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Complaints & Reviews

Unethical Sales manager

I've had the worst experience in dealing with Destination Mazda in Vancouver BC today. With this bitter taste of being lied to and the dishonesty that was displayed made me sick to my stomach.
Dave the service manager is not very unethical and dishonest. When you give a credit to a customer of $100 they should be able to use all of the credit not ABOUT $100. If that logic that Dave used made any remote sense, then if i was a retailer and you gave me $100 bill and the service or goods you acquired came up to about $78.49 then I turn to you and said "oh the total came up to about $100. How would you react? Wouldn’t you expect your change back? That is a total SCAM I tell you. You can't tell me that an oil change and brake inspection costs $100. When I was quoted $39.95 for the oil change and $24.95 for the inspection plus taxes. The last I checked the HST is 12% is it not???? I really do not know how you run and stay in business using that logic. You have just lost one customer who was once loyal to your dealership, with your display of dishonesty, I will make sure I help you spread the word regarding your business practice. I highly do not recommend anyone using their service department at Destination Mazda especially if this department is run by DAVE. This type of reasoning that the so called MANAGER gave me smells as bad horse manure on a hot summer day. Way to gave DAVE you sure know how to build your clientele's confidence. Well I’ll help you along and spread the word on how unethical you are when dealing with your customers.

Deceit, false advertising, dishonest, bad business, bait and switch sales

I checked online for the complaints about Legend Kia in San Antonio, TX and thought long and hard about whether I wanted to do business with them. I saw their advertising on tv that they will pay off your trade, even if you owe $5, 000 more than it's worth. I really need a bigger vehicle because my three teenagers are older and can barely fit into my Ford Ranger Supercab.

So I figured the worst they could tell me was no. I go to the dealer and test drive a couples of different vehicles. I really wanted an SUV, but because my credit is still not completely clean, I couldn't get financed for one. So I decided a brand new car would still be ok, I was approved for a Kia Forte, or so I thought. We went through the haggle process. I couldn't sign all the paperwork that day they said because the bank and the other finance company who owns my truck are closed on Saturday. So they said it would be no problem, go ahead and drive it home and we will call you when we get all the paperwork done. All you have to do is come in and sign the rest of the paperwork, and we will fill the tank with gas and detial it one last time and give you all the paperwork and books for the car.

I thought that if they let me drive the car off the lot then I got approved and everything was ok. NO! NO! NO! NO!

I called on Wednesday because I hadn't heard from the dealer, who said they would call me around Tuesday. They said the paper work was ready so go ahead and come in to the dealer. I went in straight after work. I had to wait a few minutes because there was a line. I asked if the dealership carried the converter for the Ipod, Kia changed theIR Ipod connection so they can charge you forty dollars for their own converter, the sales rep I was dealing with said yes, so I went ahead and bought one.

The finance guy comes out and tells me that only one bank said they would finance me, but I had to put $4, 000 down on the vehicle.

I came in to the dealership and from the very beginning told the sales rep and the finance guy that I only had about $500 to put down at that moment. They said that's no problem. They knew my circumstances when we did business, even the sales rep I was dealing with was totally embarrassed. So I had to give the car back. Not real upset at this point, I'm not so desparate for a new car that I'm willing to take what ever they will offer me. But then they made me have a escort to walk out to my truck to make sure I had nothing in the car I was returning and to make sure I wouldn't do something to their precious vehicle. This was totally embarrassing to me as there was a room full of people at the moment and they made me wait in a room and the lady walked me right through the middle of the show room floor in front of every body.

That was incredibly insulting, dishonest, and immoral. I understand I don't have great credit, I am trying to work on that. I only owe $5, 000 on top of my student loans. I am current on ALL my bills. I have no problem with them telling me no. It's the embarrassing treatment and lying and false advertising I have a problem with.


