Michaelkors.comno refund of returned product


I purchased product online at in November 2015. I returned 7 items in January 2016. I received a credit to my credit card for 4 of the 7 items I returned. I have called Michael Kors Customer Service a total of 7 times. I spoke to several reps and asked to elevate it to a Manager at least 4 times. I was told that some of the returned items were duplicate dollar amounts and their system see's the duplicate charge and drops it. They acknowledged it was a problem on their end. They said they couldn't credit my credit card and had to send me a check. They told me it would take up to 6 weeks to receive the check. I never received it. I called back. They told me it could take up to 8 weeks. I called back two weeks later and they said that they had no record of my previous calls!!! They said they would issue me a check and that it could take up to 6 weeks. I know I will not receive this check either and when I call to question it, they will tell me they have no record of my previous calls. I returned their product and they emailed me 7 separate emails indicating that they received all 7 products but only 4 credits showed up on my credit card. They have my money and they have their product returned to them. Every single customer service rep and manager I spoke to was completely and despicably the worst customer service people I have ever come across. They were not empathetic or sympathetic. They all said they would research the matter and call me back and not one ever did. They all said the exact same thing to me as if they are trained with a script to respond the exact same way. I will never ever shop at ANY Michael Kors store again and I will let everyone I know about my situation and suggest that they find a different designer to buy from unless they want to deal with the same horrific injustice I have dealt with.

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