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Clive Menards Manager Stephen Smiley has lied to me several times. I purchased some special order doors from Menard's store in Clive, Iowa. They did not come in when they were supposed to. I was building a house and had several delays, so I didn't need the doors, so I kind of forgot about them. Three weeks after I ordered them, I was in the store and looking at clearance merchandise. At that time I saw doors just like I ordered. I asked if they were mine and was told that they were not. When I remembered, I went to pick them up and was told that they had been sold. Because I bought things at two separate stores, I lost track of the doors so I bear some responsibility for the long delay. The front end manager told me that they had sent me a registered letter stating that they were going to sell the doors if I didn't pick them up. No registered letter ever came to my house. Manager Stephen Smiley insisted that he and I knew what happened. He repeatedly said they sent the registered letter, but when I asked the front end manager for the number of the registered letter she refused to give it to me.

Manager Smiley said he would give me my money back minus a 15% restocking fee. I contacted guest services in Eau Claire, but the would not talk to me by phone. I wrote and e-mailed them and they responded with letters that didn't make sense. Finally, I received a letter that said whatever decision the manager made was what their decision was.

I made an offer to pay the difference between the price I paid and what they sold the doors for, but ol' Smiley talked as though he didn't hear what I said. He was haughty, condescending, and downright rude. He once again told me he would give me my money back minus 15% restocking fee, but when I went in to get that (deciding to write it off as a bad place to do business) good ol' Smiley told the clerk she had to give me a merchandise credit check. This goes against their refund policy. I asked for Smiley to come to the front when one voucher had been issued and they still hadn't given me a refund on the second receipt. I asked Smiley face to face to refund the amount on my credit card and he said, "No, I'll do what I said I'd do Saturday. I'll give you a merchandise credit." I said he was lying, he said he'd refund my money. At that point he ordered me out of his store. He said he would not complete the other transaction.

The bottom line is Stephen Smiley is trying to steal $256.46 from me and by ordering me to not come back to his store, what value is the merchandise credit of $203.20? Why would I want to spend any money at his store. The merchandise credit was a slap in the face to begin with. Last year, the same store sold a refrigerator that I had purchased in combination with a side by side freezer. New models came in, but they would not give me the new model which cost more, but looked exactly the same. A simple phone call would have fixed both problems but Menards has a problem with using the phone.


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    Steve Angrick Apr 18, 2017
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    Verified customer

    The Menard's store located at 300 S. Marlin Drive, Greenwood, Indiana has a poor untrained manager. After dealing with manager Barry Dennett on purchasing damaged, discounted mulch and stone bags and his refusal to sell me the individual bags of my picking, of which I have been purchasing this way for months was against store policy! I had just purchased several bags the day before and have been buying my picking of this product for a long time! His comment that the store policy is to load a wood skid and shrink wrap it with a price was the way they were selling it. His comment of it is easier for bookkeeping to enter 1 paid invoice rather than 10 invoices makes no business sense. In other words Menard's does not want 1000 customers coming in to spend a $1.00 as it is too much paperwork for them to handle! Mr. Dennett's other comment of customer's breaking open the non damaged bags to get the damaged bag discount was taken as if you buy the damaged product you are considered a thief! By the way Mr. Dennett you need to get outside into the yard area where your own employee's run your fork lift blades into your skids of product! It was clear that Mr. Dennet was just too lazy and did not want to enter a sale invoice to make a sale that day! After speaking to him the other items I had in my cart to buy, I put back on the shelf. I did them a favor as this help cut down on their bookkeeping that day! NO MORE MENARD'S! I then went to Lowe's to make a purchase. Mr. Dennett needs to be removed from that store!

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    ldesanctis DeSanctis Aug 27, 2016
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    Do not use there Website, the only communication is via email, and they are unwilling to help and no nothing about shipping. From the first email, stating my gift registry order was ready to be shipped, I noticed it read my home address and not my niece's whom I purchased the order for 1200 miles away. Daily I requested the address be changed, Trevor, custom service, states only I can change, however false and I advised him per FedEx only the shipper can reconsign a shipment, this went on Sunday thru Thursday, when the shipment landed at my door in Florida.

    We have shipped this order to the address selected on the order. Once an order has shipped we cannot cancel it. If we send the items to the address on the order we will not pay FedEx to reroute the shipment as we shipped it correctly to the address provided by the person placing the order. If you would like to reroute the package to a different address you will have to contact FedEx and pay them to issue a call tag and reroute the order.

    Best Regards,

    Trevor I

    Guest Service Representative

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    D Douglas Sep 28, 2015
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    Lousy Treatment at Beloit, WI Menards
    On Sunday, 09'27'15, I bought a discounted electrical switch are Menards, Beloit, WI. Anyway, the switch was lined up with other same switches in the electrical red tag sale, on an end cap. Not huge money here, just principle . . .

    Took it, along with other stuff, to check out, and didn't realize was charged full price, until I had chance to review the sales slip. Brought it to the attention of the cashier, who got a "helper" from electrical. The helper said the switch was not on sale. I took her to where I bought it, she said, "Nope, it is not on sale." Though it is was placed with other identical switches in the sale area. It was white versus beige, otherwise identical.

