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I see my search to find others who are having a problem with these people was not in vain - really didn't think it was only me.
Having already filed their suit with a putz law firm. They are leaving me little choice but to file bankruptcy. Really didn't want to do that, any thoughts on how to stop this would be appreciated and yes I have thought of physical violence. Probably not the best course.


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    anita Rodi Nov 05, 2019
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    I am going through a nightmare! I have been clearing up my credit and disputing the errors on my credit report with the help of Lexington law!( they have been life savers so far!) well on 10-18-2019 they had an old credit card debt removed ( because neither the credit card company and its 2 debt collectors- which here in MN - might add that the "2" debt collectors were one in the same could validate the debt) ok great fantastic right?... Then yesterday [protected]) Bam! At closing time for banks(5:00 p.m) I called my bank and asked WTF ( more poilety) I went to use my card 10 minutes before and it was declined ( keep in mind I had enough money in my account to use my card for what I needed- I had checked my account an hour before hand and all was good)

    So I call my bank and was. told to call the main branch in the morning and they could give me more information about the levy from Midland Funding LLC... Seriously these [censored] just took my money without notice! They have not contacted me at all no letters! No phone calls! No court papers!! ZIP ZILCH ZERO NADA! How can they do this when just barely a month ago they could not validate the debt? And to make matters even worse my place of employment just did lay offs due to work orders being slow!(hoping it picks up after first of the year!)

    So not only am I laid off but now these [censored] just took all the money I had in my account to live on until my unemployment kicks in! Are they going to take that too?

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    dan watts Dec 27, 2016
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    I received a call from this "debt collector." First off, never confirm that you owe a debt. Second, by law (FTC) you are entitled to have the company send you information about the said debt. I told the representative that by federal law, the company must send me documentation. When i asked the guy named "Matt" from India, if he could send me documentation, he said he will see what he can do. My best advice to anyone dealing with this company is to 1) NEVER confirm you owe the debt. 2) Ask for documentation to be mailed to you. If they will not send you documentation, file a complaint with the attorney general's office in San Diego along with the attorney general's office in your state. Also contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and open a complaint against the company. 3)NEVER agree to pay anything until you have gotten documentation. After a 25-minute phone call, the gentlemen advised me that the manager on the floor wanted to speak to me, then proceeded to hang up on me. If you need to file a complaint you can call the FTC at [protected]. I hope all this information helped.

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    KTRIng Jan 31, 2014

    I have been dealing with these people for just over a month now. They someone got my bank to take the money i owe out and put it into a separate account over a month a go. No one bothered to tell me i had to sign anything for them to get the money. So now they are trying to get me to pay them another 100 dollars because I didn't sign. How can I sign something that I didn't know about. I thought that they bank paid them, it wasn't until I called my District Court to find out why my case was still opened was I told anything. Mind you they took the money out on Dec 4th and yesterday was January 30th. So now they are fighting me tooth and nail for 100 more dollars. They are ridiculous. Before last month I haven't heard anything from them in over 2 years. What kind of company wants to get paid, but will make it hard for you to pay them?

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    chory Mar 08, 2012

    monken, affidavit is not a proofs at all. in some state, u might need to file a motion to strike affidavits. i know in NY, all one has to do is let the case goes directly into trial, and tell the judge u weren't shown the actual bill of sales, assignments. they need to be the actually documents, not affidavits or some sort of "computerize", "typed" documents that said "bill of sale" w/o your credit card company's letterhead. u can file a motion to subpean all the witness mentioned in the affidavits. inorder for them to be legally collect from you. they need to provide your credit card agreement with your signature, all the books and record for the credit card (all statements or even charges, payments), assignments, bill of sales, titles of chain.. most of these junk debt buyer would drop the case even before trial starts. they know they don't have anything solid to prove, so they are trying to pressure u to pay up b4 it gets to trial. but you would have a better chance to let it goes thru the trial and let the judge dismiss the case with perjudice, so it can't be reopened (resue u again).

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    NelyMihaela Feb 16, 2012

    My grandmother had the same problem Midland funding garnished her paycheck . Nobody ever told us anything or why they were collecting it or for what. She doesn't have a lot of money so we didn't know where her money was going or what they were doing with it. Midland funding is a ripoff...its the worst funding out there.


