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C Nov 18, 2018
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On 11/14 at 7:10 am I dropped my car off at Monroe Muffler because on my way to work my muffler fell on the ground. I took the car to Monroe Muffler on Main and Utica. I called around 8:30 and let James know I left it there and where the key was. He said ok and he would call me to give me an estimate. I ended up calling him several times before someone picked up. I called again around 1:30 and he told me his worker was just pulling it in to the garage and he would call me to give me an estimate. I ended up calling him again and he said he had to look around and come up with a part that could fix it and he would call me around 6 and let me know if I could pick it up that day. Around 6:04 he called me and said I would not be able to pick it up the same day but it would be available the next day and the cost would be $192.
The next day I picked up the car and asked James what was the $192.00 for and he began to give me some explanation regarding the exhausts. I cut him off and said this was for a bracket. He then stated well I had to put on 2 brackets and it was 2 hours worth of work. He also stated that my battery died and he had to clean off the corrosion on it and that will cost me $18.00. He did this without calling me and asking for my permission. I never had a problem with the battery even with the corrosion which had been on there for a while, which tells me he drained my battery and charged me for draining it. I then went home and realized there was only the labor on the receipt and no explanation for what the labor was for. I went back to Monroe and James chose to argue with me stating he could not give me another receipt with the description of the bracket with the price of the bracket and he does not give itemizations with exhaust work and the next time, I need to let him know when I need an itemized receipt. I then asked "who does not give itemized receipts and how are your customers supposed to know that you do not give them"? I told him it was enough on the credit card for him to cancel the first order and recharge me for the services and to put the item/purchase of the bracket(s) on the receipt. which he instead typed in the description of what he did and stated that was all he could do.
I promise myself this is the last time I will be price gouged by Monroe Muffler. I have sent complaints before of being over charged and have gotten no response regarding it so now, I will be informing the Better Business Bureau, the complaint office at city hall, and I will be letting anyone that will listen know that Monroe Muffler will cheat you over and over again and they could care less if you complain about it as long as they get your money. This has not been the first time I have been over charged by Monroe Muffler but it certainly has been the last time. If I had of left the receipt as is and whatever he fixed ended up failing and I took it back, they could have said they didn't fix it and try to charge me again. My resolution would to be charged the appropriate amount and look in my previous history and see what else I have been over charged for and refund those over charges. Also on my receipt for my car description it has my car as red and my car is black. Also in the service request is says check exhaust, I di not request that he check my exhaust, I knew I needed a bracket and only requested a bracket. He also wrote my inspection was due 5/1/18 which is not true.
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