Motel 6cleanliness and check in procedure


I checked into motel 6 in Albert lea Minnesota on 10/14/17 at 6:00 PM. First off the key card was placed in a much used envelope. I went to the room to find dirt in the tub, not enough to complain about. So far so good. I then checked the sheets on the bed and found that Papa bear had been sleeping there and must of had Mama bear with him creating baby bear based on the fresh stains on the sheets. I told the front desk personnel the room was not clean and explained the stains. She told me they were "construction stains" and not to worry about it. She asked if I wanted my money back or another room. I asked for a room. Her next comment was "Are you sure because they usually check 2 or 3 then take their money back. I get a room that the door was open and stripped of beds. I got my money back in cash because she didn't know how to reverse a credit card. She thanked me for not taking another room because it made her life easier. She then stated they have a ongoing problem with housekeeping.

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