    Wisconsin Retail Law, says, if an item identical in principle to others, is placed in the for sale area, in this case an end cap, they must oblige the customer. And the store manager did, since I was right. Then the cuteness took place from a snotty front end "helper."

    The front end employee of-the-month -- not, told me to go to END of the line, and she would have the cashier re-handle the transaction. So far, the electrical helper had been very cute about the subject. The front end employee SAM, took it a step further in the cuteness department, and did as stated above.

    Making me wait another ten minutes to get out the store. Only two lines were open, people lined up as per usual. She could have had the cashier, simply refund the wrong amount charged, charged me correctly, and let me go.

    No, no can't do that, might be construed as good customer service, since I had argued -- correctly -- in my behalf. This was her opportunity to get even, even smiled snottily while doing so. She was compelled to agree on the price, because I was right, this caused her to become cute, to get even!

    Gets tiresome, packing my own stuff, getting treated cavalierly, snottily from time to time, at this Menards. Other Menards can be painful to deal with, when things go wrong for them. This Menards is particularly bad, no local competition will do that. And apparent, weak hiring decisions, will do that.

    This is long, called the Eau Claire, WI HQ, was told to send this issue to Corporate in writing, or fill out one of those stupid Rate US Forms, to file my complaint, how quaint. Actually filled out Rate US Form for a helper, ironically in electrical. Who had been helpful, about a month before this snotty treatment.

    So … decided to leave this instead of writing Eau Claire Corporate, since they apparently are not too concerned about lousy customer service. Corporate Eau Claire, seems to take the same attitude regarding complaints. Not taking a customer call about being treated something other than a customer. Smacks of the too often instances where, I get some other than good customer service. Especially this Beloit store, and their newest SNOT front end woman helper SAM. She had her name tag in caps -- SAM -- by the way.

    So screw Menards, I'll drive to Janesville, and shop Home Depot, or Ace locally. Apparently my money is not good enough. Funny, in 2008, I spent nearly $14, 000 there, doing remodeling. And even then had some issues with this store. And used to shop there regularly since, not any more, thanks to front end snot SAM.

    Enough is enough, Menards apparently doesn't know about, or be too concerned about customer for life issues, as in my spending my money with say, Home Depot from now on, in lieu of Menards.

    Being treated as a second class citizen by retail stores is always unwise. Ignoring such actions, like Menards Corporate apparently does, costs them money.

    I'm not that unique, others treated similarly as this snot SAM treated me, will have customers shop elsewhere. Moreover, tell EVERYONE they know how they are treated by snot helpers, like this one at Menards Beloit. I've already told a few, and two of them agreed with my assessment, they've experienced less than decent treatment at this Menards too. Hopefully, they'll think twice before spending more money at Menards.

    Bye . . .

    Likely as not, once a Menards type sees this nastigram, they'll delete it . . .

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  • Jo
    joh masn Jun 16, 2015

    you need to put Magnets on all your fork lifts the yard has lots of broken pallets and nailed boards all over the place by shingle area I have never got nail in my tire but would be great if you cared

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  • Yo
    You're a dumbass Jul 25, 2013

    First complaint, you're dumb. Remember to pick up your stuff. And if you read the back of the receipt you will see that it should in fact be on an In store credit. For all of you that blame a company for a special order not being in by the ESTIMATED date, remember it's the manufacturer that is making the product and shipping it; so stop your b*****g. Also everything is in writing because it is proof instead of this he said she said ### that you are all spitting. Plus complaints are mailed, read by the CEO, then responded to. So obviously it is going to take some time. And next time that you decide that you want to feel tough and b**** and someone who is not suppose to say anything rude back, remember they have to follow policies otherwise they get in trouble and possibly fired; depending on what stupid ### request you ###s come up with.

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  • Wh
    whatever50026 Jun 13, 2013

