Milk and Chocopoor customer service... not returning emails so I can return my items and get a refund

M Aug 01, 2018

I should have known this wasn't a legit company when I saw the advertisement on Facebook and decided to make a purchase but didn't get it for 2 months! I purchased 4 total dresses on June 12th from their website for a wedding I was attending at the end of June. I purchased 2 different dresses, in 2 different sizes, 2 weeks before a wedding I was attending, hoping I would be able to wear one to the wedding. I didn't receive my purchase until last week..July 21st.
Don't need the dresses anymore as the wedding was in June and it is now August 1st. What a fool I am to be thinking the company was in California, yet my postal package is being shipped from CHINA! WTF! I go to the website to see about returning them, and I email the contact information given. A real company will get back to you within a day or two. Five days goes by and I don't hear anything, so I email them again wanting to know how I can send the dresses back and wanting a refund for my purchase. I still have yet to hear from them.

Piss poor customer service. I will NEVER EVER buy from this website again. I will make sure I tell everyone and go on every website possible, making sure everyone knows what an company this is and NOT to buy from them, EVER. A


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