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8285 SW Nimbus Ave Ste 113, Beaverton, OR, 97008, US
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Just and FYI to all! The supplements they try so hard for you to buy do not work. There is no evidence that their claims work. They push you to buy these items because the weight loss consultants get paid commision. I have worked in the supplement industry and I can tell you that it probably cost the company around five dollars to make a bottle of their most expensive item. I would avoid this company. The main reason people lose weight is because they reduce you daily caloric intake.

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, US
May 21, 2018 9:35 am EDT

I became a client about 6 months ago and I am doing very well on the system. My representative has been helpful but not pushy at all. I use a few of their products but not many and I have never been pressured to buy more. The weight loss is slow but steady.

The only suggestion I have for the company is to lose the dyes in their protein drinks. The dye is not needed. The products taste great and the dye is totally unnecessary. The mixed berry drink may have a pretty red color to it but I would much rather do without the Red 40 dye.

St. Augustine, US
Feb 02, 2016 7:16 am EST
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I have to disagree with you on that. I used to work for the company and did so for 6 years. I watched SO MANY people achieve their goals. Although I am no longer involved with the organization, I continue to take some of the supplements for the main reason, I can not find "like" products of the same quality. I noticed you are from Michigan, where there is not even a location. I don't know how you came to be involved, but am guessing you did not interact in the traditional way, with weekly visit's (1-2) times a week. This can be achieved remotely, but non the less, people who do not interact 1-2 times a week, consistently usually do not do as well. As far as what it cost to create supplements, well MRC never claimed to be a not for profit business. They do not receive grants or funds for operation other than profit, meaning, people have to be paid to create, warehouse, and work with in the centers. MRC makes their own supplements, rather than purchasing and re-labeling. I hate it you had a bad experience. I wish there truly was a magic pill that could give instant results, but we all know that there is not. I think the Super Iodine is the bomb digity ! I also take, MRC6, Cortitrim, Super Veggie, and their Garcinia Plus! And I buy it on line ( because I no longer work there) at I am not sure what your goals were, but I do hope you found success.

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