    I had a horrible experience with this N! I ordered a motorala razer phone, and they mailed me a phone that is not systemized in English. I cannot operate it in the U.S.!! And the instruction included is not even for the phone I ordered. Do not buy from this companny.

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