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T May 15, 2018 Review updated:

This is in regards to the claim filed for Catherine N LeBlanc (DOB 9/20/28). I would like to let you know how unimpressed I am with your company. A claim was filed for my mother in January of this year. I just found out yesterday that the release of information for my mom's medical records from her primary care office was never received. I was being told by your service rep, Carol Purvis, that she wasn't getting the records she had requested. I'm not sure where she was sending the release to, but it apparently was not to my mom's doctor which begs the question, are your reps instructed to not put any effort into doing what should be their job? She also sent a nurse to my mom's house for an assessment and afterward tells me that 'people have good days and bad days and she can't just rely on the assessment'. If that is the case, then why bother with home assessments at all and why not put a little effort into finding out WHY you are not receiving records? The onus should not be placed on my 89 year old mother, who's on oxygen, can't bathe, cook, or walk across the room by herself, to uncover why records aren't being sent. That's your job! My parents have paid met life thousands of dollars over the years and you people act like you are doing them the favor, when you've done nothing but sell them a bill of goods, and when it comes time for you to make good on the product you have sold them you throw up these ridiculous barriers.
I would also like you to know that I called met life a couple of weeks ago and ended up speaking to "Security". The lady I spoke with, because I did not have my mom's policy # or last 4 digits of her SS # handy, would not put me through to her rep, nor would she give me the # of a supervisor which I asked for, and in the end hung up on me. I tried to explain to her that I was not asking information to be released - I wanted to make a complaint. Your company is allowed to receive information, correct? I believe that call occurred on or around May 2nd.
I've taken it upon myself to secure the appropriate release and have my mom's primary care records sent to her reviewer.
As I said, my parent's have paid thousands of dollars to met life and now in the last years of their life, when they are requesting assistance with care at home, they are met with this. It should not be that hard to process a claim. It should really not be that hard to make a determination for an 89 year old with CHF and Pulmonary Fibrosis. Does MET Life think everyone is lying? My mom is entitled to the coverage whoever sold her this policy told her she would get!
C'mon met life, you can do better than this!

Tami LeBlanc


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      Mar 12, 2019

    I would also like to complain about Carol Purvis doing the least amount of leg work possible and complaining about it endlessly. She is a lazy, passive jerk who should be fired. In fact, every person i dealt with there except for Monique was the epitome of incompetence. I tried three times to speak with Purvis's supervisor--she never called me back, of course. Every time I called customer service I got different answers, got disconnected, or got double-talk. Carol Purvis does not know her job. I checked something she said with my eldercare lawyer and he said flat out that she is just wrong. She led me on a fool's errand gathering innumerable documents, then never acknowledging receipt, then never calling me about them, and then finally resurfacing to tell me that the scans someone there made were unreadable! NOT MY PROBLEM!! And on and on with these kinds of stall tactics. My mother paid into this LTC policy for 30 years and came out with NOTHING because the claim rep had no experience dealing with HHAs who are independent contractors. AND ZERO OVERSIGHT BY COMPANY. If I heard one more complaint about how Purvis never dealt with this kind of agency, I would go mad. So now my 94 year-old mother, on the verge of death, cannot even get $50 a day back on home health aides. NEVER will I purchase LTC--MetLife is a scam operation and I am going to the NY Times! I have friends who are reporters...

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