    The store manager (I think just a night time one is a idiot!!!) at clive Menards in Iowa!!
    I had just exchanged a hummingbird solar light and a few other items in a cart.
    I didn't want someone to steal my light so I took with me into the restroom with
    my reciept in my hand! A employee was coming out of a stall as I was going in.
    I walked past her to open a stall door and the box fell and the light pieces fell
    out all over the floor. I picked them all up, In the meantime she watched me as I
    did this. I then went into my stall. I heard her wash her hands, dry them with the
    hand dryer. It shut off and then I did not hear the door. So I figured she probably
    thinks I'm stealing this light. So I start counting to see how long she stands there.
    It was over 30 seconds. Then all the sudden she shuts off the light and I hear the door!
    I was livid!!! I yelled " I have a reciept you idiot!. So I went to find a manager.
    So I don't have to go far and I come upon a guy who looked NO older than 30. I wait
    for him to stop talking to a customer and ask him to pleas page a manager. He said
    I am the store manager. Which I don't think he oversees the whole store due to the
    fact it was 7:30pm. So I tell him what just happened and he has a slight grin like
    he's amuzed. And aks for a description. I give him one. he said I don't know who
    it is you are talking about. He says well I'm sure she did not do on purpose. I
    said she did because she probably thought I was stealing the light. He just keeps
    grinning like its a joke. I said you a piss poor manager. I said it was pitch black
    and I could have easy fell. I start to walk away and he laughs. So I whipped around
    and said I don't think its funny. What if I had, had a kid in their with me or was had
    issues walking. He said you aren't giving me an oppurtunity to do anything. I said you
    haven't made any attempt to do anything besides laugh and thinks it a joke. He said
    maybe she did on accident. I said I don't think so due to the fact she waited so long
    to leave. I said she should be reprimanded at the least. So he asked me to point her
    out. I did and he said it was her first day and checked out my few items and left the
    store. Only to get halfway to my truck and he was behind me yelling at me saying he
    talked to her and she said it was an accident. It was her first day like she is going
    to say "yeah I did it on purpose." What a dumbschit to think an employee on their first
    day would admit to doing that. I said of course she says that. He says why would she do
    it on purpose? I said do you live in this era? People can be childish! He said do you?
    He asks me if I turn my lights on when I go to the rr in my house and then off when leave
    the room. He just kept ANTAGONIZING me! He kept arguring with me for about 4 mins in the
    parking lot by my truck, I finally told him you better get the F away from me if you know
    whats good for you. The look on his face was priceless! But he made another comment about
    her doing it by accident and something else and I told him he is a piss poor manager if he
    really believes that or an employee is going to tell him they did it on purpose! Wow quit
    breathing my air!!! The smart, sane people need it.

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  • Do
    Donna CHasteen Jan 13, 2013
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    We bought a gas kitchen range from Menard's in Sedalia, Missouri on Jan. 7, 2013 and had it installed by a professional on Jan 9, 2013 but found the stove was defectived, but was covered by a warranty, but after several calls to Menards was told by Trish in appliances that there was NO ONE in our area to service the warranty, the nearest service was 300 miles away. And theywould not come that far to service it even if it was BRAND NEW and under a WARRANTY, she then told me she was having the defective parts shipped to me by FedEX and I could repair it myself, I told her that was not going to be possible as I do not know anything about repairing appliances let alone to buy a new product and they tell me they will send me parts to fix it my self. Made several more calls and Menards agreed to have a contrator to come out to my home to check the stove out, and the contractor looked at the stove called the MANAGER named KENNY at the Sedalia store and told him the stove needed to be replaced, and that he would come back out and install it, and that KENNY would have it delivered the next day and pick up the defective stove. When we did not hear from Menards on a time when I would be getting the replace stove, I called Menards asking for KENNY, was told KENNY was not there but asst. Mgr. JOHN was there, and was told by JOHN that he would check and give me a call RIGHT BACK on when the stove would be delivered, and 2 hours later I get a call from TRISH telling me she was still working on getting someone to come and service the stove under warranty, I asked what happened to the stove being replaced like I was told by KENNY and JOHN, she said she did not know anything about that, but would check on it and "GET BACK"with me, several hours later got a call from KENNY who was slurring his speach and hard to understand told me that on Monday (3 days later) someone would contact me about possibly setting up a time the next week to come out, I told him that was not acceptable as I had no way to cook meals for my family and handed the phone to my husband after a short time talking to KENNY my husband asked him if he was drunk, and KENNY hung up on him, we called Menards right back and KENNY was at the store but not on duty but they put our call to him, he thensaid it was not HIS PROBLEM to take it up with the manafactor, but after some harsh exchanging of words KENNY then agreed to have someone delver another stove on Jan 13, 2013 and pick up the other stove but he would not have it installed that will be for us to pay for AGAIN, we still do not have a stove no way to cook meals out money on a appilance that does not work and the propane company has red tagged NOT TO BE USED UNSAFE
    We have tried to find out who is the area manager with no luck and when we called the corp. office was not allowed to talk to anyone "ALL COMPLAINTS ARE TO BE PUT IN WRITTING AND WOULD TAKE 30 DAYS FOR A RESPONDS .

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  • Co
    cooper p May 15, 2012
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    Menards is un reachable when you need help """"""""""""""""I am EXTREAMLY DESAPOINTED with the way I have been treated at your Effingham, Illinois Store. I ordered a special order ( EFFI30147521 ) lumber order and was told seven days. It took almost three times longer then that to get in. I called the store on may 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th to see if it was in ans was told no it is not in the yard. I even told them their on line tracker said it was in their yard on the 9th. Finaly on the 11th they said they had found the order. I went to pick it up on the 12th. I was told it was in a certain door and did not see the order so tracked down two workers. I asked them aand they said they had no idea where it was and turned to walk away. I asked them again if it was not to much trouble could they locate it. They said well I guess we could. We found the order and it was partially damaged. One board on the edge had been hit by a fork lift and was damaged. I asked if a replacement had been ordered and the guy said why dont you want the damaged one. DA. I asked him to reorder it and he told me the guy at the guard shack did that. I asked for a printed copy of order and he said he had no idea how to perduce one. I asked him to contact his supervisor and he stood and watched me and my 12 year old son load the order onto the truck. He neither at that time got the new order placed or offered to help load the truck. I am not sure where you grew up but as an adult I was taught to never watch a child work and not help. i also asked about attaching a order for two additional pieces of lumber to come with the re order and was told there was no way I could get them combined. I finaly left the yard with a partial order. The next day I contacted the manager via e mail and informed him of the events and asked if he could ecpedite my re order since they had damaged the original. I am still waiting for a confirmation on the delevery. The manager also was un professional in tone and attempt to answer my problems. he had one excuse after another about the problems and told me the damage happened at the factory. i asked then why did he not reorder and wasnt there a record of the damage on the invoice. he said to just not worrie about it he was the manager and Menards set it up for him to handle problems like me. I asked to talk to a district manager he said there is none. I asked to talk to corporate he told me to contact the web site. Again I have called dailey and still no answer on expediting the order. I even called the Manager of the Champaign store and he tried to get the manager of the Effingham store to try and call me back. The only info I had was a call on my voice mail that said it would be in when it came in.

