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Complaints & Reviews

Pushy customer service and lousy products!

I have been reading the previous complaints about this company and it is amazing how similar the stories are to my own several states away in Albany, New York. I thought that the salespeople were very pushy and tried to get me to buy expensive items that I did not come in to buy, and then would get huffy with me because I wanted to look around the store at my own pace, and was not interested in the products they were trying to pawn on me. I needed a maternity belt, and that did help, but again, was being pushed to buy something else with it, and when I did not, the woman was very brisque with me and practically threw my purchase at me after I paid and ran away to tend to another customer before I even had a chance to put my money back in my wallet.

I made the grave mistake of purchasing maternity underwear from this company and CAVEAT EMPTOR (BUYER BEWARE!) to anyone thinking of making similar purchases there. The underwear were in packages, so it was impossible to figure out what size they were, and they are so shoddily made that they fall off, or have ripped at the seams. Unfortunately, when I first got pregnant and needed maternity clothing, this was the only place to purchase maternity underwear, but I finally got fed up and was much happier with larger size Hanes regular underwear.

Terrible customer service!

I purchased an outfit from one store. When I got home, I discovered that the shirt had a security tag. I...

Resolved Rude employees

I went into a Motherhood store in the San Gabriel Valley, Ca. I wanted to buy a single stretch mark cream. One of the ladies working there suggested i buy 6 small ones which equaled the same price as one large one. She said that I would get more for my money this way. However, I know that if I had so many bottles I'd loose most of them. So, I said no. I'll take just one. She rudely snapped back, then why by it.

Every time I go in there they ask me 100's o questions. Try to force you to sign up for their credit card. I am tempted to never shop their again.

  • Fr
    freyja Jul 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sure they wouldn't miss you.

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  • Li
    lizzle dizzle Oct 07, 2009

    yeah bc if they dont bug you about that dumb credit card or try to get you to buy four or more items they are not doing their job. everyone has a boss and im sure you do what your told or its your ### on the line. thats your money and your way to pay bills. same with people that work at motherhood. so dont get mad at them. its prob the hormones. and dont foget they are the maternity EXPERTS!

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  • Ma
    mama_o_1 Feb 04, 2010

    motherhood maternity forces employees to badger customers. it's a terrible company, and its emplooyes should not take the fall.

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Poor customer service

The employees of this store made us feel small and almost guilty for not buying more items. After trying on a few things my wife only wanted the shorts for 16.99, the manager (I presume) began a barrage of questioning as to why we did not want to buy other items and with a very poor attitude at that. Then after finally avoiding her, the girl who ran our credit card asked us for a bunch of sensitive personal information all without telling us why!?! Then, she forced us to take a credit card application even after we said no. Then to top it all off, after the sale was complete, she told us there was no returns on the item we bought because it was a sale item... AFTER we bought it. This is very poor customer service and we vowed not to shop there again.

  • Fr
    freyja Jul 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sure they don't care, if you are only buying one item they would rather you didn't anyway.

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  • I shop online almost exclusively. I am pregnant and have continued that trend utilizing the destination maternity website. I placed an order on Sunday evening and the website offered 2-day shipping for an additional $16. The website said that, based on the time of my order, the items would be shipped out on Tuesday and I would receive them on Thursday. I am going out of town for Friday so, despite a deep rooted aversion to shipping costs at all, I made the additional investment to get the clothes for my trip.

    Today, I received an email that said one of the five items I ordered was shipped. I called the “customer service” line to inquire about the remaining items. What proceeded was the most horrific customer interaction I have ever been a part of. From the minute I explained my situation, the customer service representative, Dione, was surly and condescending. I asked about the rest of the items and while she was looking them up, she took the opportunity to scold me for not reading the fine print. You see, apparently at Destination Maternity, items go out of stock all the time and the website includes verbiage which releases them from any promise made to a customer about shipment times. She said, “there could have been a hundred other people who ordered those items that night and beat you to it”.

    Okay. So, I didn’t read the small print and believed that if I paid for 2-day shipping that my items would be shipped and delivered on the days advertised by the website. I guess that was my error? In the years I have been shopping online, that has never been an issue, but I was told they reserve the right to change shipment dates at will. She tried to comfort me, though, by explaining that when the backordered items were shipped that I wouldn’t be charged the $16 again. Really??? Would a reasonable person even expect that?

