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Sep 04, 2019 not central to frame... (too far up in the frame making it look totally out of alignment) The photo sent to yourselves was shown to be central. I would like this to be rectified please as soon as possible as this item was purchased as a present. Awaiting your prompt reply. Regards Mike Moore Sunnydene, Moorlea Avenue, York. YO24 2PA England / canvas

Feb 22, 2019've had 2 canvasses printed by you in the last couple of weeks but both are much darker than the images I provided to you. I am not happy with them at all. You can see the differences in the images I supplied which are much lighter and different colours even to the darker ones you... / trying to get a refund

Oct 01, 2018

I placed an order and was really happy when it arrived. The next day the same order arrived again and I was charged again. I then begun the horrendous task of trying to get in touch with them!! Not easy!!! They won't give me a refund until I send them pictures of the second order destroyed... / canvas print

Jan 04, 2018

Avoid this company, they wouldn't give me my money back! Twice this company let me down with damaged and incorrect deliveries right before Christmas so I had to go out and buy an alternative canvas locally in the end. They are actually based in Germany, not the UK so if there are any... / was charged twice for one picture yet they wont refund my money!!!

Dec 26, 2017

I am so disappointed in I ordered and paid for a picture 150cm x 50cm but because it was so long and narrow, I found it hard to get a photo to fit and asked them to wait until I got a more suitable photo; when I eventually found one and doctored it ready for the size, the... / canvas print

Feb 03, 2017

Warning about Beware of this cheap canvas website - do NOT buy from them. They pretend to be in the UK but are actually in Germany and they have an unscrupulous work ethic. I placed an order for a canvas of one of my artworks. I uploaded the image and requested a mirrored... / horrible!

Dec 06, 2016

I have ordered a canvas print from this site and when I received it I was shocked with how terrible it looked! Quality was poor and print was terrible. I contacted My-picture support and tried to get a refund but they said no. They said that they can make another print and apply a small...

My-Picture / horrible canvas quality

Aug 24, 2016

Avoid doing business with My-Picture company, they have very low quality products. In the past I ordered from many websites but never was satisfied with the quality so I decided to try another company and found My-Picture. I've ordered a canvas as a gift for a dear friend of mine and it... / canvas

Feb 01, 2016

AVOID THIS COMPANY!!! My order arrived damaged, not only was it dark and of very poor quality (not at all like the preview) there was also a large slash in the canvas so it was unfit for purpose, the packaging was immaculate so they knew they'd sent out faulty goods and now they won't... / they simply ignored me and didn't deliver my canvas

Oct 04, 2014

I sent my pic to the company I hoped that they would make canvas for me. I provided the measurements for them and paid on time, but these jerks took money and promised to provide my order within couple of days. I heard nothing from them and no idea how to get any info... / I am clearly not the only one that's had a rubbish experience

Jan 18, 2013

I am clearly not the only one that's had a rubbish experience, seems to be a lot of people! Appalling products and customer service. I spent a LOT of money getting two canvases for the living room, both of which I ordered so the last pixels are stretched over the edge, so that it... / awful website, don't ever buy a canvas from these people


Awful website don't ever buy a canvas from these people! Ive never written a review in my life but i felt i had to let people know so they dont get screwed over like me! The picture was really bad quality and didn't even fit the cheap wood frame which by the way you have to put... / I would never order from them again because the customer service is shockingly bad


Disappointing. The prints are probably okay. Mine were stretched and assembled but one of the frames is warped so it doesn't sit flat to the wall. The main issue is that they don't respond to emails. I had ordered their "hang up kits" as extras. Those weren't sent with the... / they combine shoddy, sub-standard products with non-existent customer service


HORRENDOUS - avoid like the plague! They combine shoddy, sub-standard products with non-existent customer service. Like others, I was seduced by the site into assuming that the print would arrive framed (I now know that it says otherwise tucked away in the small print); instead it arrived in a... / have not heard from this company since november


Have not heard from this company since November, and after many emails, followed by an auto response, and no follow up, and even more phonecalls to the (bogus) number, there is still no canvas for my Dad's birthday on xmas day. Am gutted as I ordered this is good time, even allowing... / what a complete and utter load of rubbish...


DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM 'MY-PICTURE.CO.UK'. Their prices may be cheap, but cheap is exactly what you get – cheap and nasty. I ordered ten identical canvases; they arrived three weeks later. Although the canvases arrived attached to the frames, it looked as though a three... / &48h delivery& I waited over 3 weeks


1) "48h delivery" I waited over 3 weeks. The site implies it's british (, but is based in Germany. They didn't volunteer pictures would be late, I had to chase them and then I got generic emails citing "technical problems" without any firm specific info. Birthday present... / how I wished i'd looked at this review site before I ordered anything off here


Ordered 3 canvases for a birthday prezzie, picked this site as it looked really professional and promised delivery in 48 hrs. Still waiting 9 days later!!! as in previous reviews, was given a false tracking number and the telephone number on confirmation email is constantly engaged. How I... / still waiting for my order to arrive


Found this great looking website, quoting fast delivery, ordered my canvas of my puppy 2 weeks ago, still waiting. I have been lucky enough to be given tracking numbers, which are 'like this company' Bogus, and now have filed a dispute with paypal, DO NOT USE. PS. I do have a... / I also ordered thinking I was getting a finished product, it is so misleading


I also ordered thinking I was getting a finished product, it is so misleading. Luckily I only ordered a small canvas as a trial. Since then have found a site that does same prices but sends a fantastic quality "finished" product (and it's in the UK) try Original Canvas Company - great service too! / rubbish company, I definitely won't recommend them


Rubbish company! It came in loose bits that they want me to assemble it myself. The worst of all is that right in the middle of the picture is a white line and at the bottom of the picture it looks like paint that got wet. I cant believe they actually sent me this faulty product. It i... / non-delivery


Unbelievably bad service. Paid for a photo to be placed onto canvass for a Christmas present from my children to their grandmother. Present did not arrive. Middle of January still not here. No response from 10+ emails of complaint and no way of talking to anyone on the phone. Don't use them! / this website should not be allowed to exist like it does currently


This site is an absolute disgrace. They mislead you into thinking you are buying a stretched canvas print and yet all you receiev is the print and 4 loos pieces of wood which you are expected to somehow put together yourself! Framing a canvas print is a skilled trade - not something anyone...