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Complaints & Reviews

Failure to Take Medicare

If you read the Mayo Clinic website, it says that the Clinic takes Medicare. But this isn't really true...

Bad service and attitude

My friend advised me to visit the website www.mayoclinic.com in order to find good doctor. I started to use...

Price of Endoscopy

I am writing this complaint because I think the Mayo Clinic is charging ridiculous amounts of money for their services. For example, I had an endoscopy done by them and their charges before it hit my insurance was over $3000. That is over double the national average for this exam. How can they possibly justify that?
Not to mention the fact that I had to wait 3 hours in the waiting room AFTER my schedule appointment time before I was called in and then bam the test took a whole 10 minutes.
They are doing this because of 2 reasons: 1. they have no competition in rochester and they think they are god's gift to the earth, and 2. they are lining the pockets of their board members and doctors at the price of the patient.
My recommendation: Fly to Mexico and have all of your work done there, or at least a big city where there's more competition. The insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals are all in bed with the government and all getting filthy rich in the process.

  • Pi
    pigdog Sep 06, 2009

    I live in Rochester and have been a patient at Mayo. I do not have my family go there any more. I believe they not only overcharge but also overprescribe. They gave my 2 month old an unnecessary MRI. This cost 3K and I am personally out 1K for it. It was useless. However they insisted it was necessary. Well it turned out to be unnecessary. I had stomach pain and my doctor suggested maybe I had a kidney stone. That would have rang up a huge bill. I said a stomach ache does not indicate a kidney stone. They lost 2.6 billion last year and are desperate to do procedures to charge out there losses.
    Try Olmsted or go up to the cities.

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  • Wh
    Whomever Sep 22, 2009

    Mayo Clinic physicians are paid a salary and do not recieve money on a per-patient basis as is done at other institutions.

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Refusal of Service

After 15 years as a patient and scheduled appointments with 3 specialists at the Clinic this year, the...

Resolved stopping of health care

My father is very sick with cancer and mayo clinic of scottsdale, az has stop treating him because hi...

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Resolved Surgical error & subsequent mistreatment

On October 12, 2001 I went into the Mayo Clinic, (St. Luke's Hospital) Jacksonville, Florida for open-heart surgery. I was told I would be in there for six days.

Due to a careless mistake the Mayo punctured my stomach in two places. I was their involuntary guest for almost five weeks. While in the Mayo one of my lungs collapsed, I contracted MRSA, peritonitis, pneumonia and my gall bladder stopped working. When I went home it was as a decrepit invalid with drainage bottles hanging from me, infected with invasive candidiasis (from which, four out of ten people who get it, die), a collapsed lung, suffering from excruciatingly painful bedsores and an agonizingly painful wound in my abdomen which, despite following the Mayo's recommendations to the letter, would not heal.

Due to their mistake, the Mayo Clinic nearly killed me, caused me much agony, took over two years of my life away, and then, after agreeing to cancel their bill (to see the Mayo's letter agreeing this, please view page 6 at www.mayovictim.com), waited until the time limit for filing a medical malpractice suit ran out and then, in May 2005, sued me. I am stunned that the directors of an organization that professes lofty aims and ideals do not know what is going on at the Mayo, and if they do, by not correcting it, condone it. A time line, copies of documents, letters and photographs detailing my Mayo Clinic experiences and subsequent events may be found on this site: www.mayovictim.com

  • Te
    Tessa123 Oct 21, 2018

    I saw a post from an Ob/Gyne md who stated she works at Mayo Clinic. Very disturbing that one of the MDs would actually post this. I hope this gets investigated.


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  • Ni
    Nicholas John Jowett Dec 21, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Krohn Clinic i n black river falls wi violated my privacy. Dr. Catherine Whitehouse etson cameron and stephany la bar. Illegally with out a release for m signed. I want privacy at home but still want to use mayo. I dont have scizo affective disorder or nicotene dependacy. Please get them removed!!!

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