    At this point, I was frustrated, not only by the situation and the representative’s lack of knowledge about the availability of my items and a timeline on when they would be shipped, but by the complete lack of respect from this person. She was rude, interrupted me, and essentially said that the situation was my fault for not reading the fine print on the website.

    I then asked why I wasn’t notified that all of these items were on backorder. Obviously I paid for expedited shipping because I needed them quickly so I asked why I wasn’t informed. Her response was, and I am not exaggerating, : “we don’t have time to email every customer with a backordered item. We would be sending out hundreds of emails a day.” Really?

    At this point, I was so shocked at the responses she was giving me and the caliber of customer service that I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was informed that she could pass along a message and I would receive a call within 24 hours. Even though the call center was in Philadelphia (EST) and it was 3:00, I couldn’t speak to anyone about my horrible experience.

    I ended up leaving a message for a woman who I assume was a manager or supervisor and have yet to get a phone call. This was the single worst experience I have ever had with any store: online or otherwise. Not only do I plan to avoid shopping at these stores moving forward, I would suggest other pregnant women be careful when trusting their orders and money to Motherhood Maternity's online website.

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Ridiculous return policy/customer service

I bought a Pre-natal Listener a few months ago from the store in Palmdale, CA. When I got home, I opened the...

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Pitiful customer service

Two days after Christmas I went into the Motherhood Maternity Store at Town Center Mall in Kennesaw, Georgia. I spent a little time browsing around and came a really cute dress on a clearance rack. The first one I picked up happened to be my size and the price tag said $12.99. I loved it and the price was right so I made a beeline to the dressing room to try it on and see how it looked. I was very excited that I had found something that fit well and at a great price so I took it up to the desk to pay. As the, I assume, manager began to ring me up she told me that the ticket was marked incorrectly and the dress was actually $29.99. She said that since there were still dresses on the rack that were marked at $29.99 she could not authorize the purchase for $12.99. I asked her to please call her district manager for the approval since the mismarked dress was not my fault and I had not even seen the other price tags. It was a huge let down for me. She said that her DM was not available that day and she could not reach her. I asked her to give me a number with which I could contact the DM to complain and also asked her to hold the dress for me which she did. At this point, my two year old daughter that I had with me was hungry and tired so I decided to leave the mall and go home.

When I got to my car and out of the parking lot, I called the number expecting to be able to leave a message for "Angie". When I dialed the number, I reached the store I had JUST been in. The associate that answered the phone realized that I was the customer that had just left the store 10 minutes before and told me that the DM had JUST called and authorized the sale so I could come back in and purchase the dress.

This really hacked me off because with a stroller I had to go through hoops to get to their store because I had to go half way down the mall to use the elevator, not to mention I had just given up my parking place at the mall two days after Christmas, and I had a cranky child with me.

I do not for one minute believe that their DM "just happened" to call as soon as I left. I believe that I called their bluff and they realized that they had no choice but to concede before the complaint went up the chain of command. I believe one of two things happened... either they were worried about keeping their average dollar per sale up or the company just does not empower their employees to make decisions that are the best for their customers. Neither option is good for business!
I work in a retail and customer service environment and would die if my associates made shopping at my store so inconvienient. I did finally call the DM and leave a message on her company voicemail. It is now January 12th and I still have not heard back from anyone at this company with even the slightest apology. An apology would have gone a long way. Now they have lost a customer for life, one that happens to be a member of a large mommy group and will share her story of terrible customer service with many mommies and mommies to be....

  • He
    Heather Lehmer Nov 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried to return a shirt recently because it had a security tag on it that they couldn't remove. I was told the only way that I'm getting a refund is if I returned it because of a medical condition!

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  • Ma
    Maria Lopez 825 Aug 02, 2012

    Motherhood Maternity cashiers are the worst, she did not know what the price was on the item, she called some other store, at the end i did not even ended up buying it. I think her name was Katleen, from the Chicago Ridge Mall, in Oak Lawn, IL.
    I got the worst service every, and I was the only person in the store and I was not even helped.
    I would not return to this store ever again. Told my friends, co-works and family. They said that it was a waste of my time going there, that I could of gotten the same item for lesser price at a different store.

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