MyFlightSearche-tickets not received

Ja Nov 08, 2019

My mom booked a flight reservation through their site on 11/3/2019 and she got the booking receipt sent to her email (booking #: 321466) but not the e-tickets and my mom was concerned as well like why weren't the tickets being sent. So I called the customer service line and this guy with a heavy accent was real aggressive and rude and constantly cut me off when I was trying to answer his questions. But I kept being cut off and I was getting annoyed and he said give me the booking # and he said what email is it? And I gave the email and he said he sent it after I said I couldn't see it but wait 5 minutes or something and he said I got to cut the line or something and I just hung up. I had a weird feeling about this site and how it seems like those too good to be true scams and I have a feeling i'm right. And I want a refund cause this is unacceptable and poor customer service!


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