Mobilinkovercharge/false charge

I m having a data plan which is 3gb for 3 days (2am-2pm). I subscribed to it at about 12.30pm and started using the data and was done at about 1.20pm and turned it off as I got home and started using my wifi connection. But my balanced was deducted as is showing at jazzworld app at 1.21pm for the data usage. Now I wana know why this happened as I was using it during the data plan timings so I called the help line where this guy named "usman haider" started making stories where he was making no sense and sounded very stupid. I want someone from the quality control department to look at the call recording and have some clue about what that nonsense was saying and explain that to me pls. He said at first wrongly about the time when I was charged, I corrected him by giving him the exact time from my history from jazzworld app then he said few apps usage running in the background can be calculated for it, I again corrected him with my package timings of even if there were any apps I still had my package on and in time. He even said if you turn your data off from your mobile you still can get charged? Seriously? How if there is no activity I mean data is off no app or anything can use data so how that can be charged? Pls someone explain? He had no clue and kept on saying many stupid things one after other kept putting me on hold every now and then etc and at the end I had to end the call cuz he could not get it himself and was so struggling to explain making zero sense everytime and that was pissing me off real bad. Please notice and let me know I will be waiting. [protected] is my no. Thnx


  • Updated by Haseeb Shah, Oct 07, 2019

    i also want to make sure you know i used only about 500-600mb out of 3gb so m good with my data limit and package set timings both and got wronged (falsely charged). notice this too

Oct 07, 2019

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