MaybankBad experience with maybank's impatient and rude staff


I am so upset and dissatisfy with the bad service of maybank, in mentakab, pahang branch with the address stated below:-
1, jalan haji kassim,
28409 mentakab
I am maybank customer since 2004 and I had decided to apply an atm card yesterday, 30/1/2012. I had filled up the application form with the assist of a female staff and the form had submitted to another dept, at 3.05pm. The other staff who in-charge asked me to be seated and wait for moment so that my application will be processed soon, since there are 3 customers in front are applying the atm cards as well.

This is not a long queue and there are just 3 applicants, I am the fourth. I spent more than 2 hours waiting to be served. The clock passed 4.30pm; their entrance closed. But the rest applicants and I still waiting until 5.10pm, the 3rd applicant almost done and it was my turn.

Meanwhile, a malay male staff who look fat, overweight and with a big stomach that sit just beside the staff started mumbling. He was sitting on his desk wait for the time passed from 4.30pm to 5.10pm without doing anything, just like waiting to get off. I knew his name afterward but I prefer not to reveal although his attitude is rude and not respecting customers. He stood up and asked me to retrieve back my application form and come back tomorrow impatiently. I told him if so, you should ask me to leave earlier on 4.30pm, but not 5.10pm. Therefore, he blamed me and another applicant rudely because we did not come earlier. With an extra excuse saying their system and pc will automatically shutdown on 4.30pm and cannot help us process any further.

This is a terrible case since the staff did not ask us to leave on 4.30pm and still want us to wait for 40 minutes longer before we get driven out of the building. Are they on purposely doing so in order to waste our time? I had wasted 2 hours waiting and get nothing at the end.

I am disappointing with the unprofessional staffs of maybank mentakab branch. The staff asked us to leave rudely without any apology, this is a basic courtesy and maybank's staff failed to do so.


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