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P Jan 15, 2020

My phone got stolen on Saturday 21/12/19 and I went to an MTN store and followed all the procedures to make a claim for a stolen phone.
I was told that mtn insurance would call me to process everything. Three days passed without them calling I then took intiative to call them. I was told to pay excess which I did, I then sent proof of payment on 28/12/19.A consultant then responded stating that the device had been ordered and it would take up to 7 business days for it to be delivered, the consultant even requested for my delivery address.

On the 06/01/20 and 07/01/20 I sent [email protected] an email asking about the delivery of the phone and there was no response. I then decided to call them and to my surprise I was told the had not been ordered. I then pleaded with them that may they please make sure the phone is delivered by 10/01/20 because I am going to work on Monday 13/01/20 and I use a smartphone for my work which I currently don't have because of their negligence. The consultant agreed and an email was also sent to me stating that the phone will be delivered by 10/01/20.

I sent them an email on 10/01/20 and there was no response. I decided to call them and to my surprise I was told that the p20 is out of stock. I am really irritated because this wasn't communicated to me and I was told by the consultant if the device is out of stock they will inform me. The consultant said he will place an order for a p30 instead and it will be delivered on Monday 13/01/2020.

13/01/20 passed and I didn't contact them. On 14/01/20 I received an e-mail stating that they will call me before the end of the day regarding the status of the cellphone. They didn't call me so I decided to call them today and ask them about the status of the phone and they are still giving me the run around.

I am fed up! They never communicate with me to inform me about the status of the phone I always have to run after them as if they are giving this phone to me for free but in actual fact I have been paying for this insurance for 16 months without fail. I am done with this useless poor service provider. I am not going to renew my contract with them, if I do I give permission to anyone to blow my head off with an AK47.

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