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Dear Sir,
Good Evening, I would like to express my dissatisfactory here for the poor service provided by Maxis Service Center in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI). The incident was, I went for this maxis center to sign up iphone 4 ivalue plan and there a man who believe was a boss for the maxis center TTDI told that, the stock for Iphone4 have been finished and I had to wait another day to get it. However, he mentioned he has “another solution” in order to get the iphone 4 immediately by today, and then he directed me to another staff for the explanation of “another solution”. I am pleased to be seated by the staff and the staff explained to me in fact, the solution was I have to sign up for the maxis broadband products in order to get the iphone4 successfully. I reverted back to the staff why did I need the broadband products since I already had Broadband service by my own. The staff told that, the iphone4 is limited to 20 units out per day and already out of stock early on that day. But he said he can issue a new iphone4 for me provided that I have to sign up for their broadband product in order to fulfill their broadband sales target for their branch. The staff added on, I may have cooling-off period of 7 days for the broadband product. I am totally frustrated and questioned why they can’t issue a new iphone4 for me since they still have stock instead of “re-package” for me.


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    Jayaperakash Jayadevan Nov 26, 2019
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    I am writing this comment with utter dissapointment with Maxis Broadband services. Last week(18 Nov), due to reasons only known to Maxis, the internet connection to my residence got disconnected. I called up the voice operted system and managed to get thru to a customer service officer and I have duly informed the officer of the situation and a report was lodged and I was given the number for reference. I was told that the techincal team will get back to me soonest. After waiting for more than 24 hours, I called back Maxis hotline and again I was promised by the officer that the technical team is looking into it and will revert to me. Again 24 hours later, I called and this time customer service officer requested for an appointment date for the technician to call over at my residence to check on the internet connectivity and to my dismay, the only available date for the technician to urn up at my residence was on a weekend(Sunday, 24 Nov) at 9.30am. finally around 10am, a technician appeared at my door step and tried to troublsehoot but wasn't sure so he had to call up another colleague who came by half an hour later, he too could not figure out the situation and they finally dei=cided to check the junstion box situated at a far end of some corner of my housing estate. Almost an hour later, they managed to get the line fixed and the reason givenwas that some other technician from TM may have inadvertently pulled out the internet connection to my residence . I was shocked to hear this reason and I maintained my calmness. It was almost 1 week later they managed to get internet connection resolved. Als, my joy of getting the internet to work was shor lived, barely 24 hours later the internet got disconnected(25 Nov) and I have thusfar made 4 phone calls and a report number at hand and no technician is seen at anywhere at site. at the pint of my writing this comment, it is still status quo and Maxis has no courtesy of updating on the status of report. I am planning to loge an official complain to the Multimedia Commission on the filthy customer service and porr internet connection.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Viknes Nov 06, 2019
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  • De
    Derek007 Oct 03, 2016

    Very poorly trained staff with arrogant and unfriendly attitude. Maybe this is their core value since they are now leading the market share. Very disappointed after using the line for 12 years with good record of payment. Convert to digi immediately after being mistreat at Maxis Sunway yesterday. No action being taken to the staff even after complaint.

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  • In
    innn Mar 16, 2016

    Hi maxis.. im very unstatisfy with your survice about internet connection.. My house is at Bertam Perdana, Kepala Batas is sometimes out of connection and very slow even though that area is not a rural area. I have been using maxis for about 9 years and within that years, maxis services become more terible. Hopefully maxis will improve services expecially in internet data connection for future uses.

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  • Fa
    FAIZAL MOKHTAR Jun 16, 2015
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    Salam sejahtera tuan puan

    Di sini saya ingin pihak BIRO ADUAN AWAM menyelesaikan isu saya dengan SKMM berkaitan aduan perkhidmatan MAXIS centre

    Saya ingin mendapatkan maklum balas berkenaan laporan yang saya hantar melalui email kepada pihak SKMM yang tidak diselesaikan hampir sebulan lebih iaitu

    A Isu berkenaan 500minit calls dan 500 sms seperti yang dijanjikan oleh agent MAXIS pada 4hb APRIL 2015

    Menunggu kes diselesaikan dengan segera Semua perbualan dirakamkan Mohon dirujuk perbualan tersebut dan saya mohon pihak MAXIS memasukkan 500minit call dan 500sms seperti dijanjikan Jangan menipu pelanggan lagi

    Sila rujuk laporan saya dengan CFM bernombor CFM 15 04 0351

    B Isu pembelian data melalui hotlink apps yang kerap menolak data pembelian saya sebanyak 10MB sedangkan quota lama masih ada

    Ada 5 kes yang dibuat kepada pihak MAXIS bermula 29 April 2015 Seperti dijanjikan oleh Senior Manager Mr Thiruna pada 13hb MAY 2015 Pihak MAXIS akan menyertakan bukti isu system hotlink apps melalui surat dan quota usage untuk 5kes pada 21 May tetapi sehingga sekarang pihak MAXIS gagal untuk membuktikan quota usage internet saya untuk 5 kes

    Saya percaya sekali lagi pihak MAXIS cuba menipu dan lari daripada isu pelanggan

    Mohon diselesaikan segera

    Sila rujuk laporan saya bernombor CFM 15 05 0169

    C Isu unprofessional staff dan manager yang berterusan dengan pelanggan

    Mohon surat kemaafan terbuka daripada Director MAXIS atas sikap Manager MAXIS Mr. Desegan Lingam yang mengatakan pelanggan kurang ajar