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  • Mo
    monken Feb 10, 2012

    I was at pretrial today. Being sued by Midland Funding. I asked for proof sale, affidavit and he actually showed me a copy of one. He had copies of at least two years credit card statements. He also said people transfer and buy debts all the time and its legal. I told him I wanted to seek counsel so today's trial was stricken. I really don't know where to go from here. I'm thinking on calling chase to validate this copy of the bill of sale I now have.

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  • De Nov 23, 2011

    Who is Midland Funding LLC?

    One of the newest trends in the debt collection business is companies that purchase junk debt and pursue collections. This unsavory practice of purchasing old debt for pennies on the dollar and trying to collect the full amount has been a “cash-cow” for many companies, including Midland Funding LLC.
    Midland Funding LLC is a division of the San Diego, California based Encore Capital Group. Encore Capital Group was a third-party collection agency for over 30 years prior to beginning its practice of purchasing junk debt. Since the change, Encore has watched its profits triple.

    As a junk debt buyer, Midland is one of the largest in the industry. Their size has allowed them to purchase over 5 billion in junk debt in 2010 alone. With that size, however, also comes the ability to break the debt collection laws. In 2010 the company filed a consumer debt lawsuit against 517, 000 different individuals. This perversion of the court system to enforce bad debts is great for their business, but bad for the Defendant. The Defendants in these types of lawsuits may face garnishment or have liens placed against their home and real-property for a debt that is past the statute of limitations, or no longer even reportable on their credit report.

    Midland Funding has been involved in many class-action suits during the last few years because of their unethical practices. Failure to comply with collection laws, shady practices for collecting debts, and misuse of the justice system are just a few of the charges placed against the company. Midland and Encore have also been named in robo signing cases where people were unfairly foreclosed upon.

    Consumers have substantial rights against this type of practice. Knowing those rights is imperative to fighting these collection practices. Midland Funding has openly admitted that they win most of their cases in court because of the Defendants failure to show and dispute the claim. This is known as a Default Judgment.

    Consumers who do not wish to be subjected to these fear-based tactics and unethical practices should arm themselves with knowledge. The Defense Guide is a practical and informative guide that consumers can use to fight back within the law.

    When you visit you can purchase a copy of the guide to use. This guide will provide you with all the knowledge and tips that you need to properly defend yourself against a consumer debt lawsuit.

    Most cases are lost because the person being sued does not appear in court. They are fearful of the outcome or do not know how to defend themselves. Most are unaware of the rights they have or how to demand those rights. Do not let this happen to you. If you are facing a junk debt collector or court date you need The Defense Guide. What you learn from the guide today can save you from financial disaster tomorrow.


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  • Sm
    smith1 Jul 22, 2011

    I'm from Michigan and got problems with these ### to.

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    smith1 Jul 22, 2011

    I can't believe this company is getting away with this with so many people. Where is all the judges brains. Surely they got to know what this company is up to. If they legally did this it would be fine but me too my bank account was garnish 2 days ago and no papers were serve on me either about any court hearing or nothing. Was not contacted in anyway, shape or form!! I contacted my county courthouse clerk and they have no record of any suit being file there againest me. They must file in the county i live in or it is illegal. I live in Michigan and now am looking for a lawyer. I can't afford one but what can i do? Wish me luck and good luck to you all. Hope someone can bring this company down someday.

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Rogers Jun 13, 2011

    I'm not sure what is going on with Midland Funding LLC and MRC Receivables. Years ago I had Midland Funding LLC on my credit report and when I tried to pay the account off, I was told to call MRC Receivables. When I call the young lady told me that they were two different companies. They refused to except the pay off amount. Then a friend told me that they were the same company going under two different names. She also told me that they being the same company or associated with each other they can not file on your credit report twice, she calls that double dipping. Is there someone out there that can help in any way. I have been to court with them for garnishment once and now we have a court date for Setember 2011. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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  • Po
    PO'd2011 Jun 06, 2011

