Mobilinkjazz gold postpaid and misleading

I had received bill of 3000Rs. Of my postpaid number on July, 2019. And was informed very well that i had to pay the bill to avoid getting blocked all my numbers.
Well! I wasn't aware that time so i paid the bill of my postpaid amount 3000Rs and get it temporarily blocked. Before and after billing the mentioned amount.
Now again, i am receiving the same threat to bill amount of 2022 Rs by few agents of Jazz.
As you guys say, u record the call go and check my calls of July 07, 2019 and make sure if the number was being blocked why am i being charged again?
This is so nonsense. How could my number get activated after being blocked twice.
Then why u guys ask for informations like CNIC and all necessary information for activation.
This is so not acceptable.

Mazhar Malhan

Oct 08, 2019

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