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Complaints & Reviews

Darren Snyder

To whom it make concern I found these videos online about 1 of your employees harassing his neighbor with racial slurs among other things

billing malpractice

I had a small stroke on 1/16/2018. I was admitted and spent one night at Memorial Herman. I was never billed out of pocket, even though I called and tried to pay my part of the bill immediately after my insurer stated I might owe $520.07. Account number: [protected]. I was told I owed nothing by MHH billing. Fast forward to October 2019. I was sent a bill for $520.07. I explained to MHH that I had heard nothing from them for over 20 months and that the timely billing statue of the Civil Practices and Remedies law went into effect after 11 months of no contact with me, specifically section 146.002 Timely Billing Required, the provider shall bill a patient or other responsible person for service provided to the patient no later than the first day of the 11th month after the date the services are provided. I had never heard from MHH until in excess of 20 months after services were provided. MHH are in violation of state law when demanding I pay anything. Each time I have called to address this with MHH billing, including talking with a supervisor, I'm told I owe the bill, even when I give them specific state statue. I do not under state law owe MHH any money. I feel I'm being harassed as part of the ongoing conflict between Cigna and MHH. Cigna has stated their clients are not being treated the same as a other insurance company's clients, as for billing, and has decided not to renew its contract with MHH. I believe at this time I will need to hire an attorney. I have also filed complaints with the Texas Department of Insurance, the State's Attorney General's Office and the State Department of Health Services. I am concerned that my account will be turned over to collections even though state law says otherwise. I want my account to be zeroed out. Thank you, Rick Archer [protected]

billing malpractice

lab billing

We have used Memorial Hermann Labs over the past 9 months. 4 out of 4 of our labs bills were misfiled. We gave ID and Insurance card at the time of service. However, MH failed to properly file the claim - mistakes include using the wrong patient name, billing the wrong insurance, wrong subscriber, wrong Id numbers... I have gotten 2 bills corrected - one even had to be resubmitted twice even though MH billing had all the correct information. I am still trying to get two of our bills properly processed - it has been 9 MONTHS!!! Still no results. After months of phone calls, of which in the later months I have escalated to dealing only with supervisors I am still not getting any results. I am told "It takes time. Accounts are pending adjustment." I began dealing with supervisors 3 months ago!! Customer service is so poor that I am not getting calls back from supervisors. My insurance has even conference called with MH billing and is stunned at why they can not get my claims properly filed.
My best advice is NEVER use Memorial Herman Labs. Their own supervisors even conceded to me that their billing is a mess.

I tried calling Memorial Herman main number today to file a formal grievance about billing. After speaking with 5 employees - all of which had no idea where to direct my call, I was forced to leave a message with an employee who may not even deal with this.

MH Labs are a prime example of an organization that is grossly incompetent and either does not care or does not have the ability to properly run their business.


  • St
    STLyons Feb 18, 2020

    I have a similar issue. I went in for an annual physical and they did a Vitamin D test that I did not request. Insurance won't pay it due to the diaganosis code.
    This is a $101 lab test, the most expensive one on the bill and it is not covered. If they run 50 people through that lab in a day with just one test that is not covered, they collect a full $5, 000 a day for tests that were not requested or unnecessary. It's not right. Very sick or older patients may not understand their bills or know that they can question it.
    I have spent 1 1/2 hours on phone calls where they promise to contact the doctor or the lab and call me back, but they do not. I got another email this morning saying that I need to pay my bill or it goes to collections. The billing department is giving me the run-around and sending me back to the person that I called in January. I will fill a complaint with Memorial Hermann Health Solutions 7737 SW Frwy C-97, Houston, TX 77074 Attn: Complaints and see if I get resolution.

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embezzlement by memorial hermann executives covered up

Would it surprise you to know that under CEO, Dan Wolterman's leadership over $1BIL was embezzled/stolen by Memorial Hermann executives, directors, employees and suppliers and only ONE such employee was prosecuted in 2015 for embezzling $10MIL, the rest walked away scott free with their ill-gotten gains.

According to one employee, they had no idea the theft was so rampant when they started investigating it in 2015 so they quickly covered it up! WHAT?