    I'm in the process of a court summons I received in May '11 stating I was being sued by Midland. I never heard of this company. I sent in all of the information I had that stated I settled the dept in July '10. The judge of the civil courts said, "This is not an answer". My brother is helping me with this. Apparently the previous company that I settled with sold a poole of so called "delinquent accounts" and that Midland was in contact with those people of the "delinquent accounts". I gave the courts everything I had on my settlement. What should I do now? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Aggravated shopper May 25, 2011

    While i agree mostly with you MTS and I think it SHOULD be easy to have judgment vacated, it is not that easy. Quick back story we were sued by Midland Credit Mgmt which is a part of Midland funding. We were served and we showed up and fought because it was a bill that was not or ever owed, the Magistrate(Iowa) gave a continuance to Midland Credit Mgmt to get more proof. He did this over the phone because they bill collector does not have to show up in Iowa but if the defendant does not show up then there is a default judgment. Anyways after the continuance there was not any other proof so the case got dismissed. Originally I had asked about the serving process because I said we were served but that is not entirely true. In truth we were out of town for a week with the birth of a grandchild. It was my daughter-in-law(not the one having the baby) that the papers were given to by the deputy sheriff. Fortunately she gave them to us, however I had questioned if she could even be given the papers. I was told that "if there was due diligence given to try to serve us and instead a representative for us was found then any judgment against us would be upheld".

    Again our case was dismissed however I find it interesting that the bill collector does not have to show up and that a person does not have to be personally served to have a judgment against you.

    So it is possible that a person could be sued and not know anything about it and it seems that it may be very tough to have overturned.

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  • Ne
    need help please59 May 25, 2011

    these people have sue me 3 times I have no ideal how they can do this with out even notifing me they just cost me my job how do I stop this they have just garnish my pay again and i did'nt have a chance to go to court..please help

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    hammercwm May 18, 2011

    This is to wakingupthemasses who said: "i have a way to keep them off your back guarenteed! Pay your friggin bills and dont go into debt!!! they only go after deadbeats who dont pay. and no, i dont work for them. i dont have any debt and i live within my means. wake up and smell the coffee folks. if you guys would spend as much time paying your bills as you do trying to get out of them you would not have these problems. you all talk big on the blog but reality will slap you right up side the head when you try all these gimmicks they talk about here. just pay your bills."

    That is a great idea except when your district manager comes in to your office one morning and says "We have been examining our budget and are sorry to announce that your position is no longer necessary. Here is a cardboard box to put your stuff in. Good Luck to you!" Now let me wake you up! Uemployment doesn't pay anywhere near what I was earning. I was bringing home $1007.00 net every 2 weeks. The unemployment office calculated my claim and gave me $602.00 net every 2 weeks. That is a difference of $405 lost in revenue. I called my credit card companies and BEGGED them to give me some different options to pay them off. They kept stating their policy over and over like a broken record. These are the same credit card companies that I had charged up and paid off 5 or 6 times diligently. When you fall on hard times they DON'T CARE about your previous good payment history! I became unemployed through no fault of my own! I lost my home to foreclosure and had to move in with a friend. You say you have no debt which means you are probably driving an old junk heap of a car that you paid cash for that will nickel and dime you to death with repairs and aggravation. If you're not living with your parents you are probably making some landlord rich with rent payments because NO ONE that works for a living can buy a house with cash only!

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  • Se
    Sean from Minneapolis Feb 18, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I was just sent a letter from a collection lawyer that I have been pay the last 2 years on another debt. I have one payment left and they have ANOTHER debt that I owe. Could this law firm be hunting my debts so that they can make money off of them since they already garnished my bank account once? They know I will pay because of the severity of action they will take. This seems wrong. Pull my credit report and start going down the list of who are we going to collect for next. And is it possible for me to contact Midland and pay them instead of this law office? Interesting that a phone number for Midland is not provided.


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  • Be
    beabetterdebtor Jan 18, 2011

    what is the statute on morals?

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  • Di
    Dionisia Cade Jan 10, 2011

    look [censor] nothing but 17 years okay what dha hell i look like borrowing money or whatever...i dont even know nothing about garnishment...but ima tell yu this whoever this is g0ne get fuked up and im not playing...yea [censor] your name is zaraur and schwartz...yu good and got and dont take [censor] out of mii check.

