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Hi, I was charged the following charges without my authorization,

Transaction Type: Debit without PIN
Account: WAMU FREE CHECKING(TM) - 1322
Transfer from:
Transfer to:
Posting Date: 09/02/2008
Amount: $10.00
Check Number:
Confirmation Number: 1080-902D-0MDG-7ZN4-F1


Transaction Type: Debit without PIN
Account: WAMU FREE CHECKING(TM) - 1322
Transfer from:
Transfer to:
Posting Date: 09/02/2008
Amount: $17.99
Check Number:
Confirmation Number: 1080-902D-0MDG-VPKI-7R


Jose Urbina


  • Ma
    mark chestnut Oct 23, 2008

    I was charged on 3 x at 12.48 each and 1 x 10.00 to my checking account. All done today 10/23. I have notified my back and notified SKYPE. Scary stuff seeing that I have never purchased anything from SKYPE. Nor do I show any transaction through my PAYPAL acct. How did they get my bank info?

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  • Hh
    H. Huynh Dec 04, 2008

    On Dec 04, 2008. was unauthorized to charge on my Capital One Card for twice, 2 times of $12.99. I am disputing the charge.

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  • Sk
    skype25001 Jan 30, 2009

    I was charged on jan-12- 09 for Internet for $9.95 and on jan -14- 09 for the amount of $10.00 was unauthorized charge on my credit card. I'm disputing the charge.

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  • Ft
    FTH504 Apr 16, 2009

    I have been charged several times by, unfortunately I have fallen in $300 worth of overdraft fees due to silly fraudulent payments done to skype.

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  • Do
    DontFraudMe May 30, 2009

    I was also charged by SKYPE without authorization. They said they have no record of the transaction...

    Thank you for contacting Skype Support.

    We understand that you want to have a Skype order refunded.

    According to our logs, there is no purchases associated with the
    username [USERNAME].

    In order to protect you and ourselves from fraud, please provide us with
    the exact order number for the purchase you wish to have refunded.

    You can see all your orders from this webpage -

    We look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

    Aniko - Skype Support

    I emailed them back and they still havent responded

    My Bank account clearly states:
    DEBIT CARD PURCHASE AT WWW.SKYPE.COM, INTERNET, LU ON 051909 FROM CARD#: xxxxxxxxxxxx on May 26 (5/26/2009)

    About to dispute the charge with my bank.

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  • Li
    Linda Heady Aug 31, 2009

    On 7-17-09 I was charged 3 times at $10.00 ea. from SKYPE .COM Internet. I do not know what this is for & didn't authorize it. I would like a refund for these charges.

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  • Em
    EMelvin27 Sep 26, 2009

    My dad had two charges show up on 9/24/09 for internet lu in the amount of 10.00 each. He had never been to skype nor knew what it was. I have tried to contact them. This is unacceptable and something needs to be done.

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  • Gs
    gshiner Sep 26, 2009

    I decided I wanted to save money and downloaded Skype. I decided to get the unlimited calling anywhere plan for 12.95 per month.
    Gee, now I have to buy minutes. They don't tell you the truth up front. You find out as you go.
    Well, ok I thought and I had already ordered when I place my order for the service a head set for 12.95.
    I just got it in the mail. I opened the package to find that the cord is about 18" long!!!
    I couldn't believe it. My computer is on the floor just like most computers are. I would need to be on my hands and knees to use the head-set!!!
    I looked the web site and nowhere did I find it listed the distance of the cord.
    I even rearranged my computer and cords so I could place my computer on a chair. Well, guess what it still is too short.
    Twice my experience with this company has decieved me.
    the head set is not a headset at all it has two ear pieces that you have to place in your ear and they are big ear pieces. Unbeleivable.
    Cheap just doesn't describe the head set, I mean ear piece I think.
    So, I have already looked for a phone number to call them. There isn't one. You have to email them your issue.
    I am asking to be refunded for the head set and my paid month. wish me luck.

