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Memorial Hermann Health System - Open lesion filled with bacteria on lower leg

I am filing this complaint on behalf of my brother who is a patient with this facility for 9 months. My brother has been going to this facility since last may (2021) and he is still in horrible pain...

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Memorial Hermann Health System - Delay in Service upon Death

My mother broke her tibia and was taken to the hospital emergency area. Due to the hospital not having any beds available, my mother was put on a bed and rolled out in a hallway where the staff attempted to cast her leg. It was a traumatizing experience for me to hear her scream in agony with everyone around frowning at what was happening to this elderly woman in public. They tried to perform this procedure without giving her anything to calm her nerves or help with the pain. After this didn't work, they finally decided to put her under to do the procedure.
When she returned home and developed a problem swallowing, I called her doctor. The doctor ordered a swallowing test for my mother. Days went by before I received a call from the lab technician informing me that the test required a person to be able to stand while test was being performed. Since my mother could not stand due to her broken leg, he suggested that I contact the doctor to order another type of test. I immediately called the doctor and several more days went by
before I received a call back. When the doctor did return the call, they told me that in order to see what was going on with my mother, the swallowing test was needed. The doctor informed me that they would get back with me soon on the next step. After I didn't hear back from the doctor in two days, I began to call several times aday in distress trying to get help. After four more days of no response from the doctor, my mother died.
Im very disturbed by the lack of attention given by the doctor to help my mother or at least tell me the truth of the matter at hand.

Memorial Hermann Health System - Sugar land emergency room

My wife and I are at the sugar land location at the emergency room my wife is 9 weeks pregnant she is bleeding and contractions and no one trying to help her we been sitting here for almost 2hours with no help its an emergency and the staff is helping other people that doesnt looked as bad as my wife even noticed that other people who came after us were called first. Im sending this mail expecting someone could help us


Memorial Hermann Health System - Service

I was admitted on Aug. 21 and discharged on Aug. 26 to IMCU for two days. I was in the hospital for five days and it was the most terrifying I ever in encountered. I am ICU nurse for 17 years never received or/and gave. I don't have a lot space, but you will hard copy that depicts my ordeal. The main issues were using my personal information at the nurses' station
and at a private residence and she called some of the creditors

Memorial Hermann Health System - Patient

My brother Eric Evans is currently in Memorial Hermann hospital in the medical center. He passed out at home and they found he has 10% heart function and blockage. The doctors are stating he's medically cleared but they never did a procedure on him to clear up his medical condition. If they release him this constitutes abandonment of the patient.

Patient abandonment is a form of medical malpractice that occurs when a physician terminates the doctor-patient relationship without reasonable notice or a reasonable excuse and fails to provide the patient with an opportunity to find a qualified replacement care provider since he only has 10% heart function and blockage. If they send him home he will die without this procedure. The cardiology department wanted to do the procedure and Dr. Ratcliff said they no longer will do the procedure.

My family needs help and getting treatment for our brother.


Desired outcome: find a qualified replacement care provider

Nov 12, 2021

Memorial Hermann Health System - Improper coding level of patient

Boyfriend was brought in by his job after a fall resulting in a knee injury. They had no urgency for his pain level and refused to even give him a Tylenol for his pain and swelling while we waited for hours. Other patients who were at least able to walk were brought in before him. Terrible inefficient ER. We were better off going to an urgent care.

Memorial Hermann Health System - ER

Nurse Anda said she was off to get a bedpan for me to use and then didn't grab one for 30 minutes. I ended up peeing myself.

She then waited till right as the ultrasound tech got there to give me all the meds ordered hours ago.

We got to the ultrasound ok. Not too much trouble. I was just a little dizzy by that point.

I got back to my room and I had an ecg. I was kind of twitchy but he said it looked fine.

Apparently after that I had had a seizure and no one has thought to keep an eye on me sense. I don't remember the removal of my "diaper" which I was borrowing cause I peed my pants I also don't remember the removal of my bra.

At this point I am afraid of staff. What are they going to do with they drug me? What other medical procedures have I had done without my knowledge. I don't even know where I am.