This is definitely a rip-off and the way they do business

Legend is using false and deceptive practices. They constantly speak over you and interrupt you when you are speaking. They charged me 275.00 for a 100.00 navigation system. The sales person Mr. Carwise told me he would go to best buy which is right up the street from the dealership and purchase the navigation system with the 275.00 they charged me. The model that was purchased is 89.00 at Wal-Mart (up the street too) and 99.00 at best buy. This is definitely a rip-off and the way they do business. They overcharged me for the following items and I did not complain: tint the front windows, 125.00, 100.00 document fee (vehicle cannot be sold without documents) and I did not complain about any of these over charges.

Poor Business

Murray Motors had a major flood on their lot and they decided not to remove any of the vehicles, though all...

Blown engine

My son told the dealership (davis-moore mazda) to do an oil change on his car back in october when it was in...

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wheel well rust

I meticulously maintain my car and always kept it clean (all 4 seasons). When my right rear wheel well started to rust and I checked in with a reputable auto body shop, they indicated that it would be costly to fix. They also said it was a waste of my money since the rust was due to a defect and it would return even after they fixed it. When I approached Mazda with this feedback, both the dealorship as well as the Regional Manager were unwilling to anything about it. Each time I approach my car, I now do so with frustration, anger and a promise to never buy another Mazda.