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  • Ma
    maiad_ Oct 10, 2009

    Transaction Type: Debit without PIN
    Account: WAMU FREE CHECKING(TM) - 2528
    Posting Date: 09/30/2009
    Amount: $10.00
    Confirmation Number: 1090-930D-0MDG-97BL-W2

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  • Ma
    maiad_ Oct 10, 2009

    Transaction Type: Debit without PIN
    Account: WAMU FREE CHECKING(TM) - 2528

    Posting Date: 09/30/2009
    Confirmation Number: 1090-930D-0MDG-12XY-XH
    Amount: $ 10.00


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  • Ap
    applesapples Jul 26, 2011

    Skype 'Unlimited' plans restrict your calls to only 50 numbers per day!!! Businesses beware! They will start charging you the regular rate as soon as you hit this number. When asked why this is so, here's what Skype Technician Lori Dee O. told me: 

    Lori Dee O.
    Skype Manager is to be able to manage the usage of your members and not to actually use the subscription for business purposes.

    Lori Dee O.
    I completely understand how you feel about this. However, this has been implemented to ensure that Skype subscriptions are for personal use only and not for shared use.

    It's none other than to trick and rip off unassuming business owners who believe the meaning of the word 'Unlimited', and who click on skype's 'Business' menu because they think that this means there's something here for Businesses.


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  • Wa
    Waynesboro After Dark Oct 21, 2011

    Because of an unspecified "technical glitch" my 12 month renewal fee was not applied properly to my online number and my phone service was cut off on September 21 in the middle of the busiest time for my seasonal ghost tour business. I was not notified in any way (except, of course that I continue to be billed, and to pay, for voicemail and call forwarding for the deactivated number)and I lost thousands of dollars worth of business when my customers couldn't reach me for a month. Once I was told about the problem (by a friend who was trying to make reservations and called my cell number), I got the number reactivated and the erroneous applied funds refunded, but got no satisfaction on my losses or explanation of why I wasn't notified. I am furious and will continue to post negative comments in every possible venue until something is done.

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  • Sh
    shariel Aug 22, 2013

    10th August: I discovered I could not enter my Skype account with my password. I found it strange and chatted with the Online Skype Agent. She verified my account and we both found out that my account was hacked by some Russians. She allowed me to change my password and gain access back into my account.

    11th August: I was concerned as I was receiving more and more Russian messages providing more information on Skype User IDs. I found it rather strange and I realized that this might be the hacking ring leader/group that are collecting others' information. So I went to chat again with the Online Skype Agent and gave the agent all the messages I got. She acknowledged it. And BLAMED ME that I had not secured my account hence the hacking.

    22nd August: Skype sent me an email to inform me my account was suspended and I will not issued any refund. I have a on-going phone plan with them, and they just charged into my credit card. I was beyond angry!!! Everytime I email them, they said I breached a policy called Paragraph 6.3 (c) -- "there has been unsolicited communications coming from your account."

    No one understands that these hackers have gotten into my account and done all the unsolicited communications and I have to pay for their fraud???

    I am the victim here. Skype refuses to issue any refund to me and terminated my account. Meaning, I am paying for a service I cannot use!!!

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  • Ru
    rudy78x Oct 11, 2013

    I have the same problem. My email address has been terminated (domain name sold for $$$ but not by me, so it's greed again). So i had to change to another email address. I decided to get my own I've changed most of my email login, adresses etc. However I didnt change the one of Skype. I rarely call using skype. Now i tried to login and i'd forgotten my login credentials. I've been asked to provide Skype with the most riducules questions: What where your last two calls? How in the world would anyone remember the last calls? If that was yesterday I most likely would remember but then I'd probably would remember my login details as well! But not 9 or 11 months ago.. This clearly are rules setup by people who have no clue about customer needs and service. Some people behind a desk thinking of some 'security' questions only the owner can answer.
    I've been in contact with customer service but as with most of those service departments you're just a number, and empty face. I explained them exactly what had happened and the fact that remembering phone conversations such a long time ago is impossible. The answer was everytime the same: We're so sorry. Please give answers to... (all the same questions again).
    How thick and desperate must you be in order to sit there and always answering customer complainst with the same answer?
    I've asked to give my balance to a charity, well you knwo what charity that is? SKYPE!
    I hate them and in all fairness they have not improved (in general VOIP hasnt improved) over the last 10-15 years, although technology has!

