Maxwell House - Kraftrecyclable k-cups

S Sep 05, 2018

I have been buying the 30 pod size boxes of Maxwell House Dark Roast recyclable Keurig cups for quite a while but with the last two boxes have had a problem with recycling the pod.

The foil tops are glued on so tightly that they are almost impossible to remove in order to recycle the remainder of the pod. My city has a green-box program so normally I can recycle the coffee grinds and filter in the green bin and the bottom piece in the hard-recycling bin so the only garbage I have is the foil piece from the top. Now it is glued so tightly that I cannot separate the pieces to recycle. Please return to your previous glue.

My alternate coffee choice is Nabob which also has recyclable K-cups and I plan to start buying them regularly now.

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