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Complaints & Reviews

Cancelled order

I purchased a $2300 guitar on april 24, 2020. Once I realized after placing the order that there was a wait for the guitar to ship (did not have it in stock) I decided to cancel the guitar and purchase a differetn one. It took me emailing mf twice to get them to cancel, as their customer service phone line never picks up (i've called over 8 times in the last 6 weeks... Never getting through after waiting in some cases 30 minutes. Just the same annoying song playing over and over). The problem is, they cancelled the order successfully, yet they never released the hold on my musician's friend platinum card so I cannot purchase my second choice guitar... At least not from them. I've called, emailed, chatted with mf and no resolution. If you really want customers to purchase your products you really should get your accounting straight. You lost a sale, and a customer.

[Resolved] Customer service

I ordered an Ashdown Original amp from MF, when I received it, it had a defective fan. After over an hour on the phone w/customer service, they finally agreed to take the amp back, and as soon as they received the notification that I had returned the amp, they would send a Brand new replacement. This didn't happen. Not only have they NOT shipped the replacement amp, the refuse to return my money, but also refuse to: send the replacement amp as promised, they refuse to refund my $400, and will not return my emails. They have lied to me continually, and as you can plainly see by the myriad complaints, this is how they do business. I am in contact with a lawyer and being advised on how to proceed, but I feel that this company, and history, is not a choice to do any business with.


The manufacturer sent a new amp, didn't want their reputation destroyed by Musicians Friend. Musicians Friend just lied continually, then ceased any and all communication. Buyer beware!

  • Updated by Tim Layne · Oct 06, 2019

    Ashdown made good on this terrible deal, they have a very good reputation, and I appreciate them taking care of me. Beware of Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, etc., you'll only be disappointed and lose time and money.

guitar refund

I placed an order #MFW1623287089 on 3/10/2019, which was cancelled by musiciansfriend on 3/15/2019.

However they deducted $318 from my card, and haven't sent me a refund.

I was told the refund will be processed within a week. Their support has been completely unhelpful. It has been 20 days since cancellation.

Never ordering anything from them again.

[Resolved] musicians friend mf1103916612, gig bag, wrong use, wish to return unopened

"Has Wait a minute. Ups wants $60 to ship it back to you. The item only cost $30. Do you expect me to pay...

[Resolved] bad /late delivery service to schools for a long time!!!

I am a Music Teacher from a small rural Native American poor community in Northern Ca. and have been using for 24 years. I have experienced poor service and delivery timing on many occasions. When you order something very important for a graduation concert, and the store representative says "don't worry it will definitely be there by the end of the week" and then arrives 11 days past that estimated time, there's a problem. This has happened numerous times. Their excuse is when it is a small package it goes through the U.S.postal service. U.P.S. has no idea when or where it is, and Musiciansfriend stands by their policy and the cutsomer is screwed. That is why i will be doing all future service with Sweatwater, because it's owned by people who understand musicians. Musicians friend is owned by Guitar center...there lies the problem folks.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Jun 20, 2018

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    I apologize to hear of the negative experience you've had with us. Please forward your complaint with order details to [email protected] and we can further look into this with you. Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve our services for you and our other customers, as always, let us know if there is anything else we can do.

    Thank you

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I have not received my order

My order details:
My name: Perry Meadrov, United States
Item: Akai Professional MPK Mini Mk2
SKU number: J08540 [protected]
Price at the moment of ordering: 80 dollars
Date of ordering: September 8th

My issue: I haven't received my order yet and your representatives have no clue what's going on. Who can give me a normal answer and look into this matter? If it's such a big problem to deliver it, then I will be glad to get a refund.

Thanks in advance,
Peery Meadlov

They sent me used instrument

I don't play the guitar but wish to learn, so I was looking for a cheap small guitar to start my lessons. I found one and ordered it.
I bought the red one. Unfortunately, they shipped a different guitar, the box was unpacked and it was in the blue color. Obviously, it has been used by someone before me and returned to you after this person didn't like something. And you offered me a used guitar. It's crazy.
I spent my money willing to get a new one.
I contacted the service, they said I had to ship it back. I did.
It's been a month and there's still no money or replacement. What the heck is going on, guys?

return order and no refund!!