One executive purchased $10MIL in property with embezzled money from the hospital and they just let him retire with it intact in 2017. WHAT?

Memorial Hermann's supply chain employed a 3rd party consultant who used an alias, they'd paid him over $28MIL and he like the others was never prosecuted. It was just covered up at the highest levels within Memorial Hermann.

Memorial Hermann and its executives are untouchable, and you must ask yourself what state and federal agencies they are so well connected to that no one has investigated them for the deep level of theft within the hospital that went over for over two decades!

It's disgusting and they belong in prison like all other criminals for stealing taxpayer money!

They keep it off the news and out of the papers. How? Memorial Hermann's current and former executives and their attorneys need to be held accountable!

embezzlement by memorial hermann executives covered up
embezzlement by memorial hermann executives covered up

billing system

I live close by the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land and I have been going there for my routine check up since they open the hospital. There's no problem with the doctors and the billing...but ever since my doctor left and I got transfer to the new doctor and the nightmares begin. For the past 3 years, I have to struggle with the billing dept. Every year when I get my routine check up, and I ended up with bills and bills. Yes. I have insurance. but I also understand I portion I need to pay or didn't need to pay. I have contacted billing dept. about 2-3 times every month try to get resolved, they bill me for something I didn't do, or they've omit the mistakes and put the wrong coding. I keep receiving the same bill and email to ask me to pay. I contacted my insurance and they never receive any revised claim.
The billing dept. always gave me different excuses and ask me to call my medical record dept.??? As you can see, every year I go, there's problem every year. They just don't know how to do their jobs.

charity care/billing

August 26, 2019 Memorial Hermann Health Solutions, Inc. 7737 SW Freeway C-97 Houston, Texas 77074 Attn: Complaints Via: To Whom It May Concern: I was seen...

Memorial Hermann Katy — billing/customer service

Prior to my decision to have an MRI performed at MHH Katy in Aug 2018, the MHH Benefits Verification Department verified my benefits so I could decide whether I would have the...

test results

As of July 2, 2019 I was scheduled to do a PET SCAN this will rule any cancer in my body. The tests would be ready the following day. I have made several calls and voicemails to...

neglect/quick to judge/denied proper care by dr.

After waiting 5 plus hours n the er waiting room w immense pain & nausea I was eased by the amazing care of the er dr & nurse as well as a student nurse n the er room i was put n...

rude nurses emergency not being an emergency

I went to the hospital because I was having trouble breathing and I couldn't get it together they told me I had to wait in the er waiting lobby then when I got seen the doctor...

bill for ct scan I received in the er

Date of service 8/12/2018
Account # [protected]
I went to the ER with pain in my abdomen. It was a kidney Stone
I was give a CT Scan on the Pelvis/Abdomen W/O Con and was charged $6, 293.00
This is a very high out of pocket charge. I have researched and found that the normal ER CT scan is $1200-$2000.
I am asking you to please research this and adjust it to a more reasonable amount.
Preferably $1200.00
Thank you, Jesse

bill for ct scan I received in the er

  • SubSquirrel Jul 07, 2019

    Sounds like your health insurance is lousy. Did you call the ER billing department and ask why the bill is so high?

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August 2018 I received a call a day before my procedure and told that they contacted my insurance company and my part to pay would be $283 for a diagnostic mammogram.
I get a bill for 483 a couple of months later with a balance of 330 as I already paid 153 during visit.
I have tried numerous times to talk with corporate office and call the customer relations and no one can give me a straight answer why I was quoted 200$ less.
I called my insurance company and there is no call from Memorial Hermann on their record and nobody gave them that $283 amount
Now they send it to FMA Alliance ltd for collection?
You must be kidding. Straighten this out. I am only willing to pay $283. Also I need to have someone from corporate office call me

Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Center — dr. endy brooks alcanter

Simone and Marquis Jordan [protected] [protected] Marley R. Jordan - Patient D.O.B. 11/01/2018 Simone & Marquis Jordan - Parents [protected]-7503...

unnecessary surgeries

My mother, Ruby Baker was instructed and given an unnecessary surgery to put pins in her back and one month later instructed and given another surgery to remove the pins and undo the original surgery. I do not think it is fair and I do not think I should have to pay for two unnecessary surgeries.