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  • Gs
    gsgkill Jan 09, 2011

    Ask for the contracts
    Ask for Proof of Assignment
    Look at the rules of evidence in your state, certified accounting by the person who prepared it, simple old photo copies don't count.
    Download Pro Se forms from your local State Court, Such as Missouri supreme courts Web-site for Vacate judgment.
    Lack of service is grounds to void a judgment, No proof of Assignment, no evidence in the court record.
    Debt buyers can't charge interest, on debt they don't have a contract for a service you didn't pay for.
    Each violations is worth $1000.00 and up to 400, 000 punitive.
    look for consumer Advocate Attorney firms if you don't want to face these guys down by yourself. Record the basters with a $24.00 dollar ink pen video cam recorder.

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  • Mo
    monkeymarie Dec 17, 2010

    Midland purchases debts from other companies. They are not deadbeats, they simply attempt to collect money where others have failed. I am not saying that their practices are ethical or even legal. If the debt is legitimate, then you do owe it, regardless of how long since you created the debt. The question is whether Midland can collect. There is a three year statue of limitations on credit card debt. As long as you do not acknowledge the debt or agree to pay at any time, then you are protected by the statue. As soon as you agree then the statue no longer protects you. To be able to garnish or even get a judgment against you they first have to serve you. No court will even set a court date unless you have been served and have responded to the complaint. The court keeps records of when a defendant has been served. If Midland has a judgment against you, then either you were served and didn't respond or show up for the hearing or the judgment is a fake. If there is a default judgment you can file to have the judgment set aside or pay the bill. If the judgment is fake then you need to hire an attorney. Each state has attorneys for those who can not afford them. Call any attorney's office and they will know how to contact them. If you are served, then ANSWER THE COMPLAINT. You have 20 days to do so, it is a simple form. If you do not, then they can get a default judgment against you. Do not contact Midland, make everything go through the court system. This way years from now if they issue comes up again, the court will always have the records, saving you so much time battling it again. My guess is that Midland will probably drop most cases when they realize someone is willing to go to court, once it is shown that Midland is in violation of the statues the judge will dismiss the case.

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  • Wa
    wakingupthemasses Dec 08, 2010
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    Verified customer

    i have a way to keep them off your back guarenteed! Pay your friggin bills and dont go into debt!!! they only go after deadbeats who dont pay. and no, i dont work for them. i dont have any debt and i live within my means. wake up and smell the coffee folks. if you guys would spend as much time paying your bills as you do trying to get out of them you would not have these problems. you all talk big on the blog but reality will slap you right up side the head when you try all these gimmicks they talk about here. just pay your bills

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  • Ne
    Neq Holmes Nov 12, 2010

    I recently applied for a job at an insurance company, and was declined due to my credit report. Received a letter in the mail stating credit report contained the following public record information: Court/Plaintiff- Midland Funding LLC, Type: CIV CL JUDG, Amount: 5740.00
    Apparently, I have been sued for the following amount and had no knowledge of it. OMG! Possibly, this could be from an unpaid credit card about 7 years ago. How can you sue me and I not know? Reading some of your comments, these people are trying to take over our lives. The economy is already bad enough. As a team, we need to find an immediate solution. If we can find legal help that is willing to take the time to look into this fraudulent act, that would be good on our behalf. I mean someone who can act on our behalf and doesn't get paid unless we get paid. Obviously, there is some truth to this fraud, and it definitely needs to be dealt with. My contact information is [email protected] Feel free to contact me anytime.

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  • Os
    ossie wallace Nov 09, 2010

    I agree with the complaint about this company if all they do is collect your debt that was way back when, I feel that is none of their business, if the company hasn't suited you for the debt, why is Midland Funding getting involved, are they going to give the money they collect from you to the company that your debt is with, I don't think so. It should be something done about this company, a lawsuit should be brought up on them. The Statute of Limitations law is good because it should stop companies like this from going way back. The statute of Limitations says that debt after ten years is expired and that settles it.

