Memorial Hermann Health Systemmedical records

C Sep 06, 2018

I've attempted on three separate occasions to obtain my brother medical record. My brother passed away on June 29, 2018, at Memorial Hermann hospital and I'm the next of kin, which I've submitted the required documents. I called and thought they provided me all the requirement information to obtain the records. Well, I received a letter stating a testamentary/next of kin is required I resubmitted the document s and they indicated it will be another fifteen business days. Fast forward, I called the department on Friday, August 31st and wanted to follow-up to ensure everything was in good order. The agent stated we received the email document and everything is good. I arrive home and checked my mail and a letter from Memorial Hermann to inform me my brother wasn't seen at the Sugarland location. when I called the agent could've informed me of this error and I would've resubmitted. I resubmitted on Tuesday, September 4th, and called today at 1:30pm. I informed the agent and provided her some background and I could hear her laughing in the background and when I ask to speak with a manager she told me there was not one available in the office. I've been a manager for over twenty-five years and I would never let any of my employees treat a patient/customer the way your company has treated me. I work for a call center for twenty years and this is the worst service I've ever received. I've attempted to call and speak with a manager but have been given the run-around. I expect someone to call me concerning this matter.

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