My mother is 68 years old, living on a fixed income. She cannot financially afford unnecessary surgeries, nor can her body handle them.

medical bill

Hello, I was provided a service that was supposed to be covered by my insurance company back in March 2017. I have been going back and forth with you and my insurance company...

inadequate er care

I brought my daughter (3) into the ER on 3/10/19 at 3:45 am. She was sleeping next to me and I woke up when I touched her because she was burning up. She was not covered and had a tem of 104. She was perfectly fine when she had gone to sleep so the sudden spike in temperature worried me.
The nurse who triaged stated right off the bat that she probably has strep because it has been going around. I explained that my kids have had strep numerous times and (while i am not a doc/nurse) I can usually tell when they have it. She has showed no signs of strep and was only complaining of her neck and legs hurting. She kept insisting it was strep so I didnt say anything else.
Dr. David Turell was working that night and insisted on strep as well. I explained again that I was concerned about the high temp and the fact that her neck was hurting. She hadnt said anything about her throat hurting at all. He brushed off what I said and did a strep test. He stated that even if the test was negative he was going to assume it was strep anyways. He did no other tests. He stated that he treats a fever of 99 as he would a fever of 104, the number didnt matter.
While waiting on the results I could hear Dr. Turell speaking with a coworker about how kids have fevers and he was trying to explain to me that strep was going around and the number on the thermometer does not matter. Dr. Turell even told me that her symptoms were not consistent with strep.
The strep test was negative and he told us we could go. I explained that I was still concerned about my daughters temp and he said to follow up with her pediatrician.

I am not one to complain, but I felt as though it was dumb of me to bring my daughter in. Dr. Turrell and the nurse working made me feel like I should not be concerned about a 104 temp and a sore neck. While I am thankful that my daughter did not have anything serious, it very well could have been. I know someone who died from meningitis and, being a wife of an emt, I know that there are so many things out there that no one thinks can affect them, until they do. Dr. Turell did not listen to my concerns and I did not feel comfortable leaving the ER with only a strep test being completed. Especially when she showed no signs of having strep.

Thank you for your time.
Patient Name: Lily Murphy
Guardian: Tiffany Murphy
Visit: 03-10-19; 3:42
FIN NBR: [protected]

Emergency room

I arrived at the ER at Memorial Hermann on March 9, 2019 at 3:30 pm. I expressed that I was feeling extreme pain after getting hit by a car from behind at 35 mph and then being slamned into a vehicle im front of us. The ER made me and my sister wait for over an hour after treating older, white guests within minutes of their arrival. The receptionist told me that they determine who gets called when based on criticality but some of the people called before us had only simply fell or fallen. Despite me crying 3 times while waiting due to pain, my condition (legs, back, and head in extreme pain) wasn't as critical. After complaining multiple times, I overheard a nurse named Rachel say 'I don't give a crap' in response to me saying that I intended to conplain. I do believe that my race and gender were involved in tgat determination. I was seen by a nurse practitioner named Robin who felt my neck and before that I was taken into triage where my blood pressure and heart rate were taken-no real care. My contact info is [protected] and my nunber is [protected].


I had been seen a few weeks prior at Clearlake Regional for uti, this morning I started the symptoms of a uti with bad abdominal pain and both of my kidneys was in pain, I walked...

the service provided by the doctor

On Sunday January 06/2019 approx 5:20 am. I arrived to M H Pearland (E. R) location my c/c was pain in my ears, mostly the right! After waiting bout an 35 min I was escorted too a...

copd/ extreme pain

Monday Jan 1st.2019 I was brought to the trauma er at memorial herman for copd exasperation and extreme chest pain. This morning when the shift changed i was given dr.adam...

Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital — bed bug bites while in hospital

I was admitted on 9/26 and was there for 6 days. I was very sick with bacterial pneumonia. The Dr. care was good. The re was only 1 nurse that I had that I felt cared about my...

incorrect diagnonsis

My name is Therrol Sanders. My phone number is [protected]. My email is [protected] I brought my daughter, Tierra Elene Mouton ([protected]) to the ER at Memorial Hermann Katy Friday 9/28/18 around 8:00pm for vomiting and stomach pain. She was seen by Dr. Kenneth Chang. Dr. Chang advised me that my daughter had a UTI and prescribed her the antibiotic Cephalexin and Ondansetron. I started giving her the antibiotic Cephalexin 9/29/18. On 9/30 and 10/1 my daughter had extreme diarrhea. I took her to Texas Children's hospital 10/1 and was advised by a doctor there that my daughter never had a UTI. They did a urine sample and there was no trace of an infection. The doctor advised me that my daughter initially must have only had a stomach virus and by Dr. Chang prescribing her antibiotics when she did not have a UTI it caused her to become sick with diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. I immediately stopped the antibiotics 10/1 once the Texas Children's doctor advised me to. I was advised by a Texas Children's Doctor that the lining on my daughter's intestines were thinning because of the diarrhea caused by the antibiotic. I now have to give my child Culturrelle Kids tablets to build her intestine lining as advised by the Texas children's doctor. Dr. Chang caused my child pain, suffering, 2 missed days of school, I also missed 2 days of work because Dr. Chang misdiagnosed my daughter. I also spent money on the medications prescribed by Dr. Chang and I will receive a bill from Memorial Hermann Katy for the ER visit. If I would have continued giving my daughter the antibiotics 3 times a day for 5 days as advised by Dr. Chang, my child could have died from the extreme diarrhea. I want and expect this situation to be rectified and investigated.

illegal behavior and sexual assault

Memorial hermann administration
Memorial hermann prison system southwest location

I was an inmate at your prison facility, on 09/08/18, and 09/09/18. I was on the 9th floor, orthopedic area.

During my incarceration there, I was regularly subjected to the following, by your vicious, sadistic prison guards, whom you have cleverly disguised as medical staff.

Forcible detainment

False imprisonment

Subjectgation by forcible use of contraindicated narcotic drugs

Denial of all human and civil rights

Deprivation of basic human needs, food and water

Neglect and indifference by your guards, who were obviously recruited from the ranks of former prison guards at abu graib prison on guantanemo bay, cuba.

Brutal sexual assault by the same prison guards.

Physical force and harrassment

Verbal threats and intimidation

Taunts and bullying

Deliberate falsification of inmate records

I had never been an inmate in your prison facility before this time. I was unaware that your prison facility provided these extra services as a convenience to the inmates.

I will be sure to tell all of my friends and enemies about the widespread abuse and corruption that pervades your institution.

This place would be a nice vacation compared to the state penitentiary. You should advertise your services to the texas dept of criminal justice.

I am sure that they would be delighted to move some of their inmates to your facility for discipline and rehabilitation.

terrible customer service

U have a lobby full of people and u have nurses and other staff speaking on other people s lives this place needs people that care about lives if u wanna talk to me I will give my...

dr rita ruiz

I had an emergency procedure done back on May 18, 2018. One of the doctors by the name of Rita Ruiz from memorial Hermann NE in Humbles has been calling and harassing me about a check. She called repeatedly on Saturday and even popped up at my home at about 930 am on Saturday 09/15 demanding a check. I am also filing a police report because I have never had a Dr come to my home demanding a check. I also had guest at my home for my daughters birthday party and she discussed this issue in front of all of my guest. This is not only demeaning and embarrassing but it is also a HIPPA violation. My name is Shelicia Goodman [protected] dob 3/24/87