I purchased a 2008 Pre-Owned Certified Mazda CX-7 from Med Center Mazda in September 2009. It had approximately 48, 000 miles on it. But since it was certified, I figured it had been thoroughly checked over and was okay. After all, it had been given their seal of approval. I also purchased the "Bumper-to-Bumper" extended warranty and paid out the butt for it too. I had the car for only 2 months when a dash light came on. The Check Engine light. I took a day off of my job, took it in and was called back the next day and the service tech guy told me that it was an exhaust problem. I told him to fix it and that my car was under warranty. He said that he'd have to check to see if it was covered. So, I was like "WTF"? Bumper to Bumper??? Isn't the exhaust between the 2 bumpers? The exhaust problem was fixed the next day. In the meantime, I had to miss a day and a half of work (taking it in, picking it up) and pay for a rental car. No, they didn't furnish me one. I have to pay for it and then get the extended warranty company to reimburse me. This was an inconvenience since I do not believe in credit cards and credit card are a must for renting a car. Flash forward 9 months. August 2010, and the car is only 11 months old. I hear a grinding noise in the front of the car but only when driving and not sitting still. My husband insisted it was the tires. I went and got new tires (the tires on the car when I bought it were the factory tires that were originally put on it and they dealer didn't even put new ones on it before selling it even though it had almost 50k miles on it). After the new tires went on, the noise still persisted so I took the car by a local mechanic. He said that it was a busted wheel bearing. Once again, I had to take off work early one day to take it in, then take off early again 2 days later to pick it up. I also had to come out of my own pocket again for a rental because they refused to give me a loaner or rent one for me. Once again, I was given the run around about the extended warranty covering it until I insisted they check. It was also covered. I asked at that time for EVERYTHING to be checked out for any damage because I could not continue taking off work for repairs on this car and suggested that some of these issues might have been present when I purchased the car. My suggestion was ignored and the car WAS NOT checked thoroughly for anything else but more busted wheel bearings. I did not do anything to the car to bust a wheel bearing. I drive on the interstate 5 days a week (60 miles each way) to work and back and occasionally make the hour drive to see my parents. Oh, and I took it to the beach for a short 4 day vacation this past summer. Interstate use only. No off roading in it, no driving on bad roads and no wrecks. A day or so after I got the car back, I received a letter in the mail from Mazda stating that there was a defect in some of the air conditioning components and should I have problems, I should take it to my nearest Mazda dealer to have it fixed. I wasn't having any problems with the air conditioner at the time, thankfully. Fast forward again 3 months to November 2010. 3 months since the wheel bearing was fixed. I was driving home on Thanksgiving Day and the air compressor burned up. The next day, I took it back (AGAIN) to Med Center Mazda to have it fixed. Once again, I got the spill about how that might not be covered since the car had exceeded 60K miles. I informed the little twit that it was a defect and that I had received a letter. She stated then that although it was a factory defect, it was not a recall and that I would be responsible for fixing it. I came unglued at that point and told her that she better call the extended warranty company and make sure it covered it because I wasn't fixing it when it was a known factory defect. She came over to me a little while later and said that it was covered under the extended warranty and that it would be ready later that day. I opted to leave it and pick it up the next day since I live in another county and it was too inconvenient to hang around there for hours, or to go home and then drive back. I once again instructed that the car needed a complete diagnostic check for whatever else might be wrong because I had just been in 3 months before and having to bring it in 3 times in 14 months was a little ridiculous. Don't the foreign car companies claim to produce more reliable automobiles? The twit called me later that same day (the day after Thanksgiving) and informed me that the service tech had done the diagnostics and found a broken motor mount. Oh, and it's on the SAME side as the busted wheel bearing. How convenient. She then said that she called the extended warranty company and that they informed her that a broken motor mount was "part of normal wear and tear and was not covered". I've owned many vehicles and have never replaced a motor mount on a vehicle that hadn't been wrecked. I have asked about 50 people and they have never replaced one either. I do believe the motor mounts are between the 2 bumpers too though. To make a long story short, they won't fix the motor mount without me paying out of pocket. Then when I picked the car up today and drove it down the street, I turned the heater on and it began making a strange vibrating noise that it had never made before. I took it back in and was told to sit in the lobby AGAIN while they "took a look". At what? Didn't they just fix it? So, while waiting, I walked around and engaged in conversations with other patrons waiting for their repaired cars to be finished, as well as some new customers coming in to look. I shared my experiences with this dealership and warranty company with them and they seemed genuinely glad to hear it. One couple stated that they too had been screwed over and also regretted purchasing a vehicle there. One of the salesman overheard and went running off to tell the general manager about it and he came out into the lobby in a huff wanting to talk to me "in his office". Well, for starters, I am not a child in grade school getting called to the principals office. I told him he could speak to me right out there in front of God and everyone because I had nothing to hide. His face got all red and he went to the service area and had the technician bring my car back around and said that they were not going to fix it again. I informed him that they didn't fix it the first time and that it was brought back due to the noise that it wasn't making until they worked on it the day before. He insisted that the noise was due to the broken motor mount. I called ### on him and he got mad and told me to leave and never bring the car back to be repaired there again. Believe me, I won't and neither would I recommend that anyone take their car there to be repaired. Nor do I think anyone should buy a car there unless they want to get completely taken advantage of and misrepresented on warranties and extended warranties. I took my car to my local mechanic and he checked the car out and said that the noise was NOT a broken motor mount and most likely the result of the repairman at MedCenter Mazda shifting something against the front of the car. He also stated that he didn't even think I had a broken motor mount and that those are NOT part of normal wear and tear because they are rarely replaced unless a vehicle has been wrecked or driven off-road (without a 4X4 package). He also said that a Mazda's motor mounts are made of rubber. The General Manager at MedCenter Mazda is Mike Williams. He is a total anal-retentive jerk who hates having an independent woman disagree with him or know what she is talking about. He is condescending and has no business in a customer service profession. Boycott this place and help women STOP getting screwed over by car dealers and repairmen. Also boycott to stop dealerships from taking advantage from the hardworking citizens just trying to make an honest living by having a car to drive to work, a car that works and isn't always being repaired!

Buyer beware

I had two payments left on my previous Subaru contract, so, I leased a new car from Maple Shade Mazda in Maple Shade, NJ and was told my previous car lease would be paid off as part of the sales negotiation. Well, it wasnt and now I have two separate car payments this month. I called Maple Shade Mazda to find out what happened and I was told, (in not to nice of a tone) that I agreed to one payment only, not paying off the other car as I was told by the salesman and the general manager. This response came from the sales manager, Brian Golin. The general manager, Adam Dimmerman will not return any of my phone calls, which leads me to believe this is a sales tactic. (I have purchased/leased several cars in the past and I can attest that the GM will always call you back, especially, if you are a customer of that dealership). As a consumer purchasing a product in good faith and expecting that in return, I feel I was lied to and cheated in order to make the sale, then ignored. Mazda USA Corporation, seems to apparently condone this practice, because after listening to my complaint, they were not willing to offer me any assistance. I thought I was dealing with a reputable company, but I do not feel this way now. I really expected them to help me make this right.

