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Ok maybank. I suffered enough to say - burn in hell. With all your stupid unnecessary procedures, putting limits to how I can use my own money on my own saving account which I cannot change, annual renewal of the cards and waiting several weeks to get the new one, performing all the operations in person in the brunch only, stupid and lengthy customer service:
- I spent more time calling to your operators then I spent calling my friends
- I spent tons of time and money for oversees calls activating "additional" services, like mobile banking, online banking etc. That normally should already have been activated given I got your card in person in the branch
- I had to repeat all the exiting exercise in 1 year when I had to renew my card
- I spent 1 hour from midnight to 1:00 in the restaurant alone just waiting when I can pay my bill after your daily regular 1 hour maintenance process
- you failed me when I had to pay at 5 am in the morning checking out of the hotel and I lost my flight because of you
- I had to run looking for atm machine like a boy around the block to withdraw 16m idr from my debit card, because you put limit to daily payment amount from my debit card

And for that reason - burn in hell. You are officially the biggest [censored] bank I ever had in my life.

I spent 30 minutes because I could not pay with my card checking out of hotel to go to airport. I had to call these stupid idiots again and turned out to be there's a limit. And when I asked to increase limit they said it cannot be done. Only cash. So I had to run to atm and get all the cash to pay for hotel... 😡 i've just got to taxi. Hope this stupid maybank will burn in hell!

Oct 04, 2019

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