nurses physically and verbally abuse patients

Nurse Karima, at the S/W location, ortho floor, should NOT be in healthcare. She should instead pursue her true calling of Prison Guard at Abu Graib Prison in Guatanemo Bay Cuba. She is a vicious sadist who enjoys torturing and verbally and physically abusing helpless patients. She smiles and laughs while doing this.
She kept me in False Imprisonment and physically assaulted me while also keeping me drugged with opiates.
I was admitted to the ER on 09/08/18 for a hip dislocation. After resolving this problem, I was then transferred to the ortho area under her care. When I woke up, I tried to get out of bed. She came running in and YELLED at me NOT to get out of bed. I was completely unaware of any issues.
When I said that I wanted to leave, and I would just get a cab to go home, she and another nurse, confiscated all of my personal belongings, cell phone, keys, money, and my clothes.
No one ever came to talk to me about my situation. No one ever told me that I was a fall risk and should not try to get out of bed. During that day and the next, I was NEVER given any WATER. I was only given one meal to eat that Sat morning, 09/08/18. I was never given any food or water at any other time, for 2 days.
I was constantly YELLED at whenever I moved. NO one ever helped me try to use the call button. I could not find it. I was NEVER told why I was being kept prisoner or why I could not get up. No one ever helped me adjust the bed. I could not figure out how to do this. I could not even find the bedside phone. I couldn't even watch TV. I did not know how to operate the controls, and no one would help me. Everyone just kept enjoying yelling at me and threatening me, with a vicious smile on their faces.
I was drugged with opiates, against my will. I could not understand what was happening to me, or why. Someone gave me a cup of coffee, but did not help adjust the bed so that I could sit up and drink it. I spilled it right away. Then she yelled at me "I TOLD YOU IT WAS HOT".
When I tried to get up, Karima came running in and said that if I kept trying to get up, she would put me in RESTRAINTS.
During Sat 09/08/18, she and another nurse, ran in the room, got ON TOP OF ME, AND H ELD ME DOWN AND FORICBLY INSERTED A CATHETER. This is ASSAULT. AT NO TIME DID I EVER CONSENT TO THIS.
When I was finally discharged from the HELL HOLE, referred as MemorialHerrman Hospital, she laughed at me and said that I needed to fix my hair, and that she would miss me. I am sure that she will, but she will get pleasure from torturing the next helpless patient.

medical records

I've attempted on three separate occasions to obtain my brother medical record. My brother passed away on June 29, 2018, at Memorial Hermann hospital and I'm the next of kin, which I've submitted the required documents. I called and thought they provided me all the requirement information to obtain the records. Well, I received a letter stating a testamentary/next of kin is required I resubmitted the document s and they indicated it will be another fifteen business days. Fast forward, I called the department on Friday, August 31st and wanted to follow-up to ensure everything was in good order. The agent stated we received the email document and everything is good. I arrive home and checked my mail and a letter from Memorial Hermann to inform me my brother wasn't seen at the Sugarland location. when I called the agent could've informed me of this error and I would've resubmitted. I resubmitted on Tuesday, September 4th, and called today at 1:30pm. I informed the agent and provided her some background and I could hear her laughing in the background and when I ask to speak with a manager she told me there was not one available in the office. I've been a manager for over twenty-five years and I would never let any of my employees treat a patient/customer the way your company has treated me. I work for a call center for twenty years and this is the worst service I've ever received. I've attempted to call and speak with a manager but have been given the run-around. I expect someone to call me concerning this matter.

changed my estimate due after test performed

618514 My husband and I have both spoken to many people in the Memorial Herman billing department with great efforts trying to get this issue resolved. Including a managers, Jennifer and...

defamation information on emergency room visit report by a nurse practitioner

MRN: [protected], FIN: [protected] - On April 21, 2017 I hit my head on the monkey bars while taking care of young children at the school I was working. I am providing pictures of the monkey bars. I was sitting on a seat and saw children arguing and got up fast and hit my head hard (saw stars) on the monkey bars. Because my head was hurting so bad and so much pressure on my left side of the head I went to the Emergency Room on April 23, 2017. On the Emergency Dept Clinical Summary there is no mention of dependency of drugs, however Rocardo Rojas NP put in his Emergency Department Provider Documentation he states under Medical Decision Making : "Headache exacerbation, narcotic use and dependency"

He further states : "Presence of any of the above findings indicates a need for ct head". He also has an underlined paragraph with that that suggests he is concerned for "narcotic abuse". This information is completely false and has caused problems when this report was reviewed by Worker's Compensation. I have nor will I ever have a narcotic use and dependency. I can have family and friends attest to this.