PS - on 11/11/10, I posted a good review of this car dealer at, due to the fact that I was contacted twice by the sales person handling my purchase, Ryan Gruber, and asked to do so this as soon as possible (with a free oil change as the bribe). Obvious to me now, they wanted the good review posted before the bad news came in the mail.

Consumer Disclaimer: this complaint is not to slander, libel, abuse, etc. the above car dealer, manufacturer or its employees, I am only relaying my experience with them.

Very Dishonest Bad Dealership

This is very abreviated.

Car purchased on a Sunday all papers are signed and off my girlfriend drives, Monthly payment $316. Monday afternoon Dennis calls girlfriend and asks her to spin by the dealership after work as he has one more paper for her to sign. She calls me and I advise her to call the dealerhip and find out what paper it is that needs to be signed. She calls Dennis back and he is not forthcoming at all advises her it will only take a few minutes.

She arrives at dealership Dennis (Sales Manager) puts a piece of paper in front of her and says sign here, here and here. She signs not knowing what it is because it is not explained at all, (footnote) This is her first time buying a car and signing, so she is nieve to it all and trusting. She is not given a copy of what she signs and then leaves dealership.

Week later bank calls to review paperwork SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! her payment just went up to $339 per month now.

After several attempts to get in touch with the owner of dealership I get a call from Dennis.

Dennis admits to me on the phone that when my girlfriend called to find out what she was signing that he was not forthcoming because he was concerned that if he told her it was a new sales contract she would have time to damage the car and walk away from the deal. Dennis also comes up with an excuse as to why once she arrives to sign the MYSTERY DOCUMENT and the car is in there lot in the same condition it left in why he failed to explain the document to her. He states he had several conversations going on at once. Dennis then also tells me an excuse as to why he did not give her a copy of what she signed stating "I am only human I make mistakes". What was the MYSTERY DOCUMENT you ask??? It was the single most important paper you sign when buying a car, it was a NEW SALES CONTRACT. It wasnt explained and she didnt even get a copy!!

Dec 15th (1 Month after sale) I speak with Tim Ackerman I guess these reviews are one way to get his attention other than that his employees will shield him from your calls. Tim Ackerman states he will take the car back and refund the downpayment. I advise Tim that since so much time has passed that I will also need the $732 sales tax back that was payed when registering the car here in maine. Tim replies that he cant and wont take that hit as it is not fair for him to have to pay that. But I guess in Tims eyes its ok for me to take that hit for his employees mistake and dishonesty. Wait a second if your employee does something wrong doesnt that usually fall back on the one that hired him?? Well I guess the saying "the employee is only as good as his boss" is a perfect definition of this dealership. They will not stand up and act like men when one of them makes a mistake and work to make it right.




Mazda 5

Bought a used 2006 Mazda 5. Checked out recalls on the car here in Canada and found 2. No big deal. One of the recalls was about the sliding doors not closing properly in the winter time if moisture gets inside and freezes. The other day the temp was -12, went to take my daughters to school and couldn't get the door to close. Finally got the door closed ( door ajar light went off) and proceeded on my way. Upon making my first left hand turn the door slide open all the way. my daughter was terrified and had to reach out and close the door and hold it closed till we got stopped. I called my local mazda dealer and informed them my car was exhibiting the symptoms of the recall. They told me my car was not within the recall, to oil my locks. E-mailed mazda Canada told them what had happened and told my car doesn't fall within the recall. MAYBE IT SHOULD!!! Last mazda i'll ever buy!!! Zoom Zoom yeah right more like ### ###

Not authorized dealer

They sent me a letter stating that they would service my Saturn L200 vehicle, but when I brought it there they said they couldn't fix my problem and that I would have to go to an authorized GM dealer. Why did they say they could repair Saturn when they are NOT authorized by GM??? The rotten people also charged me over $80.00 just to tell me that too!!! Sick and tired of being taken for a ride. Be careful if you are thinking about buying a Saturn because you will have a very hard time trying to get it serviced.