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  • Pi
    pizzedOffCustomer Oct 20, 2010

    MCM (midland credit management) is extremely rude and unprofessional. thy have been harassing me with letters and phone calls about a 02 debit that I paid off in 08' for a landline phone provider for $3.15 that due to interest that has accumilated up to over $1, 000. it was fully paid through another company and NOW MCM is calling saying it is not paid. I sent the COPIES of proof of pay-off and they still are harassing me saying the account number they have is different even though it is the EXACT amount from the one that was paid. The abrubt operator on th phone told me it ws MY problem to find out why the account numbers dont match ad they are still going ot call and send letters until they get paid. i received multiple letters with multiple addresses from this agency. fake and disorganized? you deside..

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  • Ap
    apromay87 Aug 31, 2010

    Im getting sued for $3000 by a collection agency (Midland Funding) for a credit card my mom got IN MY NAME and didnt pay the bill on. This credit card she got was a VISA and this was in 2006. It is now 2010 and they are sueing me for it and apparently i missed a court date so now they have a court order to seize my car. 1st off how can they seize my car if its not fully paid for yet. 2nd how can i get sued for a $1000 limit credit card that i didnt even sign for?? Please help... thanks

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  • El
    Ellen texas Aug 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I can't file a complaint with the ftc because company has no e-mail address. What should I do? Ellen Texas

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  • El
    Ellen texas Aug 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people keep harrassing me for a debt I never had with household/orchard bank. I've never even heard of them and hvae not had a credit card for over fifteen years. How do I stop them? Ellen Texas

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  • Ti
    timj1977 Aug 17, 2010

    these people arent the only ones to blame.there are many others but as for the posting of if u cant pay dont borrow.not all of the debt they r collecting on r for borrowed money. my wife was just sued by them and they r now garnishing our bank account for money that is not there bringing our balance to a negative status for a bill incurred becuase our [censor] state worker lost a stack of papaerwork an inch thick when we filed for state insurance.the best part is we didnt get a letter from them to notify us of the loss and didnt find out til we called to check on the process. they told it may take up to 60 days to file it and get approved but when we called after 90 days WHAM!!! kicked in the face with the phrase (we lost your paperwork and we need it all sent to us again). the best part is we got approved for the insurance.the worst part is they refused to go retro on the bills incurred from a hospital and an obgyn for my wife while she was pregnant even tho they screwed the pooch on this one and now we are left holding the bag for thousands of dollars in dont make stupid remarks about borrowing when you cant afford to repay when its not the case with all of the people posting on this site...

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  • Ca
    CaliBlonde May 18, 2010

    I was sent papers by a law firm claiming to represent Midland Funding. I denied the debt and asked to see proof, as many here have suggested. What I received was documentation of SOMEONE ELSE'S DEBT! It included name, address, account numbers, unpaid balances and creditor. While it might have been sloppy work, isn't this illegal? Shouldn't they be careful with paperwork like this?????? I'm going to contact the Attorney General, FTC and the person who's documentation I received, but does anyone know if I can sue? Since my documentation wasn't enclosed in my letter, isn't it logical that someone else got all my info? I'm actually pretty nervous about all this!

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  • Ns
    nscully Apr 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got served with papers from Midland Funding LLC saying I owed them $6300. I researched the matter with an attorney, and figured out the fundamental flaw of Midland Funding LLC's methods. I then used that info to easily win my case without stepping foot in a courtroom.
    Midland Funding LLC is what’s known as a "junk debt buyer"...they purchase very old debts from various lenders at about 6-7 cents on the dollar. 96% OF THE DEBT THEY PURCHASE CANNOT LEGALLY BE COLLECTED. However, they count on you never fighting your case – giving Midland Funding LLC a default judgment against you. They use scare tactics (serving you with court papers, harassing letters/phone calls) to get you to budge and make some type of payment arrangement. When you do, you waive all your rights, and they can legally collect from you! DON'T GIVE IN!!
    If you were served papers from Midland Funding LLC, YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO RESPOND - otherwise they will win the case by default and can legally collect the debt from you.
    I figured out how to beat 96% of Midland Funding LLC lawsuits, including my own. I had to pay huge attorney fees, but it ultimately saved me thousands, and alot of headaches.
    If you want to win your case, I have a turn-key way to do it. For $74.99 - You will get Midland Funding LLC off your back, you won't have to pay anything to them, and you'll never have to go to court. Like I said, 96% of Midland Funding LLC's lawsuits are fundamentally flawed. However, if I can't get your case dismissed, I'll refund half your money - guaranteed.
    I started doing this because companies like Midland Funding LLC are taking advantage of honest, hard working people. I'm one of those people, and I wouldn't stand for it. I think everyone deserves the power to fight companies like this without being charged $250 an hour by an attorney. I work with my family in California…We've been in business for 35 years, and manage a variety of projects across the country - we have the knowledge and staff to help you win your case. We'll never charge you more than $74.99. PLUS, we're all very professional, friendly people – we treat our customers like royalty :)

