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Tried turning on my xbox [protected] and makes sound but black screen known as the "black screen of death" which occurs after some updates according to online sources. I went to the xbox support website

Read about the issue on the site and only option is to factory reset the device. With that process you lose all account data on the console. You can keep all game and app data but losing my account. Doing this method I will lose every game I ever purchased digitally since microsoft has permanently banned the account I purchased all my games on. If that account isnt set to main account you cant access those games. I am unable to sign into the account on the website to get any type of support.

A little back story on the account ban.

The 1st communication ban was a text message I sent after someone first sent a vulgar message to be and I replied in the same manner but that person reported me having xbox communication ban me.

2nd I tried to appeal it by making them aware I wasnt the first to send a vulgar message and am unable to report them since I was communication banned and they didnt help me out in any way. So I told the rep I was speaking to to go [censored] themselves which in return they perm banned my account. On the history of the report it says

Enforcement details:this account participated in harassment, abuse, or bullying behavior towards other players. This may include sending abusive text or voice messages, griefing or trolling, threatening or extorting other players, network manipulation, sharing another person's personal information, or other attempts to harm or disrupt other players on xbox live.

Which is in the image attached. The perm ban was a direct response of the perm ban was not to a player but a staff member I was not on the xbox live service for them to perm ban me I was talking to a rep of microsoft.

Whether or not I ever get the account unbanned I still want to be able to play the digital games I purchased on an xbox I purchased and I can do neither at this point.

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