Mr. Tiretried to rip me off


I took my vehicle to Mr. Tire to have a tire repaired that had a nail in it. I had purchased the set of 4 tires there new originally. I was told that the tire couldn't be repaired and that I needed to buy a new tire. Fortunately they didn't have a tire available that matched my car so they had to get one from another Mr. Tire. Meanwhile they put a loaner tire on my car. I asked them if I could use the tire with the nail in it for a spare and they told me no - that it was a full sized tire and that it wouldn't fit into the area in my trunk for the spare tire.
I left the store and called my brother. He came over to the shop and just walked into the back through an open bay and didn't ask anyone anything. He walked over to my tire that still had the nail in it that was hanging on a rack. He pulled out the nail and poured water on the area that he pulled the nail out of. It was fine. The nail was only stuck in the outer layer of tread and hadn't punctured the tire at all. They were going to rip me off for a tire that would have cost me $150.00 and were going to keep my tire besides that was fine once the nail was out.
They didn't argue when he told them to put my tire back on my car and they didn't try to charge me either. They had tricked me but they didn't trick him.

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