    I would like some help here. I would like a call from corporate to me and help me complete this order. I also would recomend that you send an inspector in as I have noticed multiple electrical and fire code violations in the yard. safety first and your store is a hazard.

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  • Ri
    Rita Fern Oct 05, 2011

    Shop at Home Depot; they have a hassel free return unlike menard who put the return merchandise under the microscope before giving your money back. Purchases made at mendard are as such; if you try the merchandise and is defective; Menard will not accept the return saying you have used the products. I like to ask Menard where is the Merchandise satisfaction Guarantee. If Menard dont want returns they should not sell low quality products.

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  • Ri
    Rita Fern Oct 05, 2011

    I went to the Menard store in Mount Prospect, Illinois on Rand road and had an awful experience with an employee name ALAN in the kitchen sink section. He was mean and cruel to me. I was looking at a merchandise when he approached me and asked me if I was going to buy it. I told him I have not fully made up my mind. He grab the merchandise from my hand and put it back on the shelf and told me not to touch it if I have not made up my mind to buy it. I had another second incident with this same associate of cruely.

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  • Nl
    N Logan Aug 02, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am not satisfied with theoir employee's one bit. I have been treated like crap at their store in Ottumwa, Iowa, and one employee took a shopping cart away from me and tossed a bbq grill in it that she was holding for someone that hadn't paid for the item. She's the same person that sold me a warranty on a wahsing machine, then kept the original reciept and gave me the work order sheet. When the machine stopped working, I called and they said i had no warranty and gave me the run-around with customer service. I believe she kept the 157 dollars I paid out on the warranty and tossed the reciept. I have seen her in the Menards store from time to time, and when she sees me, she goes the other way.
    She needs to be fired, and I am not a sexist, but the men are actually much better workers than any of these women in that store. All they want to do is stand around and do much of nothing, and the men are the ones on the floor doing all the work.

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  • No
    Not happy113 Jun 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I have had many bad encounters at the Menards store in Plover, Wi. The most recent just happened today. I went thru the check out and purchased around $900 of stuff, and was ready to leave and the clerk wanted me to open my back pack so she could see if I had stole anything. I said NO! She frantically started dinging her bell, and 2 employees started coming from both directions. So I walked out of the store. They "eagle eyed" me in the parking lot and pointed at me for some time while I was loading stuff into my friends car. Then the employee came out to the parking lot and told me that they would be calling the cops. So I started to get pretty aggatiated. I went back in to the front service desk and asked them what was up. They called down the assistant manager And he told me that if I didn't want me bag searched that I should not being it in the store. So I notified him that it is a violation of my 5 and 6 ammendment rights, it is gender discrimination because they don't check womans purses, and not to mention that it was really embarassing! I build houses for a living, and spend over $100, 000 there and this is how they treat there loyal customers! I am so sick of this store. There slogan should be "HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES" So anyways I got home and called the General Manager of the store and he told me they had no right to search me and that is not in the operating manual anywhere. He appoligized and offered me a 10% off coupon. Can you believe that, a 10% off coupon! If I wanted one of those I'd go cut it out of the sunday paper. This is the final straw! I will never shop there again! And I might take pleasure in tossing a handful of roofing nails in there parking lot everytime I drive by.

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  • La
    Lauren Barrywhite Apr 10, 2010

    Mernards credit cards are serviced by HSBC bank. If you had an HSBC Mastercard the same thing could have happened. Would you blame the store for that, too?

    They were able to raise your interest rate because the terms of your credit card agreement stated that they could do it. In other words, when you signed on the line accepting the card you also accepted the fact that they could jack your rate for no reason. If you didn't read what you were signing, it's your own fault, not Menards'.

    Sorry to preach, but I had to find out the hard way myself that using credit cards is dumb, expecially if you carry a balance.

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  • Fm
    f.m. Apr 09, 2010
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    Verified customer

    You DON'T save big money at Menards. WHY?
    Even tho many have paid there charge cards on time & never late they're cards RATE went up to 24.99%

    Is a "Class Action Lawsuit" is in order?
    "False advertisement". You save big money at Menards... NOT!