Transmission problem

I purchased a 2007 Ford Taurus on September 13, 2008. Mileage was 31396 at time of purchase. Along with my...

poor customer service

I purchased a brand new mazda cx9 and 2 weeks later the car began having problems. I took it to the dealership service department and it was there for over 2 weeks. First they replaced an abs control module which didnt fix the problem. Next they relaced the rear differential which didnt fix the problem. While the car was awaiting another repair it recieved $2500 worth of hail damage on the dealership lot. I was so upset and I had yet to recieve any calls form the dealership itself despite the fact that I had made phone calls and sent letters concerning my problem. So at this time I told the service manager I was through and told him I did not want this car I wanted a new one in place of the defective one and I expressed my dissatisfaction with the customer service and how that no one had even acknowledged I was having problems. So he had the manager david duncan call me at work. Mr duncan was not concerned that I was having problems he seemed annoyed that he had to call me at all. I tried to explain my dissatisfaction in the way things were being handled but he became irritated and said he was aware of the problem but he did not have time to argue with me about it. He never offered an apology or concern. When I questioned him about the hail damage he went back into being aware of the damage but he was not going to argue about the situation. I realized I was getting no where and I asked him to call me when he had some idea of how this could be worked out. The next call I recieved was from the service manager telling me that they replaced the pto which controls the awd system and that fixed the problem. When I asked if the hail damage had been taken care of I was informed that I would have to bill my insurance for that. I asked to speak to mr duncan but was informed he no longer wanted to speak with me about the matter. I did not want to pick up the car but I had no choice for my hands were tied. When I picked up the car I again asked for an apology from mr duncan and was told he did not want to discuss this matter any further. How is that for customer service? I have never been treated so rudely by anyone. I am a faithful customer who has purchased 3 cars from the duncan network in the past 3 years and I thought I was buying from a reputable dealer who was concerned about its customers and appreciated them however I was wrong. Why would I be treated so badly when all I have done is support this dealership? I realize that demanding a new car at this time may be unreasonable but I was no longer asking for that I just wanted this dealership to cover the hail damages and offer me some concern and an apology-is that too much to ask?!!

  • Ba
    Barry boxed in Oct 19, 2012

    I agree that the service department at Duncan Ford / Lincoln / Mazda is bad. The service is very slow and always comes with excuses. FIRST VISIT... for a fuel pump failure on a 2001 Mazda Miata... We only have one Mazda technician because one is out sick, the other one is swamped. SECOND VISIT..." FOR SAME PROBLEM! "We only have two technicians and they are both swamped. THIRD VISIT..." FOR SAME PROBLEM! " We only have one Mazda technician because one quit and of course " the other one is swamped ". On each visit after having diagnostic charges and fuel system parts charges it took approximately a week to get my car back each time! and it had to be towed back each time at an additional cost. I complained about having to pay for the towing each time and was told they were not going to tow it for free. The same part was replaced each time under warranty (fuel pump with different reasons for why it was failing) but of course the labor for replacing it each time was extra. I have had the gas tank, fuel pump, and fuel filter replaced and as I write this my Miata sits at Duncan Ford Mazda with a fuel pump that does not come on. Oh and by the way... The Mazda technician is swamped.

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We purchased a 2005 Cadillac CTS from BRM in November 2009, they led us to believe that this vehicle had been in a minor fender bender and that they had repaired and repainted the bumper and blended the sides to match. Actually this car had been in a major t-bone accident and was only a few thousand dollars away from being a total loss. When we contacted them, Darin Duncan said there was nothing he could do because we signed off on what the disclosed to us as the "accident". I assure you, we would not have purchased a vehicle that had that kind of damage had the truth actually been told to us. Darin was completely unwilling to work with us and said it was our problem, so, buyer beware that just because they put something in front of you and tell you what they think is going to get you to buy the car doesn't mean that it is the truth. Investigate the cars you buy, and take the time to look over your paperwork with a fine tooth comb. After all, they are never in a hurry to get you in and out of there.

never ending problems

I bought a brand new mazde BT50 in December 2009. Since the 2nd week of driving vehicle my problems started...