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  • Be
    BethanyV Jan 24, 2014

    I have had an Unlimited World subscription that I purchased in 2008 which included 3 Skype numbers, which I pay for quarterly. The current subscription only has one number attached, by my account still shows that 3 should be included with my plan. Back in May I noticed that 2 of my numbers had become deactivated. I contacted customer service, they said that they would give me vouchers for the 2 numbers and by the time I would have to renew in August the problem would be solved.

    It was not. I had to contact customer service again who informed me that they could not reattach the numbers or provide vouchers since I had already been given vouchers. I had to ask several times to speak with a supervisor who said she would upgrade the complaint. I had to wait several days for an email, but received vouchers and a promise that it would be fixed by the time I had to renew in November.

    It was not. For 2 months now the numbers have been inactive while they "work" on the issue. They promised me a 50E voucher over a month ago which I still have not received. I have had to spend over 20 hours in chat with customer service (I have logs to prove this) and I have been refused a supervisor (which is illegal). Now they have not given my vouchers, claiming their generator is broken. When I suggested they refund my purchases in the amount of 50E they did not respond.

    The numbers will be going back into the system in 25 days. I have had these numbers for 7 years and have missed calls over the holidays from my family, calls from my boss, and from the head of my graduate program due to their negligence. They are charging me for a service they are refusing to provide.

    I have asked them to deactivate a number I no longer use so I can reactivate one of the 2 numbers I do need, they referred me to a link that would require me to do the work myself and wait until the subscription ends, by which time I will lose my numbers.

    It seems that the company is trying to force those of us with old accounts who have not cancelled or violated our terms and conditions who have better plans cancel them or purchase other services which would cost twice as much for the same products I currently hold a subscription for.

    I do not believe a company as large as Skype, with the backing of a company like Microsoft who owns them, has not been able to solve a simple problem in 8 months, nor that they are incapable of providing refunds for products which are not working.

    I need to keep these numbers until I am done with my program in August, so simply letting the matter be is not a problem. I need them to come up with a solution to fulfil their end of the contract.

    1) I would like Skype to immediately detach the 619-822-2039 number from my account allowing me to reattach a number I actually need, 2) I would like Skype to immediately refund purchases in the amount of the 50E agreed upon by Martin S. on 12/27/2013 to my Skype credit, and 3) I would like a direct email address to someone in the team who knows about the case and has the authority to immediately respond with voucher codes or credit so I do not need to spend hours with the chat team and days waiting for emails each time I will need new vouchers to reactivate the numbers which are still detached. I will not, and should not have to, be doing through this every 3 months. I have a subscription promising unlimited world with 3 Skype numbers, with no mention of having to hound the company for months on end to receive the services I have paid for. I would simply like them to uphold their end of the contract.

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  • Je
    jeremyyu Apr 18, 2014

    Skype somehow managed to lock us out of our account, not allow us to retrieve voice mail, not receive phone calls. Horrible Service.

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  • Ra
    Ramona Thibodeaux Jul 12, 2016

    I was charged one fee of $20.81, and two fees of $13.87 each. All three transactions were done on Monday, Nov. 1, 2010. Now with $44.oo in NSF fees, my bank account is in the red. Along with a pending transaction for Nov. 5 with a deduction of $45.95 for some other crap I did not approve of.

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  • Oc
    Octavio Suarez Jul 12, 2016

    I just spent half hour chating with customer service trying to obtain a detailed ongoing balance of the usage in my account.
    the rep gave all kinds of worthless information that did not answer my concerns.
    The reason I started the call to Skype customer service was because I notice that the balance in my account seems to go down faster that what it should. And my going around with the Skype did not get me an answer. I had to extract it from her that "Skype does not provide an ongoing balance before and after each call. Obviously in that way I know exactly what I pay for the call.
    Today I called Costa Rica and when I noticed a big deduction in my balance.
    I called Skype customer service. According to what the rep said my call was .347 but the deduction was .697. When I inquiry she said that is because I made 3 calls. However when I look for the charges there was only one charge for .347 and my account was deducted .697
    When I said I did that because the other person could not hear me ( which it happens practically every time I use Skype)
    She argue that that was my internet. I responded that it could also be their system but didn't go anywhere. (again, every time Skype fails, I have to pay for. ( I am sure it is a common problem with Skype)

    Also I had cancelled auto refill, but every time I did a refill myself, the system will put me in auto refill. That is not a good practice.
    Somebody need to look into the way Skype is charging the customers.
    I am including below a copy of the chat with the rSkype rep.