I live 5 minutes from the hospital and couldn't find anyone to take me to the ER, so I drove very slowing to the ER. I came in because I hit my head, told them it was a worker's compensation claim even though they didn't mark it that way, told them of a history of migraines. I also gave them a list of medications which shows AS NEEDED prescriptions. From this he assumed I had a drug problem.

I did not receive this documentation until I requested everything that was sent to a doctor for a Medical Peer Review.

I need to visit with someone as well as Ricardo Rojas NP to rectify this inaccurate report as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Barbara Freilich

defamation information on emergency room visit report by a nurse practitioner
defamation information on emergency room visit report by a nurse practitioner
defamation information on emergency room visit report by a nurse practitioner
defamation information on emergency room visit report by a nurse practitioner

Memorial Hermantrauma nurse discussing my status with my nurse from new room

I was in trauma room 8, at 830pm-1230am on Sunday June 3rd 2018, at Memorial Herman SW: I was admitted for seizures because I was in a rehabilitation facility detoxing from
Narcotics: I had nine seizures in five hours before I was admitted: I was very open and clear about my substance issues: I was being transferred more monitoring over night, and the nurse called my future nurse and very loudly, in front of other patients in the trauma room, and announced my seizures were fake and I'm just a drug addict and don't listen to anything I say, she also said she had meds she was told to give me, but she didn't want to. I'm embarrassed, I feel
HIPPA laws were not followed, as my full first and last name were spoken loudly, as well as my condition; and her personal belief that recovering addicts don't deserve any respect. I'm
Mortified, embarrassed, and would leave in a heartbeat if it weren't AMA.


I received a bill in April 2018 remaining balance of 217.49, I made a 50.00 payment May 1, 2018 which should of drop my balance to 167.49 a few days later I received a bill stating I now owe 310.00 when I phone billing they only stated the bill was wrong, really couldn't give a explanation. I advise I just made a 50.00 payment and was told my balance is 260.00, ( what ever accepted the additional owed). When I went to make my June payment it shows my payment from last month but stated I still owe 310.00, after I made my payment for June I should only owe 210.00. when you look at my bill for April 2018 and May 2018 every thing is the same except what my balance is. If this isn't corrected I will stop paying. Their billing practices are disgraceful, even their own employees can't explain the difference. Correct my account to show I owe only 210.00 and I will pay it on the 1st of every month . I refuse to speak to anybody in the billing department they have no clue or what their doing. Thank You Deborah Durand hospital stay 08-05-2017 to 08-07-2017 Home number [protected] email [protected] account number [protected] I have invoices but not computer literate, I can fax if needed.

collections department

Sharmaine Pinnekins
11626 Glenwolde dr
Houston, Texas 77099

Reg: Memorial Hermann Health System
Price Water Corp (pwc)- RESQ
909 Frostwood suite 300
Houston, Texas 77099

I was harassed, intimidated, pressured, and punished at work from Memorial Hermann system and Pwc RESQ system they're making me feel less Important of a person and undervalued as an employee.
Before Memorial Hermann hired PWc Price Water Consultants in April 2017.
I worked Texan plus accounts making over 75, 150 counts a day then to Aetna, Mhealth accounts and some miscellaneous accounts at times for 13yrs. I was making 35+ accounts a day. That was required. We worked four tens off on Fridays. They pwc took away our Fridays.

Price Water Consultants had a meeting with us regarding how to use their software RESQ. That took effect on July 1, 2017. RESQ is a controlled tracking device that Memorial Hermann hired PWC to put on our financial system to run. They added a second monitor to our desk which caused me to go to my eye doctor for new prescription. My eyes was getting worse started having headaches and shoulder tightness. We started using RESQ as a trial on April 11, 2017 to see how it was gonna help to better the company and to make more money, pwc said it was going to be better for all of us. We was told they're not gonna grade us or have points taken from us until they tell us it's time. We were told they was recording our scores May 15, 2017.