    Feel free to contact me if you're interested or have any questions... [email protected] – I will always get back to you within 24 hours.
    Remember, you only have 30 days to respond after you get served papers. Don't let them win by default - take action and win your case!

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  • Co
    comingundone2010 Mar 28, 2010

    Per law a credit card is an unsecured loan/debt. The original owner of this debt did not bother to file anything due to the fact that it would cost more to collect than most debt is valued at. So, those in the "collection" business purchase a LLC license and set up business of harrassment. Most "court orders" are beware the panic it may cause. Your debt was bought for pennies on the dollar, yet the original company would not work with you to resolve the debt. Ever wonder why? Could it be that the debt is now listed by our government as "toxic" and/or lost profit and covered by the bailout money? A win-win for the original BANK that owned the original debt. The LLC wins because the majority of people will send in the money amount that they harrass them about. PENNIES on th dollar. In todays economy a credit score/rating will soon be a thing of the past. Nobody will have one that is worth spitting on. Foreclosures, unemployment, etc. Bankruptcy will be the least of our problems.

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  • Ki
    kindle Mar 01, 2010

    I am being taken to court by an attorney that says I used 1 of your credit cards back in 1999 to purchase merchandise from fingerhut. Do you have any record of it?Please let me know at the following e-mail [email protected]

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  • Da
    Davwbs Sep 22, 2009

    Read this it might help someone with them

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  • Sh
    Shaken Sep 16, 2009

    We are in Cali and midland funding has filed a law suit against us for a credit card we believe was paid off with a refinance but are having a hard time locating proof. I looked them up on the Caifornia Secretary of State website and it shows midland funding but it also shows that they have jurisdiction in Delaware and it also said CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY WHICH WILL DO BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA( I dont know what that means). Is it legal for them to even sue us, and to top it off they served our 13 year old daughter. The papers didnt show a court date and we have not received any other info giving us a court date. We were not even sure if it was a valid law suit because we dont owe the money. We recieved a mailing from a lawyer saying there was a judgment pending against us and they wanted to represent us, so I went on our local courts website and sure enough it showed the filing and a court date that we will be showing up to but our fear is how can we prove that after we paid it off we did not use the card again, we have no info past the date we paid it off and they have not furnished us with anything. We did not respond to the court papers because we didnt know what to do. We called the original creditor that was listed on the summons and they can not find any referrence of the debt with our socials. We know that we have had a card with them in the past that was paid off. What can we do we are losing sleep. We have heard horrible things of this company. If it was valid debt we would be willing to pay at the true debt owed. UGGGGGG

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  • Jo
    John Arnold Aug 30, 2009

    Midland funding garnished my paycheck for over $1200.00, I never was notified and never recieved a summons for a court appearance or anything. I still don't know who they were collecting for. After speaking to my attorney this is of course illegal. Since Midland funding has no contact number on their website, my next step is to the court house to get a copy of the court order for my attorney to pursue.


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  • Mc
    McGyver Aug 08, 2009

    Filing Bankruptcy:
    This is only my experience and opinion. Every situation is different. Never file Bankruptcy or only on extreeme conditions. I did that at one time at the urging of an attorney. I had no credit for 10 years. I had to live totally by cash. It was during those years that I came to the conclusion that I can live with a deal with debt.. 10, 20 30, 000. So what? I can work through the debts over time and usually negotiate my way out. But once bankruptcy is on your record, you are screwed. You will hear people say I got my credit back after filing, but I never did! Not for 10 years! Think about it long and hard before making the jump.

