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My employer deposits my check onto money network (What a joke of a company).
Money network sends you checks to you to pay your bills. Well I wrote a check to my landlord. He deposited it. Well heaven sake the next week his bank sent the check back to him. Charging him a 20.00 fee. Because us bank could not access my money via the check. Money scamworks. Did credit me portion of the$ but not the fees my landlord encured., which I had to reemburse. So basically this company sends you checks to use for bills ect. But the checks are not good. What a crock of [censor] rinky dink company. They should be ashamed of themselves! Bad news stay clear of them. Tryying to resolve an issue with these people is like beating a dead horse. Greed


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      Aug 08, 2017

    They are a ridiculous company. My daughter got a job that uses a prepaid card if you don't have a bank account set up. I do payroll for a small company every week so I figured we'd just set one up after she got her first "check". She never got a check so I had to go in with her to find out why she wasn't getting paid (by this time she had a bank account & had given them the info) to learn it was put on a prepaid card that she didn't even remember getting. We searched the house and couldn't find it so I asked her HR how to proceed with getting access to her money. Thank God she still lives at home and doesn't have regular bills to pay because she was hired on 6/28/2017 and finally got a check that worked today 8/8/2017. How do they get away with this stuff? I am on speaker phone with my daughter because this is her first job and while she's done very well it's at the point she can't be sweet anymore and that's not her personality. So frustrating!

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