Shady Sales

To all buys working with Open Road Mazda be ware!
After submitting my no haggle price quote through the Internet I was quickly called by P Rubin, Internet Sales Manager who asked my some basic question regarding my purchase. I explained to him that this would be my first Mazda and that I needed an affordable car to fit my budget. I soon received a price quote to my email and was pleased with the numbers so I went in to the dealership on the evening of 02/19/2010. I was quoted $26, 999 on a Mazda Sport in the color I wanted (white) with 0% financing for 60 months. After taking a different vehicle for a test drive due to the fact that the one they were selling me for $26, 999 was physically on the show room floor I was then provided with a monthly figure much high than expected. The monthly number quoted was almost $100 per month more than anticipated. After looking at the paper work I realized that the price of the vehicle was almost $2000 more than originally quoted, they were paying me almost $1000 less than what anyone else was willing to pay me. The kicker is this dealer tried to get me to pay 7.4% sales tax (NOT %7) claiming an additional feel for a 4x4 suv tax. They also quoted me a price based on dealer incentives like "Previous Mazda Owner Incentive" etc. They were also charging me $900 for a heated driver seat that happened to be an upgrade in that vehicle. When researching this particular upgrade I found it to be less than $300.
In short, they brought me in with an aggressive price on the vehicle I wanted but in the end the price was more than the other dealerships I had been working with.

  • Wa
    wave2dave Aug 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Open road bought out my mercury dealership, they became open road mercury mazda. This past feb. I called for a warranty item. It was only after the work was completed was i informed that they cut their ties to ford/mercury. I had to pay the bill in full and try to get my warranty item money back from mercury. Their either very shady or very stupid. When a mercury customer calls up with a warrant item is when they should tell them they cut their ties to ford

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free tires for life

when i purchased my brand new 2007 mazda 6, i was promised free tires for life (which i'm sure they added on to the price of the car) a year or so later they went out of business and now i have to pay for tires which are expensive and don't last long. i would like to be compincated for this. or at least have them follow through w/ the tires. but there out of business now and i don't know who to turn to. please help me

Service Department Rip Off

Horrific service experience on 7/3/09 to Roto Lincoln Mercury:

Bottom Line: They charged me $300 for an entire day of work where they did "diagnostics, " fixed nothing, and sent me on my way in a car that wasn't safe to drive. I believe they intentionally didn't fix a valve body gasket problem in my transmission so that I would have to bring it back a few days later and spend $3500 on a new transmission (instead of $500 or so to fix it in the first place).

They also offered to charge me $400 to replace an entire CD/Radio system that was working perfectly except for the fact that the LED screen was fading in and out. Stay away from Roto!! Read on for more details: On Thursday July 2nd, while I was driving about 45mph the “o/d off” light began flashing and the car seemed to downshift by itself. At the next stoplight, I turned the car off and then on and the light went off. I was scheduled to drive to Wisconsin that evening, and elected to postpone the trip to have the car checked out. I made an appointment for 7:30 AM Friday July 3rd at Roto Lincoln Mercury just a few blocks from my house. I told them about the transmission issue and asked that they also check the LED screen on the radio. Is it was not working despite the fact that the radio, CD players, and cassette were all operating normally. I arrived at 7:15 AM and was 9th in line. When I checked in. I asked about how long it would be before I heard something. I was told that I should hear something by about 9:00 or so. At 10:15 AM. I hadn’t been contacted, so I called to see what was going on. I was told the car was in “diagnostics” and I should hear something in 45 minutes to an hour. At 12:15 AM I called again (not having heard anything) and I was told that the car was still in “diagnostics, ” but they had registered the problem had occurred via the computer. Print This Page Print Email This Review Email Link To This Page Link/Share