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  • Ru
    Rubol Dec 11, 2009

    Menards Menards Menards - Only stay away.

    Menards has sold me a defective Snow blower. When I went to return it right away, they would not take it back. It was a display item. I brought it home put some gas in it and tried to see how it works. It did not start but now that I put gas in it. Menards will not take it back.

    Sometimes you would wonder how business run away with customers money. This is one case.

    My advise STAY AWAY from Menards even if it costs you a bit more to go somewhere else.

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  • Dj
    djmopa Oct 21, 2009

    This is a upsetting story; however I will tell you this is Menards, not Home Depot or Lowes (which you probably do not have)... Menards is a pretty large home improvement store, but they do not carry everything. You would of been much better off going to HomeDepot for these types of parts, as they carry hundreds of thousands of items...

    As for the contractors credit card to pay for the building materials? low limit of $7500? come on now, you know no one is going to give someone a credit card with a $80, 000 spending limit, if so, the interest would be skyrocketing... You would of been much better off just getting an American Express, which would have to be paid off in full the following month.

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  • Ge
    GerH74 Oct 21, 2009

    My comments deal with the Mennards store in Minot, ND My wife and i have just completed building a new house in Williston, ND and the contractor explained that we could save money by buying the materials thru the Minot menards store. Little did we know the savings would be returned with a good share of very poor service. there are severe problems with the organization of materials to be shipped to us, the customer. Most time that we ordered something special order and tried to get the shipping department to send it with an order that the contractor had placed it took several trips and calls before the item actually made it to us. Seems the department that ordered the product does not comunicate well with the shipping department.

    Next beef on my list, When we applied for the contractors credit card to pay for the building materials the card had a rediculous low limit of $7500. To buy materials for this house we had to spend 70 to $80, 000. At this low limit the card could not possibly cover all charges, so we gave the contractors ordering desk our debit card information and gave clear instructions to notify us before any charges were place so we could arrange for funds in this account. Jeff at the contractors counter did not notify us, just billed it out and created an overdraft on our account that we have had for 35 years without a blemish ever !! There was no apology for this, only excuses that he did not hear any instructions we gave.

    The next problem was a A quartz countertop that was ordered. We supplied the model number for the sink for the hole to be cut. There were mistakes made by Menards or the counter manufacturer and the hole was cut for the wrong sink. To expedite this problem my wife aggreed to let Menards find the correct sink that the hole was cut for so this could be installed without waiting for a new countertop, thus saving Menards the cost of new materials and us saving time. The sink was found and The Menards employee insisted that this had to be shipped by regular ground as this was policy. I had to threaten and scream and become a real ### to get someone to get this thing sent overnight. This was not our misstake and we were treated very poorly getting this fixed. When I told them to recut the countertop if I had to wait for a sink they refused, even though it did not fit the sink I had bought for this counter and which they confirmed the right part number that we had given them. It was only after I told them that the contractor that was building for me and does several houses a year thru menards wasn't to happy about it either that they ordered this outside regular channels. It still took 4 days to get to the contractor for installation.

    The latest problem is an order of Black Aluminum fence and post that was place 6 weeks ago. The material arrive in store and we were notified it was in. My wife instructed them to send it with the next truck coming this way. Did not show up, as usual. A call to the store and now the materials can't be found. Had to be reordered. 10 days later parts were delivered with another load of materials and it was stacked aside for completion of dirtwork around the yard. A contractor came to install the material and finds that 2/3 of the posts were not sent with. So here I am again with people trying to do work and Menards has let me down again. Not enough posts in stock to complete the order and the rest are on back order. I am sick to death of Menards poor comunication, records keeping and workers. I have just cancelled an order for $3000 for materials for a small garage as I don't think they can fill this order without problems.

    These are not the only problems we had, but the worst ones. Very shabby place to do business. If I had bought an $80, 000 car or that much furnature the dealers would be falling all over me trying to make this right so there would be return business and a thumbs up that these guys do a great job. Not so here. The manager, Phil, has tried to late and to little to help with this but when he is not around there is no cooperation whatsoever.

    As of now I am half done with the construction of my buildings at my new home. I will most likely be shopping somewhere else so I do not have these problems anymore.

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  • Di
    Dingle Bogardus Oct 18, 2009

    I dealt with Glenn Farrand, the original poster, on many occasions. He had a great habit of "conveniently" not getting around to picking up special order merchandise for months, then trying to get price adjustments when the merchandise later went discontinued. Very unethical, and extremely belligerent when he didn't get his way.

    To clarify one point, he was ordered out of the Clive store because he was making a scene and threatening Mr. Smiley with physical violence.

    I'm no Steve Smiley fan, and Menards is better off now that he's no longer working there, but he did nothing wrong in handling Mr. Farrand.

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  • Kg
    KGallas Jun 02, 2009

    Menards is corrupt and full of a$$holes. I worked there for 3 weeks and look how they fired me.

    This is a email I sent to corporate headquarters requesting my job back.