I pay a guitar from Musicians friend, Cost my 231.15 USD, 866.80 RAS on 5/19/2017

then i return the order and emailed the company on 5/29/2017 that i return the order and i want refund my money .

I send many emails to : [protected]
and get nothing !! so i write again that i am waiting

i receive message :
Some International credit cards may take up to 30 days for a credit to appear back. If you have not received your refund by 07/23/2017, please let us know

from the company return policy is that you can refund your money .

now its 9/11/2017 and no refund !!

  • Musician's Friend's response · Sep 11, 2017

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Email us your order information at [email protected] and I can get this situation addressed for you.

    Ronald Eva
    Musician's Friend - Customer Experience.

  • Updated by Mno-e Mnomno · Sep 11, 2017

    Ok, i send order info to [email protected] .

Order issue

I have ordered a guitar from and later they contacted me and said that there was something wrong with my card so they cancelled my order. I tried again and the same thing happened. Called customer service and their rep helped me to make an order via phone.
Everything seemed fine and was super excited about my purchase. Several days later they contacted me and said that my order was cancelled again! What a joke!! They gave me my money back within a few days.
I really wanted the guitar and I have no idea what was the problem. I'm a frequent online shopper and I never had any problems with my card. I'm very disappointed with Musician's Friend.

  • Ce
    Celeste Purser Aug 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with us. I would like to look into this issue further for you. Can you email us at: [email protected] with more details? I assure you, we take your feedback seriously.

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[Resolved] Cancelled my order for no reason

My order was canceled and I never received it. Ordered a drum stand from these guys and received a confirmation email. Later there was another message saying my stand was on its way, but after several weeks of waiting I decided to contact Musician's Friend. They said that my order was cancelled. I asked the reason and they said that they can't provide that sort of information. What a joke. Got my money back in a few days, but I'm still super disappointed.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Apr 11, 2016

    I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. We should definitely be able to tell you why an order you placed was canceled. Can you please email us your order information to [email protected] so we can look into this further for you? I would like to make sure you're taken care of, thanks!

A false claim of debt!

I've received a sudden letter from Caine & Wiener, a debt-collecting company, stating that I owe Musician's Friend a 201$!, Although I've never bought anything on credit from them, and I've been their customer for years.
After asking them to resolve this issue, They still refuse to resolve anything, saying that "there's nothing they can do about it", and asking me to resolve it myself with Caine & Wiener.(who also insist that I've to pay the specified due).
Make sure not to deal with them again, even for a single time, or you may find yourself receiving an annoying letter asking you to pay a debt you haven't taken!

Poor Customer Service

Well it happened again.I ordered a Gibson SG 61 Reissue from MF. They leave items up on their website as if...

did not send me the product neither the money back


  • Ch
    ChBaker801 Jun 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My name is Chris Baker and I am a Supervisor for Customer Service at Musician's Friend. This definitely should not be the case. Will you please email me the details of your order and any reference numbers you may have so that I can track this down? Once I can find your order or account, I should be able to make sure you are taken care of.

    Chris Baker
    Night Supervisor
    [email protected]
    Ph: 800.449.9128
    Fax: 801.501.9552

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Stay away

Through a contractor I work for I purchased nearly $2500.00 worth of professional audio recording equipment from Musician's Friend on Monday (6/14). Their shipping "guarantee" states that items ship in 3-5 days. The order was paid in full at the time of purchase; not financed to ensure this delivery promise have the highest likelihood of being met, as there were scheduled sessions and deadlines that this equipment was being purchased to support.

A day after placing my order, Tuesday (6/15) I received a notice saying that my items had been shipped, except for 2 monitor speakers that were on back order. The notice included UPS tracking information for the 5 items shipped.

On Friday (6/19) I received a box with 4 of the 5 items in it, missing an Mbox pro bundled with the Digidesign Pro Tools software. However, there was a packing list that listed all 5 items as having been in the box.

