Maynilad500% excess billing without water supply


Dear Sir/Madam,
I hope this email finds you well.
On behalf of my neightbors i would like to complain our water supply from Maynilad. Here are the brief stories1980's whe we started having water supply in our street Damong Maliit Brgy. nagkaisang Nayon Novaliches Quezcon City Philippines. It was MWSS before and now transferred to Maynilad. When our water supply transferred to Manilad that is the time we experiencing limited water supply in our location but not exteeded to some of our neighbors. Case are so strange that could say that there is some illiegal happening or impropper operation made by the Maynilad personnel for our location. We are paying 1500+ every month without giving justifiable water supply. We change to new metter and we did all possible resolution but water supplies get worst everyday. We hope that anyone from Media ABS CBN, GMA7, TV5 and other networks will assist us to resolve our water supply problem. We did a lot of complains and follow up from Maynilad but no action made.

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