Motel 6 / Greenwood Village Colorado/ 9201 E, Arapahoe Rd., 80112I am complaining about a most recent motel stay at this specific motel 6 (greenwood village)

K Aug 16, 2018

I have been staying at this specific Motel 6, Greenwood Village Colorado on and off since [protected], this specific Motel 6 has had some recent staff changes, and it has been a nightmare, including an ongoing employee this Motel 6 has had on their staff for quite some time by the name of " Nikki" who has been very problematic, as well as resides at that specific motel with her boyfriend, I have found anything and everything in my motel rooms during my stays, like ticks, a brown recluse spider, dog hair, ( and I don't have a dog ) long black hairs in my room and in my bedsheets on a consistant basis ( I don't have long black hair ) personal property damage, room damage, ( not my doing, ) my tabby cat terrorized, and damage to my clothing items left in the room when I have been away at work for the day. My last stay at this specific Motel 6 was so horrible, I have asked management for a full refund, at this time, I would absolutely NOT recommend this specific Motel 6 to ANYONE.

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