Sadly, the missing item was the integral part of what was needed for me to complete the assignments and conduct the sessions that would have totaled over $1500 in revenue for me. Needless to say I lost out on both opportunities.

After confirming with UPS that if the item was on their tracking list and on the packing list from Musician's Friend, then I needed to contact Musician's Friend, the shipper to uncover what had happened.

I called Musician's Friend just moments after the delivery arrived (Friday 6/19) and eventually spoke with a manager who told me that if the item was discovered in their warehouse on Saturday, then I could call back Monday and have another one shipped to me.

I then informed him that my investment was being severely devalued by the erroneous shipping service and that a simple late shipment of my order would not suffice due to the huge loss I was taking as a result of Musician's Friend's oversight or UPS' misplacement of the item. The manager Ron and I agreed that some kind of compensation would be necessary to make up for my loss. We agreed that it was not fair that I be held responsible and be made to lose out when I was the one investing the $2500 in the equipment. We agreed that I would be upgraded to an Mbox 2 Pro and that I would call back Monday to make arrangements with it's shipment.

At this point I clearly asked if the exchange or upgrade would be an even swap at no additional cost; Ron's answer was yes.

Well, I call Musician's friend back on Monday (6/21) and much to my chagrin, the customer service representative informs me that nothing had been done on my case - not even the Saturday check of the warehouse that Ron promised. She then informed me that an 8-10 day investigation would ensue before a decision was made at all. I immediately asked to speak to a manager; I was become a little perturbed.

I then spoke with customer service manager David who initially seemed pleasant, but who over time became extremely short and ill tempered towards me. I explained the situation to David and told him about my conversation with Ron. I also indicated that, as a result of missing the deadlines and the opportunity to conduct the recording sessions I was out of a lot of money and facing new time constraints.

He - as his script dictates - indicated that he understood, but that he was powerless to do anything as the situation had already been "handled" by Ron based on the notes he was seeing on my account. I thought that to be ridiculous considering that the Saturday inspection had not occurred and that I had no resolution or planned resolution that Ron promised would be available Monday.

Even worse was the fact that David stated that Ron told me that the upgraded Mbox pro would in fact be available only if I agreed to pay an additional cost. Supposedly it was offered at a "discounted" rate. This was completely opposite the conversation I had with Ron and David continued to ignore the specifics of my situation and read from his script.

In the end David's conclusion was, I could have the original product shipped overnight to me for (6/22) delivery, or wait 8-10 days for the investigation to occur and then pay more money and purchase the upgraded Mbox. Neither of these solutions addressed my loss, or my need for the equipment to meet deadlines, and it was his attitude that turned me off from accepting the former option most.

He seemed annoyed that I was upset at the fact that I was being held responsible for their error and that I wanted compensation as it had cost me money. And this was in spite of the fact that though I remained completely professional and cordial throughout the call, repeatedly offering that I knew he was not personally at fault.

All in all I can understand that they would not want to upgrade my product, but in this case, and for an order over $2000 it was the least that could be done. The customer service manager Ron saw this and agreed to it, but apparently noted it in a way that David could and would ultimately deviate from it.

I don't believe that it was fair for my time, obligations and income to be affected by an error I didn't make. This is only exacerbated by Musician's Friend's personnel apparently being trained to disregard my time obligations, and income relative to doing business with them simply to save a few dollars. I would like them to explain to me how I am to just eat the loss of $1500 on top of spending $2500 because they can't get shipping right.

  • Sk
    Skaught Oct 18, 2011

    Hi Damion,
    My name is Skaught and I work for Musician's Friend. I was able to locate your orders. This was in June of 2010 and our records show that it was resolved to your satisfaction. It looks like you were upgraded to the MBox 2 Pro at no additional price. I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences with this order. I would love to hear from you. Especially if you feel we did not make this right. Please email me at [email protected]


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Credit Card Fraud

Bottom line: Friends told me not to trust them, but in a moment of desperation I did. Result: Fraudulent charged appear on my credit card in Florida, same day, for two days. Went through the whole card cancellation business - a first for me. Don't trust them with your data. Bad apples there.

