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South Africa

Good day
I bought my device from Game in Cape Town CBD on the 17th of January. I have had endless problems with the keyboard then it works then it does not. I was not told on purchase of device that it does not accept just any SIM I then contacted mobicel in and they insisted that I return the device to them to check out the keyboard as well as unblocking it, on Friday 15 February couriers collected the device in two boxes as it originally was purchased in and in brand new condition, with all the other gadgets, charger and cable as I was told to do.
On the 21 of February my device was delivered without me being informed of delivery as I would have to receive it, I arrived back from running an errand to find it laying on the front desk of my work... behind the counter sealed however.
I opened the package first, my device was just stuck on top of the keyboard all forced into one now broken box, the other box was not returned at all with my charger cable and other items that comes with the dice when purchased.
I had in the beginning told them I do not want to send my device as I had a problem with a Highsense mobile I had send problems with and after I had handed it in it was just never the same again.
I send them an email today asking about my accessories as well as my anger regarding the handling of my device as I have paid for it CASH!!
They have replied with the following below.
I cannot if I wanted to use my device, I have decided to not use it, but go straight to consumer protection!!!

Kindly note that Mobicel will be conducting its stock take from the 25th of February - 3rd of March 2019. As a result, operations will cease and our support services will be limited.

Take note that the following services will be affected and thus extend the turn-around time that we are able to give you by 7 days:

1. Repairs

2. OBF

3. Online Sales

4. General queries over the points above

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Thank you

Feb 22, 2019

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