Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africamtn insurance

I have 3 devices on insurance with Pinnacle Marketing through MTN SA. On the 29th of Sept 2019, one of my phones got lost and because it was a sunday afternoon i was only able to report the phone lost and blacklist it on Monday morning. This was done and i was given a ITC number. I even did an affidavit and a case was opened for me at the police station. Today my claim wa rejected because according to them my devices have not been using the numbers they are insured with, which is UTTER NONSENSE and a lie. I asked that my usage be checked and i can verify what numbers i called and received calls from before the phone got lost and all of a sudden the call center agent cant assist me and her system is down. I asked to speak to a supervisor and none of them were available. I refuse to be taken for a ride when i so comfortably took them on as a provider. I will continue making a noise until i get to the bottom of this. My device used the number it was insured with until it go last. I have never used any other number in it. Pinnacle Marketing you are liars ...

Oct 07, 2019

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