    My version:
    I work in the yard shipping/receiving. Wood that gets removed from
    stock gets put in what we call a Board Store to get cut up and
    recycled. In ordered to be recycled it had to be cut up in 2' sections
    and placed on a pallet then shrink wrapped to get shipped out. The
    amount of wood that had to be cut up varied in pieces and sizes. It
    would take me hours to cut up the wood to recycle it. It was my
    opinion that some of the wood was still usable although it was
    damaged/removed from stock. Instead of spending hours cutting it I
    thought I would purchase it. I talked to a team member Kelly Jr. about
    this and he stated, "I bought some Car Siding for $10 and redid my
    whole bathroom, I think you can get all that for $10." With that
    statement I advised my manager Brian Kelly that I would like to
    purchase the wood out here that's going to be cut up to save me "and
    the company" time and money. The wood could not be placed in the
    bargain area do to the fact %97 of it was not AC2 treated lumber thus
    we had to recycle it as explained above by cutting it. After I advised
    my manager Brian Kelly about purchasing the lumber he told me that it
    was okay. Brian Kelly then advised me to put in a building we call DSA
    if I was going to buy it. Towards the end of my shift I took a 10
    minute break to purchase the lumber at the contractors desk. The
    manager at the contractors desk "Jamie" is the person that sold me the
    wood. Arguments arises when I didn't explain every single piece of
    wood that was damaged/removed from stock. The Picking List "attached"
    says it was, "Damaged lumber sold as is no returns...override approved
    by: Patrick Koerner." I paid for the lumber at $15 and went back to
    work. Eventually it was loaded up and went to my families storage.
    Nothing was stolen or misinterpreted.

    The issue:
    Within the wood that had to get cut up and recycled was a table top
    that was warped, twisted, and heavily broken/damaged. They say that
    this was not classified as lumber. I did not know this. I just told
    them that I'm buying all the wood that was removed from stock siting
    the the board store to be cut up and recycled.

    Reason Fired:
    I stole a removed from stock table-top.

    My based on facts arguments:

    - The tabletop was put from the board store into DSA along with the
    other removed from stock/damaged wood "before" I bought it. Before I
    bought it, I explained that it was in DSA. I could not list every
    little piece there. Patrick Koerner as it says on the Picking List,
    the wood was approved for sale for $15. I bought that wood for $15 in
    cash. No theft occurred. I am so sorry that a table top isn't
    classified as lumber. It isn't my job to determine how or what things
    are classified as. Its the person to approve the sale "Patrick Koerner
    the General Manager" to say what I can and can not take."

    I classified the lumber before I bought it was,
    -Removed from stock wood.
    -I put it in DSA and put sold markers on it as advised by my manager
    Brian Kelly.
    -For example, 1x4x6's and 2'x4x6's.
    -The wood was going to be cut up and recycled. It was my job to cut up
    the wood so I thought I would purchase it...I was trying to help the
    company not do anything stupid.
    -When asked for a price I told them that Kelly Jr. bought Car Siding
    for $10 so I thought $15 was a good price because it was indeed
    damaged and removed from stock. The price was how much I personally
    thought it was worth...the manager Jamie agreed.

    I tried to resolve the issue before getting fired by:
    -Willing to pay more
    - I've only been working for 3 weeks and didn't know how much of a
    issue this would turn out to be. I was trying to save the company time
    and recycling costs by purchasing the wood rather then spending hours
    cutting it up.
    -Sending in the police to have there opinion...did not help!
    -Explaining that the wood was sold "As is" and approved by the General
    Manager "Patrick Koerner.

    Is that bad management or my fault?

    This is what I want:
    My job back because I didn't do anything wrong.
    Paid days that I missed.

    -1 Votes
  • El
    Elmo96 Feb 16, 2009

    I do not see why you had to get store credit. As long as you had your reciepts, you should have gotten your money returned back either cash or on your credit card. The 15% restocking fee is generally overrided at my store. It is customary for the 15% fee to come up for all special order merch, but because 15% can take quite a chunk out of the total we generally just take it out so the customer can get all the money back you deserve. I believe the store manager did not handle things correctly...I don't know if you're exagerrating or not, but that is quite ridiculous. I have worked at the service desk at Menards for 1 1/2 years and have never had a manager go against store policy...that guy was waaaaaayyyy out of line and I'm really sorry that you had to put up with such a putz.

    As for the comment regarding the flooring...well, if you don't have your reciept you have to take what we give you. And yes, the amount of any rebates the merch may have had at some point will get deducted out of the final price, which, of course, is the lowest sale price offered within the last 90 days. We do not have this posted because it does not occur very often, (even though I see no reason why we can't post it, because it can, and obviously does, happen) and the cashier should inform the customer of this before the return is even processed. And since rebates are only up for a week at a time, we do not keep extra copies around for "proof" of the rebate. There's nothing we can do to "make this right". As a customer, you have the responsibility of keeping track of your receipt. And remember, it is a priveledge, not a right, to be able to return things to any store, and we reserve the right to refuse any return. Nobody likes to hear that, but it's useless to sugarcoat things in retail.

