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On April 26th, 2019 I booked a return flight for myself and 2 other adults from from Calgary to Winnipeg to attend a family reunion departing on August 9th return August 12th at a cost of $715.44 (US). After a long 8 hour drive to the airport we went to check in with Air Canada for our flights and were told by Air Canada that this flight had been cancelled, that they could not do anything for us and we needed to contact Since this was an early morning flight costumer service was not open yet. We ended up leaving the airport and spent the next 6 hours waiting for them to respond, all we wanted was to be on another flight leaving that day. While waiting for them to respond we contacted Air Canada again to see if they had any available flights and if they could do anything for us. They said there were flights available but it was going to cost us $3, 000.00. They also said they tried to contact on April 27th several times to let them know this flight had been cancelled but had no response from When finally got back to us they said there was no available flights with Air Canada (which was a lie) and was only willing to refund our money. This was unacceptable to just leave us stranded, this was our holiday planned months in advance and we had hotels reserved in Winnipeg. The customer service level that we received from was very inappropriate and inconsiderate, the fact that they didn't care about ruining our vacation and leaving us stranded and it costing us thousands of dollars more not to mention how it stressed us out. This was error and all we wanted was to be put on another flight that day which they could have done but were to cheap and lied about no available flights because they were more expensive. We, my family and friends will never book another flight through, we will make sure that we post this horrible experience in every outlet possible, Trip Advisory, Facebook etc.

Aug 20, 2019

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