Our departments was moved around to different payers. I was still under Chuck working only miscellaneous accounts now. I had to stay on hold at times more then 30 to 45 min before speaking to someone per call. Now I'm stuck with accounts I had to hold long time with and not getting anywhere, my numbers stayed very low. I told my coworker Angela m. I feel like I'm gonna be set up for failure now. She'd say just pray. When I asked manager Chuck and director Minerva why I didn't have website accounts? Like I used to? "they'd said those were accounts I never got the chance to work that was in my que".

Now that we have a bucket it will be how they control what accounts to put in the bucket for us to work now. And I need to work those. Knowing they were problem accounts. Still I asked for help to get my numbers. They knew the hold time was very long, and other that had them complained as well. I wasn't getting anywhere like that. I was getting more and more stressed out and depressed,
but I continue to do the work as I'm pressured that I need to bring up my numbers of accounts. I continued to do the best as I can. Memorial Hermann and PWC knows what accounts to give us now that they have control over our system and how they'd give us our work. Before we could pick our accounts without RESQ.

On May 12, 2017 as we were having a pod open floor meeting and as everybody sat down I was standing waiting for it to start with my head looking downwards. And all of a sudden I get called out by manager Chuck Guillotte yelling out loud at me and ordering me to look at him twice real loud, not knowing why he's yelling at me. I'm not doing anything at all. I looked at him with a surprising look because he never called me out before. He said out loud that I don't look happy negative people don't last long around here, positive people do, he said you need to smile more. He said I'm not smiling enough to keep my job? And those that don't, don't last long at memorial Herman? I felt Intimated and threaten that I was gonna lose my job because I wasn't smiling or looking happy enough? Wow! What does my facial look has to do with him on how I'm feeling? I felt belittled in front of everyone, my coworkers looked in shocked. I have never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in my life, he never did it before. A coworker named Myeeka herd him yelling at me from the next pod and address me. She said "He should not be calling you out about your attitude or telling you you may be fired in front of everyone" He did that to me right before I moved in a meeting and I reported it to HR and they told me he shouldn't do that either and asked me if I wanted to report it. I spared him bc I was leaving anyways but you need to report him bc you didnt hv an attitude at all". I was afraid to report it because I didn't want to lose my job. So I just stayed working. I did call HR later. I was told to just talk to him to see why he did it. Said they will keep it on file, my coworker Angela m wanted to tell him how she felt about it, but I didn't want her to get in trouble. When I addressed it in front of him to the director Minvera Antu, he denied it.

Chuck Guillotte would call himself a COONASS proudly. He would mention it proudly anytime. Because he's from Louisiana.. I'd asked if he was mixed he'd say no but he's a proud COONASS.

Then I get a verbal on May 26 2017 that my numbers are low, but my quality was excellent. And pressured that I need to pick it up. I told him I couldn't get my numbers up like everyone who had internet accounts and making their numbers. I kept complaining because I wasn't.. and I need help!! I kept getting depressed. I don't want to fail.

A male coworker was way below on his accounts way under me on both of his productivity and quality for several months and he's still working there?

Still I complained to manager Chuck Guillotte, and director Minerva Antu that I don't have any website accounts like I used to and I can't get my numbers and I'm stuck on hold for sooo long and it's very very very depressing and stressful to try and make my numbers if I don't have anything to help me achieve my numbers. They started giving me website accounts to work like Community health care and Molina accounts and no one said or put in writing that we can only work 5 of the similar accounts per day to help get our numbers up. When I found an easy way to reach my numbers at the time it was 35 accounts, I did 16 straight by website as I stayed on phone call holding i was able to get my numbers up quicker.

MHHS took my accounts away from me June 5 2017 saying I was abusing the accounts and working them to fast? We can only work 5 similars a day? I never seen anything in writing that I couldn't used them to get my numbers and I was reaching my goal. Most of the other workers still used the similar accounts to get their numbers. I felt as if I was being retaliated on for trying to get my numbers up.

Now I'm stuck again and could only work one at a time!, before I could move around while being on hold. I was stuck again not making my numbers. Stressed out.

A coworker said she told Chuck and price water, if they take hers she's gonna twiddled her thumb and not get hers and they never took hers accounts and she worked all the similar accounts and no write ups? Never..