    While it's not right to have managers be rude and it's very frustrating when something doesn't turn out the way you expected, it's really the customers that make the shopping experience such hell. We are there merely to assist, but we cannot be unreasonable. And every single person that I've ever heard say "I will never shop here again!" has always been seen in the store again within a week. I really wish that most of them would keep their promise.

    And to Joeseph O. must be the guy that called me a "stupid ###" the other day when I was on register! And because neither I nor my fellow coworkers ever leave Menards to live our own lives (because it turns out we really don't have one after all) we just tend to sit around all night and think of ways to make your shopping experience as terrible as possible! Too bad you have us figured out, but you're probably one of the ones who have proudly declared that you will "never shop there again!"

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  • So
    SONNY Oct 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I try to avoid Menards.
    I have had to return many items because their overly confident staff In Rockford, IL advised me wrongly.
    At the DeKalb, IL Menards good like finding anything because the night mgr there would rather wander around pretending to work than help you. It was like pulling teeth to get information from him and I'm just talking about "where is it." I saw an employee, also in the building materials section at that store, saying "I don't know" as he walked away from a woman asking about kennels she had purchased there. They have some very good employees, but seem to be hiring some real slackers who don't know the business, won't direct you to someone who does, or confidently advise you all about something, about which they really know nothing (actors). At Lowe's in the northern Illinois area they are respectful and knowledgeable.

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  • Ra
    Rashell Oct 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We also experience VERY poor customer service at the menards on SE 14th St, Des Moines. We returned some flooring which had not been opened and clearly came from menards. We did misplace our receipt which was not good on our part but we were willing to take in-store credit. As the policy reads on the LARGE POSTER WHEN YOU WALK IN, you get the lowest sale price of the product back within the last 90 days. (Jim the manager and Ashley the customer service clerk) rang up the merchadise and said it was coming up as $0.76 per box. We had paid $26.00 per box when we bought it. That is a hellish sale. She said it must have been a mail-in rebate at some point. I said #1 mail-in rebates are NOT sales. #2 there is nothing in the policy about mail-in rebates #3 I asked to see proof any such sale /mail-in rebate and they could not provide me with that #4 I also asked for a copy of their policy that had any mention of mail-in rebates. They could not provide me with this either. They could not "over-ride" they sytem or ring it up any other way. They refused to work with us or make any effort to make this right. The manager even fought with me about giving me his last name!! This is definately POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I will never shop at Menards again, nor will any family or friends. This is unacceptable and unprofessional behavior coming from a large corporate company.
    I have read many other complaints against Menards and never realized how many people had bad experiences there. They are even rated poorly with the better business bureau. I would never advise or suggest anyone to shop there.

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  • Jo
    Joellyn Wood Sep 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My son was interested in purchasing a "kit" to put up a storage shed in his back yard. Because he has been to the Menards Store in Mankato MN several times and liked the items he purchased he chose this store to purchase his shed at a cost of $1, 900.00 plus.
    First off, he came with his mother-in-law, on a Thursday evening, with a pick up and trailer to get the items needed. All of the items would not fit in the pick up or trailer. They explained his father-in-law would be at the store with a semi to pick up the items on the following Sunday, and could they have them on a pallet and ready for pick up. He was told this could be done. Sunday came, his father-in-law came with the semi to pick up the shed. Nothing was waiting as promised, no one was available to help. Finally, they had to demand either get someone to help or they would have to get their money back and go elsewhere. Immediately they got the help they needed.
    Today we were assembling the shed. There were no treated 2x4's as called for in the direction to complete the floor. We had to purchase them at another lumber yard.
    This was a "kit" to complete a shed...should not ALL items be furnished to complete this shed?
    Again, upset customers and comments about NEVER shopping at Menards in the future.
    We are wondering if there is some sort of compensation to us for the purchase of the treated lumber?
    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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  • As
    ashley hymer Sep 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i got fired from menards for over riding a price with out supvisor authrization when normally a box comes up asking for one and it didnt and i changed the price anyways and i also got fired for being on workers comp and i got wrote up for that to and i got terminated for both can you help me with this to get my job back?

    -1 Votes
  • Do
    don barnett Aug 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When checking out in any lane, we have to be intrupted by other personal. We do not get the attention from the cashier, because other WOMAN keep interrupting and showing disrespect to the customers. the clerks in the stores are the best i seen . It is always the check out lanes that refuses to keep their minds on the customer. The other gilr keep bothering the other clerks and when i had a refund, they did not tewlll me what to do with it
    I had to go back and get a refund slip to send in. Kewpp the woman away fom the front doors and away from the clerks

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  • Ho
    Hollie May 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would simply call Better Business Burea. I have dealt with dead beat busineses before and tired of it. I don't deal with contacting anymore, just make a formal complaint!!!

    Business make mistakes too, but most don't say that they did.

    Without the letter they don't have proof, that they actually sent you one either.

    For the guy above Chuck McDoogal, doesn't matter how many special orders you have.
    You are to serve each person as they are your only client-if it doesn't matter to you if they come back you and Menards would be out of the business-don't you think.

    Kindness is a biggie and personally my local Menards is lacking.

    Thanks though for the info on Menards-now I know not to specially order anything.

