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I’m just here to say it is a real female in Atlanta ga for you men that are looking to have fun. And not too get ripped off please call me or text I do answer my phone and it not. A fake number my number been the same for years. Eight. One. Three. Four. Four. Seven. Five. Zero. Three. Five. I’m an independent escort work alone no drama private residence and I do in car and our car please give me a call or a text. I do ask for a small verification which is a picture so I know who I am coming to see and a person that I am seeing when I get there is the person that sent me the picture so it’s nothing crazy or anything like that. I just need to make sure that I am safe please give me a call is so crazy I had to take these standards but it’s so many fake as you guys don’t know which is which so I’m putting myself out here to let you know that it is some good looking girls that are positive and respectful of your guys decision on looking forward to having services with a Female on mega personals are Lis crawlers are at any other website I mostly on Lis crawlers and mega personals I try not to go too far because I don’t want my pictures to taken. I have found my pictures taken, and Detroit, Mississippi, Las Vegas, Texas, Iowa I’ve had friends tell me a lot, so I definitely understand. I don’t have an only fans I don’t have any of that for the reasons of my pictures in my videos being stolen and me and getting ripped off I am not a thief. I am not a scammer, and I feel like that goes against everything and I’m the type of person that loves money so I can’t go against my earnings of living. Please give me a call and I hope this help a lot of people out if you’re in Atlanta Georgia or decide to come to Atlanta Georgia please give me a call text me and I will make sure that I will pick up text you back or text you to call me

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