    Following our chat support session, here's a copy of our chat history.
    1:29:05 AM oct127 oct127 begins session with: Payment methods (how to pay)
    1:29:05 AM SYSTEM Presentation Script "Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support" ended.
    1:29:14 AM oct127 Hi,
    1:29:32 AM You Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Ramona. How may I help you?
    1:29:44 AM oct127 Seems to me that is getting increasingly expensive to use the phone service
    1:30:08 AM oct127 Also I was not able to find a way to keep track of my ballnce
    1:30:20 AM oct127 balance that is
    1:31:38 AM oct127 I need an statement of my available balance every time I make a call
    1:31:57 AM oct127 in that way I now exactly how much the call cost was
    1:32:20 AM You I understand your concern with regard to account balance.
    1:32:31 AM You I would be willing to help you with your concern.
    1:32:35 AM You Before we go further, may I have your name and Skype username, please
    1:32:42 AM oct127 thank you
    1:32:53 AM oct127 oct127
    1:32:56 AM oct127 Octavio Suarez
    1:33:31 AM You Thank you.
    1:34:17 AM You To check your avalaible balance, you can always sign in to the my account page and your balance also shows on the Skype application.
    1:34:35 AM oct127 I know that.
    1:34:44 AM oct127 I will explain again
    1:35:20 AM oct127 I want to be able to see in a statement how much you deduct it for the call
    1:35:42 AM You We're you able to check your call history?
    1:35:55 AM You To view a detailed list of the calls you have made and how much they cost, sign in to your account:
    1:36:11 AM oct127 yes but that does not tell me how much you deduct it
    1:36:43 AM You The total call charge per call to a number is what we deduct on your balance.
    1:36:44 AM oct127 can you tell me how much was the last call I just made today to costa rica?
    1:37:03 AM You Sure.
    1:37:04 AM oct127 yes, were is it showing?
    1:37:07 AM You Just a moment.
    1:38:20 AM oct127 HOw much was my balance before I made the call and how much was after the call?
    1:40:42 AM You The last call you made for calling mobile in Costa Rica is $0.347.
    1:41:03 AM You That was made on Dec. 21, 2011./
    1:41:14 AM oct127 thank you and how much was the balance in my account at that point
    1:41:29 AM oct127 before and after
    1:42:08 AM You Prior to Dec. 21, 2011 your account balance was $2.10.
    1:42:41 AM oct127 thank you. Does that match tha deduction?
    1:44:57 AM You After the call, your account balance top up for $10.00 leaving your account with a total of 11.400.
    1:45:56 AM oct127 So that is a total of.70 right?
    1:48:16 AM You Sorry for the confusion, your total call charges on Dec. 21, 2011 is 0.697.
    1:49:26 AM oct127 so how are you telling me that the call was .347 when you are tellin me that the total charge was .697
    1:52:34 AM You On your call records, you have made 3 calls to number 50686978893.
    1:53:12 AM You First call - 0.175, second call - 0.175 and the last is 0.347.
    1:53:23 AM oct127 I see, that is correct.The reason I had to do it. The other person could not hear me.
    1:53:32 AM You A total of 0.697.
    1:53:59 AM oct127 Which is another issue I have with your service. every time your service is flawed I have to pay for
    1:54:18 AM You Please be reminded that your auto-recharge is enabled.
    1:54:39 AM oct127 No it is not
    1:54:46 AM You I would like to clarify that you have not been overcharged.
    1:55:53 AM oct127 All I am asking is that I am able to see call by call how much was I charged. were do I go for that.
    1:56:21 AM You Please check your My account page now and your order history.
    1:56:47 AM You To view a detailed list of the calls you have made and how much they cost, sign in to your account:
    1:57:05 AM oct127 the histroy does not keep a balance of my account
    1:58:01 AM You Your account balance is stated on the welcome page of your my account page and on the Skype application.
    1:58:44 AM oct127 I know that I am talking about a detail statement of how much was deducted for every call.
    1:58:56 AM oct127 were do I see that?
    1:59:47 AM You Once you made a call, it automatically deduct to your balance and it is posted on Skype application beside your name.
    2:00:29 AM oct127 were do you keep a recordof every deduction
    2:00:50 AM You We have that on our end.
    2:01:00 AM You You can alos check that on your account.
    2:01:05 AM You **also
