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Complaints & Reviews

Not a reputable firm. Borderlines scam.

Indeed a horrible company!!! My son is schizoaffective, bipolar, panic and anxiety disorder, and ADHD. Due to shoddy records and lack of contact we are now awaiting a trial. They turned him down twice.

His conditions are covered via the 'Blue Book' on disability. Worse yet, his condition has spiraled downward due to this very long wait.

I hold Medical, Mental and Durable POA's on him and wish Myler had never convinced him to give them his case. They even had a wrong primary phone number that has persisted until I became unglued on them.

Today they were supposed to phone to go over his file before trial. Now ask me if they did — NO.

They never go over the case. Many times files are missing. I could go on and on and on, but it's late.

Unethical behaviour

Hello, my name is Sharron Michelle Burke, and I'm currently and client for Myler Disability, for a...

did not & thereafter have not submit documents to ssdi as per my repeated request. egregiously misrepresented me.

They did not & thereafter have not submitted support in documents to SSDI as per my repeated requests. Myler q Egregiously misrepresented me, my needs and their process of conduct and procedures in doing so. Their thieves. How do I fire them? Due to their lack of attention to detail, support in completing documents as needed information correctly on top of blatantly ignoring emails and phone calls. They neither contacted doctors for information that would support my claim. They requested contact information which I provided but doctors were not contacted. I could continue. Right now I'd like to remove them as a source and refute any bills they request be paid. Thank you!

  • Updated by kkh777 · Jul 24, 2019


brad myler disability

I have been dealing with myler disability 4 years with denial after denial . The attorney they set me up with for my hearing never called me so I started calling him 2 days before my hearing finally after many hours of trying to contact him he asked me a few questions and then let me go stating he will go back over everything before the hearing. Well I showed up and hour before my hearing like they told me too and I'm not sure why cause I waited 58 minutes with two minutes to spare he finally called me out into a small room he asked his first question before I got to answer we were called back for the hearing and the whole 2 hours I was in my hearing my lawyer said very little nothing to defend my case or reasoning why this or that and while I was sitting there I noticed why he never spoke up is because he was on Facebook the whole time the hearing was going on now I have multiple issues one being sever uncontrolled asthma and fibromyalgia and multiple other things doctors haven't quit figured out yet but I was on disability back when I was 15 up till I turned 18 so I dropped the disability to work and now at 37 I'm no longer able to work and myler just dropped my case with no reasoning there where things on my case that wasn't even true about me and the problems I'm having being Stated on all paperwork from my doctors being ignored and these doctors see me everyday my asthma speacilist was not on any paperwork some other doctors that say I'm disabled are not on any of my medical documents either but now they drop my case with an appeal hanging in the air that I'm not sure how to do I have waisted 4 years of my life thinking myler disability was here to help me I found out the hard way please don't let this happen to you DO NOT USE BRAD MYLER DISABILITY it's almost like they want you to fake it when your in front of a judge it's a SCAM PEOPLE

please don't use myler disability they are a scam 6.1/2 years of my life I have suffered and no quality of life

myler disability. L5 thru S1 disk in back PTSD .torn rotor cuff both of my knees are shot and hip I have all...

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Waiting over 2 years based on my husbands cardiac history, now with terminal cancer. This company is nothing...

disability representative

Myler disability originally filed my claim with ssa. I was disappointed from the beginning. They wouldnt...

ssi application

Myler was a HUGE disappointment to me for several reasons. I was never given an opportunity to meet with my lawyer until the DAY OF my hearing. He didn't really know what was in my file, as he had skimmed through it just that morning. Some of my records were missing, even though I had informed them of dr. appointments. Some of these records were crucial to my case, and the hearing had to be postponed (6 months!!) The person who was working on my case (NOT an attorney) was continuously changed so no one ever got to know MY case. In October, at my original hearing it was determined that my application would also include an application for SSI. I don't believe that was ever done. I've been in the dark most of the process, and unable to get answers. My case was ultimately denied. My doctors information was disregarded as part of the case. At this point I am trying to find out if an SSI application was done, as they told me it would be, and now they won't even talk to me so I can find out what the history of this application is!! So frustrating. They said they would do things that they didn't, but were continually requesting duplicate records from doctors at $30 dollars each. I now owe them over $300 for those records (that were disregarded at the trial), I'm on the phone with Social Security now. They report that the SSI application was not done as part of the disability claim, so all that time is water under the bridge. Myler will not talk with me, even though they have records that would indicate that an SSI application was supposed to be part of my disability hearing. It was even discussed at the hearing, so why no application? Who knows. I can only attribute it to them being so busy with other things that it wasn't attended to. My advice to you if you want to hire an attorney for your disability case? Run from Mylar as quickly as you can. Sincerely, Wendy

Disability claim

I have suffered with Degenerative Disc Disease, No Cartilage on my pelvic bone, Peripheral Nueoropathy and...


I am 26 and I suffer from BiPoler One disorder. When I was a child, I was on disability. I have been going to...