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  • Ki
    Kirk Ivankovich Feb 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Menards is terrible. 12 windows we bought could never show up. Lots of b.s. reasons. I found them in their store up on the third rack aand they had no clue, just kept spoon feeding me more bull. Garage door didnt match after employee assissted me in choossing it. Couldnt return it they said, sspeciaal order, no return. What aaabout less the ressstock fee? didnt aargue with them I will never go baack. Kirk Ivankovich L.I. Builders, Detroit Lakes Mn. P.S. Menards contractor rep. is not welcome on my Job Site! I DO NOT WANT TO BE ASSOCIATEDD WITH THEM, AS THEY DO GREAT HARM TO COMPANY IMAGE! TYPO board accting up.

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  • Br
    brian myers Jan 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    how is the customer wrong and how is the retailer right? i have been to menards and you have so much waste inside and out side of the store i can see why people complain. you also have employees who dont care about what they r doing or have any idea of the area they work in. do you have any formal training (hands on) for the employees?

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  • Ji
    Jim Stevens Jan 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you read your receipt? All receipts state what items are seasonal and not returnable. The reason you think their corp. office was rude is because you did not get what you want. We are in the 2000's and the rules have changed. I shop at many other places where the customer is no longer right. The key is to do you research, ask questions, lean your retailers. If you do this then situations like this will not happen to you. I am not saying that you are in the wrong with your comment, but you are not in the right.

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  • Ma
    Maria Miller Oct 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchases a fountain on clearance at the end of the season. There was no sign that this item was not returnable near the item. There was no sign that clearance was nonreturnable at the check-out. There was no sign that clearance was nonreturnable at the customer service counter. There was no sign that clearance was nonreturnable at the return counter so in fact the only way a person would know this was AFTER they purchased the item and it is listed on the back of the receipt.

    I think this is very deceptive. I went to return the item one week after I purchased it and they would not even give me a store credit. The manager was rude, corporate was rude. This store treats customers with disrespect and I will take all of my further shopping the Home Depot and Lowes. I will also advertise this to all people I know. Don's shop at Menards. They hang up on you on the phone. This company is run by a person who has no respect for its employees or customers and so that is how the employees have been taught to treat people.

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  • Do
    Don Butz Sep 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Was sold a used broken refrigerator by menards and was told it was brand new. When I got it home and realized it did not work the manager basically told me it was whirlpools problem and to call their repair man. I did and the repair man is the one who told me the fridge was used and repaired by a non-professional. When I complained to menards about buying a used broken refrigerator from them they told me if whirlpool fixed it then there is no problem. After the fridge broke down for a second time I called menards back and the manager conveniently notified me they no longer carried that model and if I would like to get a more expensive model and cover the difference myself I was more than welcome to. Then there was the $400 in bad food from the 2 breakdowns which menards sent me a sheet where I had to supply about 15 different impossible pieces of proof that all the food i said went bad actually did. I then filed a complaint with the better business bureau which menards headquarters completely ignored. In closing I too am through with this corporate hustler.

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  • Ca
    Cameron Ziegenfuss Feb 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Every policy we have is written down. There are about 2-3 paragraphs at the bottom of your special order invoice that state the terms and conditions. Our return policy is posted on a huge poster right when you walk in the door. If you don't take the time to read these things, and you don't keep track of your own paperwork, don't blame Menards.

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  • Jo
    Joseph O. Eae Feb 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh my goodness! If Chuck McDoogal is an actual employee of Menards, I pity the remaining members of this organization. Yes Chuck, we are all human, we all make mistakes, and we all have feeeeeeelings... My feeling is that you must keep your feelings OUT of your decision making process, especially when you represent the third largest home improvement retailer in the USA, and the number one and two retailers are quickly capturing more and more of the market, using techniques to ensure their clients are first-top priority-numero uno-the very reason you have a JOB!!! In response to your comment stating "it's not always about you, we have lives too"... NO Chuck, it's ALWAYS about the customer. This is what keeps you living the life you referred to. How can you possibly state that "...when they take advantage of OUR time..." Chuck, what else do you have to do? If you don't have customers "taking advantage" of your time, consider the alternatives: Inventory of all the products you didn't sell? Looking for a second job to cover the loss in pay you would experience by losing all that business to those customers that dare "take advantage" of your time? I could go on, however, it's evident it will only be for my own edification. I'll leave you and everyone with these two thoughts: Start your feedback in MS Word, and spellcheck is F7 on most computers, and "just get over yourself".

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  • Ch
    Chuck McDoogal Jan 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just get over yourself! You delayed and if we waited for every person to decide when they were going to pick up their doors or anything else we would be overloaded with merchandise. Do you have any idea how many special orders we get everyday...we care about our guest but when they take advantage of our time its hard to get things done with both sides being pleased. As a company we can not hold merchandise for long periods of time because it cost us money. Have you ever thought about how we feel. We deal with thousands of people everyday and when people delay its hard to make everyone happy. Take some time and consider that we are human and make mistakes and get upset too. We feel bad about it but sometimes we just cant do want you always want. Its not always about you we have lives too and maybe a little respect for the people who work there would do everyone some good.

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