I brought in my car fir inspection. Several hours later I came back. Midas said needed air filter it was very dirty and back rotors will need to be changed but still passed. I advised them to change air filter. I texted my husband to advise. He called back and told them air filter not needed he will do it himself, so they took it out. The next day one of my tires was flat. My husband put air in it. Today 24 hours later tire still inflated. That leads us to believe Midas tampered with the tire because they were mad about the air filter.

About a month prior we brought our other car in for inspection, 2015 Ford Focus. The inspection passed however the next day the battery was dead. There was absolutely nothing left on that could have caused this. Two cars, 2 inspections and car problems less than 24 hours after inspection. This is more than a coincidence.

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