Motel 6the night manager, his language and mold on the bed

G Nov 15, 2017

I stopped at the motel 6 in Little Rock, Arkansas, all I wanted was a room for the night, I was given a room and the key/card would not work, several other people were at the front desk with the same issue, key/cards not operable. The manager, out of frustration was using the "F" word directed at the maintenance workers, it took him over half hour to eventually get me in a room, once I got in the room I found it so disgusting I slept in my car. I'm going to follow up with a further complaint to the State Health Dept, there is mold growing along side of the bed, the list, the tub/shower unit looks like it came out of a meth lab, the toilet is plumbed so bad it cannot flush away the last occupants waste and comes with it's own plunger!
Motel-6 you are disgusting!

Motel 6
Motel 6

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