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I phoned MWEB during October 2010 and cancelled my internet subscription. The consultant explained to me that a premium will be taken at the end of October as I have to give a calender month notice. He also advised me to sent an email to confirm my request for cancellation. At the end of November a debit order was taken from my account - I did not have funds for this debit order as it should not have gone through and the bank sent it back. I phoned MWEB and the consultant informed met that this was an error and that they will not take any more debit orders. I was quite busy during December and January and did not check my account but at the end of January when I checked my account I found that the bounced November debit order was resubmitted and two more premiums at the end of December and January was taken from my account. I phoned in and asked the consultant why this has happened and also for a refund of my money. In short I was told that I should sent them proof of my cancelation or no money back. My problem - I have lost my computer in a house breaking (I have a case number to proof) and cannot give them the email. They are not willing to accept the case number and the clear proof that there was no usage on my internet account during the period under dispute. I am also questioning the process, because why dit two consultant not inform met of the fact that they do not only need a emailed request but also a cancellation document. The feeling that I've got is that either somebody has not done their work or maybe it is MWEB's policy to keep collectin on debit orders that has been cancelled.


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      Sep 27, 2019

    that's exactly the situation I have! I have tried to cancel and they continue to deduct the debit order. I have been to the bank to block them, and now they are holding me liable for a number of months worth of payments! most frustrating!

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