  • Ch
    ChBaker801 Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Musician Burned,

    My name is Chris Baker and I am a Team Leader with Musician's Friend. I'm very sorry to hear that you have had your card security compromised after purchasing with us. I would like to speak with your more to try and track down how this may have happened, as we go to great lengths to protect the information of all our customers. I have included both my phone number and email address below. Please call or email me and I'll see what we can do to track down how this happened, as well as see what we can do to make this right by you.

    Chris Baker
    Team Leader
    [email protected]

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Bogus company

These creeps charged me a special shipping for this amp and when I returned it - they sent it back to Them' with cheap UPS shipping and beat me out of the $75 they charged me on my refund. Buyers Beware

I feel if they charge you $250 for a product and it's a piece of *** they should refund you the entire amount that you paid. Especially if you run your mouth with "Free Shipping" for items over $100- or "items over $100 ship free"..

It's a bogus line - supplied by a Bogus company.. I learned my leason here.

  • Ju
    jumero Aug 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi FanK51,

    I sent you a private message as well, but just in case... I work for Musician's Friend. If you want to send me the order number directly ([email protected]), I'll see to it personally that you get taken care of on this.

    0 Votes

I never recieved my order

I Have recently purchased 7 items from After waiting a week, nothing arrived. I emailed support and they said it was a package deal (which it wasn't - each item was seperate) and it had to be shipped together. I emailed them back telling them that all items were seperate, and they shipped the ones they had in stock, claiming it was a computer error. They then said the other items would be shipped in two weeks. Three weeks after, I emailed requesting and update. They said it will be another month. I read their policy and it claimed late shipping will equal in a 20% discount on my next order. Since I had two items that were late, I requested the discount on future orders. They denied. The whole process was nothing but the worst customer service I ever had. Not only did they lie to me about their policies, they treated me terribly. Every time I would get an email saying the items were out of stock, I checked their website, and it showed the items in stock. Their amazon account showed it in stock also. I have read many complaints about during this incident. I believe they are not using proper business techniques and they should be investigated.

  • Musician's Friend Aug 06, 2010

    Mr. Polden,

    My name is Glenn and I’m a Manager at Musicians Friend. I would like to discuss your recent issues in detail. I’ve sent an email to your account we have on file. I’ve also called and left you a message. As the Manager of Customer Service for Musicians Friend I’m extremely embarrassed by the way your order was handled and offers my deepest apologies. I would like the opportunity to make this right. Please feel free to call me directly at 801-501-8839. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Glenn Ray

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  • Musician's Friend Aug 09, 2010

    Hello Dan,

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to contact you concerning your recent order. I have tried calling the phone number we have on file, emailing you and have also replied to the blog you left on the complaints board website. I was hoping that I would be able to discuss a possible credit for all the problems you have had with this order.

    If this is something that you might be interested in please feel free to contact me. My direct line again is 801-501-8839. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Glenn Ray

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  • Ju
    jumero Aug 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Addie,

    This complaint was posted two days before yours by jjcale, link below. I have been replied to their blog and have been in contact with them to get his issues resolved. If this is the same complaint, please let me know. I am diligently working to get this issue resolved with jjcale. Please let me know if there is something that I might have missed.

    My current schedule is Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm MST. I can be reached at 801-501-8839. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Glenn Ray

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Never choose them

I recently purchased a Spider III 15 watt AMP under the label 'scratch and dent'. When I received the AMP there was little in the way of cosmetic defects. However the main volume adjuster was fixated on the level 2 volume and useless. The 'scratch and dent' was guaranteed to work but 'look' less appealing in order for a cheaper price. The packaging process required the use of another box (on top of the original shipping box) with the responsibility of any damages on the shipper (you). I was not impressed and will not be back again.

