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S Aug 17, 2018

I truly wish I could give this company less than 0 stars. It took a month for the clothes to arrive and they were made of the thinnest, cheapest fabric which was already pulling apart before I even tried them on. They looked NOTHING like the pictures on the site and they were also WAY too small. I read the reviews a day or so after I ordered the dresses and sent numerous emails asking to cancel the orders and get a refund- every email went unanswered. This company is horrendous. I have never been so appalled by a company or its products. They need to be shut down!!!
I originally posted a review of this company months ago. At the beginning of July I received an email from "Moriana" from the "Customer Happiness Team" requesting that I remove my negative review from Trust Pilot, and in exchange I would be offered a full refund "immediately". I agreed to this and removed my review and was promised a refund in 7-10 business days. It has been a month and a half and no refund. I sent several more emails which have gone unanswered. This company is an absolute sham. Save yourself the time and money. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!

Milk and Choco
Milk and Choco

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