On June 19, 2017 Mhhs/PWC gave the accounts back to me saying I'm off of punishment now and I can work as many as I want now? after I had several write ups to terminate my job because I had low worked accounts with good follow up on productivity. When I was given the accounts back, I could work the websites I was able to give more.

Then they would start picking and digging in your accounts to see how they can lower your scores so you can't make the percentage you need to continue to work there. They'd ding me for rushing trying to get my numbers and I missed two things to put on one of the notes and they dropped my scores from 100 to 82?

I got so stressed and depressed from work. I left out on FMLA from June 29 2017 August 2 2017. When I returned to work to get the written warning letter because I couldn't make my numbers for 6/5-6/30. I told them after taking my work from me that I couldn't get it working one at a time. They would ding points off your percentage if you missed something and it causes your scores to drop very low. Is another way for punish me/us.

August 23 2017 I received a final notice because I got 80% on quantity. Said I need 98%. I left for vacation for four days to Vegas on August 27 and we got stuck from storm Harvey.

I did better in September because I can work more accounts per website but still get dinged at times.

On October 5, 2017 I left out on FMLA for surgery. Came back October 23, 2017 again I was up with my numbers until I got stuck with one account got dinged and it dropped my scores for the weeks in November 27, 2017 I had 96%.

On 11/30/17 manager Chuck Guillotte sends me an email to say I'm doing a good job keep up the good work??

I was let go of my job of 14yrs on December 5, 2017 all over 2% to make 98%??? I was crushed because I was giving them all of my hard work, time and devotion and they set me up to fail me.

All because of a percentage? I'm a person not a percentage. I worked very hard for Memorial Herman to resolve these accounts and it takes time to make real good progress and the money came in. This is the thanks I get? Wow? What does a percentage have to do with collecting money?

But the new Productivity/Quality standards officially became effective
July 1, 2017?

What was I terminated for?
Everything below has happen to me and needs be addressed. I want a significant compensation for all that has happened to me.

I was intimidated and made it me feel less Important and undervalued.
* giving me pointless accounts that I had to hold on to calls for forever and to try and get someone to assist me got worst. I'll get dinged for not trying to wait and losing percentage to drop my scores more.
* giving me impossible jobs that can't be done in the given time or with the resources provided  
* deliberately changing your work hours or schedule to make it difficult for me. 
* deliberately holding back information you need for getting your work done properly. Taking away my work so that I can't get my numbers. Putting me on punishment.
* I started being less active and unsuccessful because of all the pressure and stress to hold on to 2%?? I could see if I failed at 5%, 8% 10% like some people are and still working?
* I became less confident in my work 
* I felt scared, stressed, anxious and depressed
* I wanted to stay away from work because of all of the stress, pressure put upon me.
* I started feeling a lack of confidence and unhappy about myself and my work 
* I have physical signs of stress like headaches, backaches, and sleep problems.


Sharmaine Pinnekins


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Dr. Leung has refused to treat me, refused to consult with another doctor and refused to talk to me or my daughter. I had surgery on my right leg Tuesday afternoon for a broken femur. I developed blisters on my back which she looked at, when my daughter asked her to, on Wednesday afternoon. She looked at my daughter and told her she didn't know wha5 it was, asked my daughter what she thought it was and how did she think it should be treated. Dr. Leung said she would order some cream to put on it. She did NOT order anything and she would not answer any of her pages. Thursday she had another nurse from another department come look at my back. By that time the blisters had popped and there was no skin on them. She told me her recommendation was to consult with a Dermatologist. Dr. Leung refused to consult with a Dermatologist even after my daughter begged to have one brought in and said she would pay them cash. Again, Dr. Leung refused. She also refused to talk to me or my daughter. Dr. Leung ordered a different cream for my left front side. Tgere is nothing on my left front side. Everything is on my RIGHT side. My daughter has spoken to everyone she can think of at the hospital and has gotten the same answer, Dr. Leung says it's being handled. Yesterday afternoon when she came in she told us the blisters had to be treated as outpatient. We both asked how I was supposed to do that since I was confined to a bed in the hospital. She told us she had discharged me. And I still had a drain in my incision. How does one doctor have so much authority that it gets to the point of abuse and neglect?

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