SUBMIT A COMPLAINT service and communication


I upgraded to Fibre last month and at the same time applied to port my phone number as i did not want to keep paying Telkom fees. I filled in the forms and submitted to Shihaam at Sales. I am now still waiting for feedback on this it is 13 December 2017. I have spent almost 3 hours waiting on the line to speak either to a person who does not know or puts me through to another department which i hold on for. I would like to have been better informed of the process and kept up to date with where things are. It is one thing to sms me, but then i need to phone mweb again and sit in a line and speak to a stranger that does not know my issue and does not know how to fix it. Very frustrating situation.

I am now at the stage where telkom has informed me that they have cancelled the adsl on my side and said that the 3rd party(mweb) can port the number...that is a week ago. no feedback. I am also experiencing slow internet at much for uncapped fibre?????? Mr kent

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