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  • Mc
    McGyver Aug 07, 2009

    I just recieved a letter from a local attorney representing guess who? Midland Funding... Im glad to know Im not alone and reading your stories and suggestions have helped. Here's what Im going to do.
    Im going to file a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office against Midland and the Attorney who represent them. Im going to attach about 5 of the most grievious of the about 10, 000 complaints on the WEB.
    Im going to call into question their ligitimacy in California and in my State. Im going to request the original signed documents. Demand the original promissory note and/or contract and have them state under penalty of perjury that they are the holder in due course of the promissory note and/or contract.
    People, you should use your Attorney General. That's what they get paid for. They are very good at representing you in an impossible situation and can mediate when no other can. Dont be afraid these crooks. Just turn them in. in most states you can do it online. If they arent legit they probably wont bother you again.

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  • For those living outside the state of California. One very simple question for you all. First i would like to point out the above poster's response. She's right. Now for the the question. For those of you that reside outside of California. Is MIDLAND FUNDING LLC a LEGALLY registered business entity with YOUR secretary of state's office within your state?

    Going, going, gone.

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  • Th
    The State is Insanity Jul 23, 2009

    You wouldn't a know a dollar if it bit you in the butt! A dollar is 412.25 grains of silver (French) NOT a commercial bank note that you seem to believe is money with $$. First of all, Federal Reserve Notes are commercial bank notes issued by a private bank and can not pay anything, the rules for bank notes are found in the Uniform Commercial Code where it states very clearly that a note can only discharge a debt, not pay it...Please. I bet you haven't even read the US Constipation.
    Secondly, the credit card bank was never at risk because it does not have the "Money" on account, because they are fractional and it does not exist, its all debt, hence the 12 trillion. The credit card bank simply takes your promise to pay/credit application and presents it to the FED private bank's discount window (Electronically) and gets the paper that you think is "Money" at about 2% and uses it to charge you 20%, all the while the FED private bank continues to pull this stuff out of thin air via the Kinko's method, counterfeiting it. It is counterfeit because it is not a dollar. The New GM and the U.S. Gang is a perfect example of this type of fraud, by running the printing presses and buying 70% of GM (Government Motors).

    To those that have been defrauded by these bank crooks, learn a little law and demand that they present the original contract/note and bank ledger showing they had "Money" on account to loan, don't let them go off point, hold them to the fire. Just like the mortgages that got sold and are long gone so goes the way of these alleged debts...given to a trust and sent out the back door, just like the American people.

    You owe nothing until they prove it...quit ASSUMING you know whats going on! Just because you put pen to paper does not mean its a signature and does not mean you where in agreement.

    Midland is low grade ###! If it where me I would do the following.
    Demand the original promissory note and/or contract and have them state under penalty of perjury that they are the holder in due course of the promissory note and/or contract. Also, demand The account and general ledger statement showing the full accounting of the alleged obligation that they are now attempting to collect. I would make them verify and I would not fall for the old "Is that your signature on the copy" signature is not found on copies, dumpster diver. This is all done through discovery within a lawsuit or can be asked at the verification stage of pre-lawsuit (FDCPA). I would recommend reading the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    I had a judge ask me "is that your signature", pointing to a copy, and my response was that I have never seen that signature before in my life. LOL! Can you say Summary Judgment.

    This is not legal advice.

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  • Ut
    utepgirl Jul 20, 2009

    Why do people who owe scream for statute of limitation protection when they feel they are being treated unfairly!!! What's unfair is how so many people can just shrug their shoulders at $$ they legally owe. Even if your debt is 20 years old, that money is still owed. The statute of limitations is just a legal loophole for people to hide behind when they don't want to pay. A responsible person knows when to stop borrowing money they can't afford to pay back.

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  • Me
    Meka Meek1010 Jun 26, 2009

    These people are garnishing my wages and I had no idea..Apparently they were sending court summons to an old address and they don't provide a # to call them

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