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Why the hell are they sending me a damn letter about my transactions and saying they're investigating?! What the [censored] did I do? I haven't made a transaction in months because I'm trying to save my money and get a damn tax refund. I've been waiting for this goddamn refund for so freakin long and nothing. What did someone hack my card or [censored]?! What the hell. And why the [censored] is this refund taking so long? They don't listen do they? Money Network is the worst [censored]ing company ever. Needs to be shut down ASAP. STOP SENDING ME LETTERS!!! Stop bothering me and do your damn job right!!! Just have me paid simple as that. Do your job!!! It's not that hard. Whatever the [censored] is wrong with them is [censored]ed up and needs to be fixed. This is [censored]. Stop bothering us and get your ass fixed and do your job right. K thanks.

Oct 07, 2019

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