They said they wanted to “drop the pan” and investigate further and then they would get back to me. It was at this time, that they also told me that in order to fix the LED screen, I would need to replace the entire radio at a cost of $400, (which I declined). At 2:30 PM I called yet again, only to be told that the car was still in “diagnostics, ” that they found no debris in the pan and that they were inspecting the bands and would get back to me as soon as they found something. At 4:15 I called for the 4th time and was told that the car was just returning from it’s “test drive” and they had changed 5 quarts of the fluid and that it was ready for pick up. I arrived at 4:30 PM and was told that they couldn’t reproduce the problem. I asked if they took the car onto 53 to get it up to 4th gear and was told no, but that they could go 45 to 50 mph on Rand Road. I asked “So it’s safe to drive?” and was told “We hope so.” I then waited for 10 minutes for the porter to go retrieve my car from outside somewhere. Meanwhile, I watched numerous freshly washed cars being pulled up for other customers. My car was pulled up outside, the only one not washed. So in essence, it didn’t appear they ever found the problem, they never contacted me all day long, and they didn’t “fix” anything, and I was charged $297.68, and wasted an entire day of vacation only to be sent on my way in a car that was potentially unsafe to drive. I immediately drove a few blocks up the road and took it on 53 to test it and it “skipped” while accelerating up the ramp (meaning that the RPM”s shot up to over 5000 and then came back down when the gear “caught”). How can a Mercury dealer service department do such a substandard job of finding and fixing a problem on one of its own cars? Did they ever really test drive it? Needless to say, I was completely dissatisfied with my entire experience over at Roto Lincoln Mercury. I drove to Wisconsin that night (the transmission “skipped” 3 times when accelerating from a stop, but seemed OK as long as the speed ‐65mph‐ was maintained). I did not drive the car anywhere but to a grocery store 3 miles away during the trip). I dropped the car off with my mechanic and 1) He found that the heat shield on the catalytic converter had been bent 2) The oil pan for the transmission had also been bent 3) Damage done while “dropping the pan” unprofessional or unqualified (a porter?) 4) The next step which would have been to drop the valve body cover (another 30 minutes), revealed a blown out gasket that could’ve been replaced for about $30 5) Instead, now the entire transmission would need to be rebuilt at a cost of about $2200. I subsequently tried to get my money back (at the very least) by talking to the service manager, the Regional Service Manager for Ford Motor Company, and the Better Business Bureau...but got nowhere. The only option left would be to sue, which would cost more than I would get back even if I won.

Service Department Rip Off
Service Department Rip Off
Service Department Rip Off

Shame customer service

We bought a car from Cox Mazda and the paint is falling off and this car was certified pre-owned and someone else painted the car before Coxmazda bought it and Mazda is stating it is non of there concern, we even bought the bumper to bumper warranty and that still does not help us. They are not willing to even fix one area or pay for half of a new paint job. They stated they will make the spots go away but not place a new clear coat. PLEASE PLEASE help this car was bought only 2 months ago. It is a shame customer service is not what is used to be.

faulty equipment

I purchased a 2008 used Mazda CX-7 with 16 thousand miles on it in July of 2008. It is now September 11, 2009 and I would like to spread the word to everyone that I can about the faulty compressors installed in the Mazda CX-7 vehicles. I was on my way to a Labor Day fish fry(3 hours away from where I live) and the air conditioner quit working. We then began to smell burnt rubber, smoke began to emerge from the hood of the vehicle, and the power steering became non existent. After cutting the vehicle off, it would not start back up. The closest Mazda dealership was Expo Mazda in Kingwood TX. They picked up the vehicle Tuesday 9-8-2009, informed me of the internal failure, informed me that my vehicle was no longer under warranty, informed me that they had all parts to fix my vehicle, and that it would be ready Wednesday evening(9-9-2009) In the meantime, I looked online to find over 50 cases of the exact same problem and felt that Mazda should recall this model and be responsible for half of the repair bill.Now it is Friday [protected] and no one has called me about the status of my vehicle, so I called them. They advised me that my vehicle was finished up 9-10-09 and test driven( they stated that they were just about to call me) They took 10% off leaving me a balance of roughly $961.00 plus $256.00 in rental car fees. I tried to explain that this is very unfair to consumers, and unfortunate for Mazda because I will never purchase another Mazda. I will also advise my friends and family of my experience in hopes that I can keep this situation from happening to anyone that I know. BEWARE OF THE MAZDA CX-7 !!!

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