MyFlighSearch.Com and Avion Travelplane tickets

Fraud, fraud and fraud. I book plane tickets for Interjet Airline through I was sent a confirmation and then soon after an e-mail saying that per my request the tickets had been cancelled. I called to an Indian call center and the lady was extremely pushy and rushed and said that my Citibank card wasn't accepted. So, I used another card and repeated the same process, which I normally wouldn't have done but a combo of the CS person's rushness and my business, I did it. In middle of this, the call center changed to identify themselves as Travel Avion. The said that it was a subidiary and that the price of my tickets had gone up. I ended up purchasinig the Interjet tickets at a price less than what I would have bought them on the InterJet site. When I hung up, I put did a Google Search of "Fraud Travel Avion" and found fraud warnings for MyFlightSearch and Avion. Same description. I called Interjet and actually was sold the tickets. I put a lock on both credit cards and just found that there was a declined charge for almost $3500 on Citi card trying to purchase InterJet tickets. Had my card not been locked I would have been charged $3500 to my card. I have read numerous strories exactly the same for people who have bought with Delta, British Airways and it was as if Travel Avion had "intercepted" the phone call. After talking to both call centers, it seemed like the same Indian call center working both companies. I called the CS MyFlightSearch and would have Travel Avion reps answer. It's a total Fraud. Run from both companies.

Sep 11, 2019

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