    2:01:11 AM oct127 what is that please
    2:01:30 AM You It is on the link I gave you.
    2:01:41 AM oct127 would you guide me there so we can do it together
    2:04:37 AM You Before you made a call, observe your current balance is $11.400.Now try to make a call and check the balance after.
    2:06:08 AM oct127 I already said that twice. I want to see it in writing an ongoing balnce not befoe and after only.
    2:06:22 AM You That option is not available.
    2:06:46 AM You I will forward it to the development team so they can consider it on future releases.
    2:07:53 AM oct127 Well you finally said it. That is not the way to do business. If you cannot send me a detail of my money deductions I will have to look into your business practices.
    2:08:32 AM oct127 I am amzed that you don't have it .
    2:09:42 AM You I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused on your end.
    2:09:56 AM oct127 Also, If I recharge my account, it automatically sets me up as a auto recharge
    2:10:33 AM oct127 I had to go there and change that after I did a refill this morning.
    2:10:44 AM You All right.
    2:10:45 AM You Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    2:11:08 AM oct127 That is another practice that is not friendlly and very convenient to you
    2:11:38 AM oct127 How do I get credit for the bad connections that you charge me for
    2:12:21 AM You Record shows that you have successful calls.
    2:12:38 AM oct127 yes, bad quality
    2:12:59 AM oct127 I need it restart the call so the other person could hear me
    2:13:12 AM You Please be reminded that calls are rounded up to the next minute: for example, a call lasting 00:35 minutes is rounded up to 1 minute.
    2:13:30 AM oct127 what is you rpoint?
    2:14:06 AM You Before making a call, ensure that you have stable internet connection and your audio/video settings is set up correctly.
    2:15:02 AM oct127 mi internet was stable. It may be your internet
    2:16:00 AM You We do not have control over your out going/incoming calls. If everything works fine on your end then the other might have the problem.
    2:16:11 AM oct127 Obviously you didn't resolve my issues. And is not personal but your company policies.
    2:16:29 AM oct127 I will follow up about this.
    2:16:59 AM oct127 Can you send me a detail statement of mi usage and account balances
    2:17:48 AM You We are unable to provide that since it is all listed on your call history.
    2:18:23 AM oct127 can you send me a transcript of this chat?
    2:18:30 AM You Sure.
    2:18:41 AM oct127 thank you
    2:18:49 AM You You can keep our session ID: 657020.
    2:18:56 AM You You're welcome.
    2:19:08 AM oct127 were do I go with that #
    2:19:56 AM You You can keep that as your reference for our chat.
    2:20:44 AM oct127 you are sending me the chat though?
    2:20:49 AM You Yes.
    2:21:05 AM oct127 rigth now?
    2:21:06 AM You May I have your email address, please?
    2:21:22 AM You I'll be sending it in a while.
    2:21:29 AM oct127 [email protected]
    2:21:35 AM You Thank you.
    2:21:41 AM oct127 thank you
    2:21:44 AM You It's been a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you for contacting Skype Live Support, have a great day.

    We value your feedback. Please be aware that we will ask you a few questions after closing the chat window about your experience with us today.

    Once you are ready please click on the "Exit" button.

    Should you need more assistance, feel free to contact us again.

    Best regards,

    Ramona C.
    Skype Customer Service

    Get Live Chat Support.

    Available now with a Premium Day Pass or Subscription.

    Our specialist operators are ready to help you with anything you need.

    Click here to find out more.

    Please be cautious of any unsolicited emails claiming to be from us, requiring your account details and requesting urgent action. Patches and upgrades from Skype are only available at or from the Skype application itself – never anywhere else.

    This electronic message contains information from Skype, which may be privileged or confidential and is intended for use only by the individual(s) or entity named above. Any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information by unauthorised person(s) is strictly prohibited. If you have received this electronic message in error, please delete it and notify me immediately, using the contact details above.

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