Desired outcome: Reprimand

Memorial Hermann Health System - mom died after doctor used treatment that had clear problems and lied

My mom was treated in Herman Memorial Woodlands for Covid Dr used remdesivir which has proven Cardiac and Renal failures. We asked for IVERMECTIN to be used and the Dr flat out lied stating he would lose his license if he used that treatment. My mom died horribly of cardiac and renal failure due to these barbaric treatments.. They had a tube shoved down her throat and she was put on dialysis .. She didn't even look like the same woman when they were done with her. My family and I will not be going to any of these hospitals anymore as long as these Drs continue to play god and deny patients life-saving treatments.


Memorial Hermann Health System - Healthcare & hospital care

Incompetence at his finest. From top to bottom. From needing water to changing meds they are absent in body and mind. Food trays stay in rooms 8 hrs. Zero contact or communication with family members.
Sent my husband home with a hole in his leg. Promised home health would come. Never showed up. Nothing in the system. No orders after I was promised he would not be discharged without help. Emergency # is bs. No one calls. Discharge papers no contact name for home health. Get the number home health doesn't even have paperwork. So my husband goes to the emergency room 7 hrs no one helps him so he returns home to try and be a medical profession and pull the gauze out of his leg clean and repack it. He is the patient and sick. It's a sin and a shame anyone at this place calls themselves humans or empathize with sick people.
Did I mention they shut your door so they don't have to look or hear you.
If you hate your job and people this much QUIT. Abusing and bullying patients is crime. Your boss might not fire you but god doesn't sleep.
All lives matter. Unless you go to Herman Memorial…disgusting place, disgusting people, disgusting services. Nothing professional related to Herman Memorial Downtown.

Memorial Hermann Health System - Patient Theft at MH The Woodlands

My step-son, Michael Azar is a paraplegic patient in room E-462. On November 7th between 4-6 AM his IPhone 12 was stolen from his room. These are not visiting hours! Memorial Hermann Security tried to pass this off and forget about it. However, my son called the Montgomery County Sherriff's Department and a Shenandoah office CJ Duenas was sent in to take the report.

We were able to use the Find-My-Phone function and tracked the phone going down I-45 S to I-610 W and coming to a stop at 3703 Brookfield Dr, Houston, TX. 77045. We have time stamped screen shots of this tracking effort. The 2 people who live at this residence are Julia Hernandez and Dora Orellana.

We would like for MH to determine if these are employees or contractors for the hospital and take action to get the phone back or make restitution for the phone. Hospital security did state they had video of 2 women going into and out of my son's room that morning.

This is unconscionable that hospital staff would do such a thing from any patient, much worse that his patient was paralyzed and could do nothing about this theft. This is an $900 IPhone and we expect to get restitution and criminal charges against those women who stole the phone.

Shenandoah Case# Z1M010164 10/7/21

We have submitted our information to Shenandoah Police and we expect the hospital's full cooperation in resolving this matter and the person who stole my son's phone being charged.

Patrick Farrell

Michael Azar

Desired outcome: Restitution for Stolen IPhone and Criminal Charges for the women involved

Oct 08, 2021

Memorial Hermann Health System - Wound care doctor lacks bed side manners. Wasn't interested in healing my wound.

The wound care Doctor was inexperienced. Was looking for a way to find the most expensive way of treating me. Wasn;t really interested in healing me. I was a money making enterprise to them. I have given instructions to my friends that under no circumstance should I be admited to Mermorial Herman hospital if I am in an emergency situation and I can;t respond to emergency services. I have also switched to another hospital to handle my wound care. I have to drive 30 minutes further, it is worth it.