  • Ch
    ChBaker801 Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My name is Chris Baker and I work for Musician's Friend. I know that this is a bit dated but this is the first I'm seeing your post and would like to see what I can do to make this right by you. You definitely should not have had to pay anything extra for our mistake. Please give me a call or shoot me an email (my info is below) and I'll make this right with you. I promise you will not be disappointed that you did.

    Chris Baker
    Team Leader
    [email protected]

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Rip off

On Nov 30, 2009 I purchased a number of items from them. Less than a week after I received the items, I decided to return the guitar and case because I simply did not like the feel of it. They gave me a return number and I shipped the items back at my expense. On Dec 17, 2009 they received the items as evidenced by UPS tracking. I paid for these items using cash in my PayPal account so I expected an immediate refund back to my account for $599.98. After waiting several days, no refund. That's then the trouble began.

I've been in contact with their customer service department almost daily. Talk about lies, they first told me the money was refunded. It wasn't. So after I filed complaints with the BBB, and the US Department of Justice, they suddenly changed their story and said there was some kind of problem getting the refund to go back to my PayPal account. I lodged a complaint with PayPal which froze their account. Then they told me the reason my refund would not go through was because of the complaint I lodged with PayPal. I released the complaint, still no refund.

Now, nearly 3 weeks since they received the merchandise back they're back to their original lie saying the refund has been issued. It hasn't. I even offered to accept merchandise or the guitar and case back because they kept claiming that there was some sort of technical difficulty.

I've written letters to Robert Eastman as well as the CEO of Guitar Center. Those letters should reach their destination any day now.

After doing some research I've found a ton of complaints against this company. As others have pointed out here on, this company lies constantly and patronizes its customers to keep them at bay. Well, they chose the wrong person to mess with when they pulled that with me because I will pursue this relentlessly until I get my money back.

  • Bh
    B. Hunt Jan 11, 2010

    January 11, 2010 - After talking with Paul Christensen, the Director of Contact Center Operations at Musician's Friend, I was able to resolve the issue in a most satisfactory manner. Paul was very helpful, attentive to the situation, and took immediate action to find out what the problem was with my refund and to resolve it. The credit went back to my PayPal account the same day I contacted Paul and he followed up with a personal telephone call. It showed to me that Musician's Friend truly did care about its customers and were determined to quickly resolve the misunderstanding and the problem that was causing them trouble in crediting my account. Given the immediate action taken by Paul and his great help and attitude to resolve the situation, I am now quite satisfied with their service and their products and will shop there again, I'm sure.

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Made me very angry

I just paid what was a lot of money (to me, anyway) for a tambourine to be sent to my daughter for Valentine's Day. I ordered it from Musician's Friend on February 9. I paid extra for expedited shipping. I AM SO ANGRY!

Musician's Friend:
1. Sent the package via USPS parcel post (the cheapest, slowest service possible) rather than FED EX Second Day Air.
2. Sent it to the WRONG PERSON (using my name rather than my daughter's) (And will the mail room at my daughter's dorm figure that out? Fat Chance!)
3. Gave me an invalid tracking number, apparently just making one up.
4. When I asked about the invalid tracking number, said that USPS sometimes just "recycles" tracking numbers. That is a LIE!
5. Said that maybe they will give me a refund IF I SEND THE PACKAGE BACK. But I don't have the package! (Given the switching of names, the fact that my daughter and I have different last names, and the vagaries of a college mail room, I'm willing to bet that I'll NEVER have it. Nor will my daughter!)
6. Certainly the opportunity for the once-in-a-lifetime little Valentine's Day surprise is over forever.
7. This is my daughter's picture. Shouldn't she have had a tambourine for Valentine's Day?

Be careful when using Musician's Friend. Find an honest, reliable company.

  • Ch
    ChBaker801 Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Bepatient,

    My name is Chris Baker and I am a Team Leader with Musician's Friend. I'm very sorry to hear how we failed you on your order. I understand it has been some time since your order but I would like to see what I can do to make this right by you, as it is not acceptable how your order turned out. Please give me a call or send me an email and I will make this right to you.

    Chris Baker
    Team Leader
    [email protected]

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