Desired outcome: Improve how you treat patients


Memorial Hermann Health System - Patient treatment

I'm writing this complaint because the nurse that was suppose to help us didn't. My mother in law came in to have a biopsy done today actually this would be the 3 time trying to get it done, yes you read correctly 3rd time. 1st time the reason given that it could not be preformed because her blood pressure was too high, my mother on law is 74 a diabetic and has alzheimers. She was scheduled for 8 am they didn't even attempt to do it until close to 12. She had not eaten and was in pre-op by herself for about 4 hours she was nervous hungry and scared not being able to recognize anyone. What do you expect. Last week she was suppose to get it done on Friday they sent her foe a covid screening at Hermann Memorial Urgent care Clear Lake and supposedly they didn't receive the results in time to get her started Friday which they decided to do a rapid swap here at the hospital and it came back positive however a few hours later her original test from the urgent care came in and it was negative! She I knew was was not positive because we are extremely cautious and she goes no where so that we don't expose her. Now we are here today the nurse is extremely rude I explain that my mother in law has alzheimers and that she get very nervous and scared when she doesn't recognize who or where she is at and the nurse said we make no exceptions. She didn't even want to hear me out. I use to believe that Hermann Memorial was a great hospital not so much anymore with the experiences we've had. Something has to be done so these nurses that are supposed to be compassionate actually show it and not just think that they are. Please let me know what can be done about this. I was told that we would be out by 12 and now I'm being told that now it will be 3pm. Really.

Memorial Hermann Health System - Unnecessary appointments required for Rx refills

I know any Dr. can demand anything from patients without explanation. I have seen Urologist Dr. Kwatra for urinary incontinence. He prescribed Myrbetrig to help my problem. This is a routine maintenance medication. I feel that an office visit before a refill can be issued is slightly less than extortion. Of course I rarely see the Dr. His RPH Natasha Bing seems to run all procedures, prescriptions, and refills. I guess she is his firewall between himself and patients.

Philip Timpa

Desired outcome: Response

Memorial Hermann Health System - Billing department practices

Following my surgery the Hospital offered a payment plan to handle the balance of what I owed. The payments were taken out for two months and then I received a collection call saying I had not...

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Memorial Hermann Health System - ER - Misdiagnosis

My son was admitted to the ER early Monday morning (8/9/2021) with stomach pain so bad that he was unable to walk upright. After several hours and a CT scan that "showed nothing", he was discharged...

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Memorial Hermann Health System - Billing and insurance departments

Visited The Woodlands hospital ER with a work related injury. Before I could get them the correct workers comp insurance information, they billed my private insurance and are insisting I pay the...

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Memorial Hermann Health System - Received terrible service on 3 floor 7/12/21

Arrived on 3 floor @10 am my room had at least 3 different nurses no one could do anything. My bed didn't work response give me a minute, i asked for a pillow response give me a minute, i asked to speak with someone in charge response they were in charge what did i need ? On one as of yet has responded @11 am nor did i get help with the issues i had nurses were very rude . To the point that i felt they were treating me with racism.

Desired outcome: To speak with someone in charge

Jul 07, 2021

Memorial Hermann Health System - Service

I was at memorial Hermann Urgent Care Town & Country today, went there at 9 and I was the second patient with continuous bleeding on face . They took 40 minutes just to see me and after going through the treatment bleeding become
Now it's 3.30 came to memorial clinic at work .

Why do I have to fill so much paper work when my details are in system?
Every is focused on getting insurance approval and deductible, pain or issue of patients should be an priority?
My issue is not resolved came to second location again wait when there are no patients?
What is the waiting for?

Memorial Hermann Health System - Painful & bruise

I am writing to complaint my experience by the physical therapy from Memorial Hermann Home Care at the North Houston office location (920 Frostwood Dr.). The expertise and professionalism are highly...

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Memorial Hermann Health System - Billing

I have been receiving bills from a surgery I had back in Nov of 2020 for months. I paid the balance in Jan of 2021 yet continue to receive bills. I have been calling and submitting my receipts and I get transferred from one person to the next with no one being able to resolve my issue or figure out where my payments were applied. To make matters worse, I am still receiving bills and now I am getting bills from a Memorial Hermann facility that I have never been to. Not one person knows why. I also need an itemized receipt for my payments so I can be reimbursed, but that can't be provided since nobody knows where my payments were applied. I did finally speak to someone last Thurs, but when I sent her a follow up email today, I could tell she was frustrated in her response to me & told me I need to bear with her while she investigates. Had she responded last week and said that, I would not need to follow up. My emails in the past went into a black hole, so yes, I have to follow up when I receive no response. Extremely unprofessional and I have been "bearing" with this for months, so I am beyond frustrated! This is absolutely insane and my only option now is to engage an attorney and contact the local news in hopes they can assist in getting this resolved. I am extremely disappointed in the service from Memorial Hermann.

Desired outcome: Clear my account and send me a receipt for payment

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