    Ini kali ketiga saya membuat laporan atas Manager ini tiada ketegasan daripada pengurusan tertinggi MAXIS Corp

    Sila rujuk laporan saya bernombor CFM 15 05 0169

    D Isu berkenaan Call Back yang selalu tidak dibuat oleh pihak Management Level MAXIS terutamanya pada 19 MAC 2015 dan 20 21 22 dan 23 April 2015

    Proses Call Back dijanjikan 2jam bukan 24jam Sila jelaskan
    Membuang masa menunggu lama panggilan mohon gantirugi masa menunggu

    Mohon kemaafan terbuka daripada Director MAXIS centre atas masalah tiada Call Back dibuat

    Sila rujuk laporan saya bernombor CFM 15 04 0671

    E Isu Rangkaian Internet di Jalan Semarak KL yang tak selesai selesai daripada January 2015 sehingga sekarang
    Senior Manager Mr Thiruna mengatakan akan hantar technician untuk semak tetapan telefon saya tetapi saya ingin menafikan tiada kaitan dengan tetapan telefon memandangkan saya tiada masalah internet di kawasan Kuala Lumpur yang lain lain Kawan-kawan saya menghadapi masalah yang sama di Jalan Semarak KL internet terlampau slow dan kerap disconnect

    Sila rujuk laporan saya bernombor CFM 15 04 0671

    Mohon pihak SKMM menyiasat perkara ini dan menyelesaikan dengan kadar segera Saya percaya SKMM mampu menyelesaikan masalah saya secara professional

    Saya percaya dengan tema Customer Always Right

    Terima Kasih

    Yang kecewa

    Faizal 1984 hotmail com

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  • Ke
    kentmarcus Feb 25, 2014

    Hey maxis..I want to let you know that your company stuff why she type wong number with my ic number?I call to center ask then he ask me to go to maxis ccenter.ok I went just now afternoon, your stuff check for me then I waiting so know what I answer I hear? She tell ne have to wait 1 weeks..only a wrong number I have to wait 1 weeks..what the hell is she doing? That stuff at sunway pyramid maxis center that indian girl...action face with me then type wrong number..please compkete quickly..I need it ok.!!

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  • Tc
    TC Tan Jun 20, 2012

    Maxis is offering to One Club Member RM599 package deal for purchase Samsung Galaxy S3. I went to Maxis centre to purchase in Alor Setar, Penang and Ipoh, but all branches is out of stocks since 9 June until today 20 June 2012. The offer last date is 24 June 2012. Maxis company should publish in newspaper to inform customers that this model is out of stocks. I have make a complaint but what i get is a reference number C11412230. For what the number is given to me? I want an answer why the model is out of stock during promotion, NOT a 9 digit number.

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  • careline_CELCOM Mar 10, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lots of people saying that they already used MAXIS for a very long time but they don't know that their being "fool" by MAXIS...why...maybe you will say why I am saying like that...correct ??? so I will explain and reveal all
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    and this is the reading material for you to read so you can be sure about the product.and also you can
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    e.g : if your bill 50 RM a month you only pay 40 coz you get 10 Rm rebate.
    if 150 RM [protected]% = 95 RM)

    actually there are 3 stages of discount
    10 % = 60 RM - 79 RM
    20 % = 80 RM - 149 RM
    30 % = 150 and above it

    10% Automatic Discount
    - Total monthly usage: RM60 - RM79.99
    - 13.5 sen/min Voice Call
    - 10.8 sen/SMS

    20% Automatic Discount
    - Total monthly usage: RM80 - RM149.99
    - 12 sen/min Voice Call
    - 9.6 sen/SMS

    30% Automatic Discount
    - Total monthly usage: RM150 and above
    - 10.5 sen/min Voice Call
    - 8.4 sen/SMS

    And all of discounts we also add 10 RM cashback a whole one year.
    and about the discount as long as you use celcom.
    so if you count you can save more, have a wider coverage and network.
    also we do not have CONTRACT
    we do not have PINALTY
    we do not have DEPOSIT

    so isn't great deal for you ????
    so I meant if you can get more than your previous provider why not, right ???

    your MAINLINE GET 40 HOURS+3000 sms/MONTH
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    Staying absolutely together with your loved ones doesn't come with a high price


    Voice Rate

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    To Others Provider

    15 sen/min flat rate to any network

    10 sen/SMS flat rate to any network

    20 sen/min

    35 sen/MMS to any network


    MAXIS :
    Voice Call : maxis-maxis = 12 cents/minute (other Provider 18 cents / minute)
    SMS : maxis-maxis = 5 Cents (other provider 15 Cents)

    CELCOM with MAXIS number:Voice Call : CELCOM-CELCOM = 0 (Other Provider 10, 5 Cents FLAT RATE, NATION WIDE after 30 % Disc).
    SMS : CELCOM-CELCOM = 0 (Other Provider 8, 4 Cents after 30 %)
    Postpaid Plans Celcom Telco M Telco D
    Domestic voice calls RM100
    Domestic SMS RM30
    Other usage (Internet, MMS, IDD, roaming & others) RM20
    Total usage RM150
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    (RM100 x 30%) N/A N/A
    30% discount on domestic SMS RM9
    (RM30 x 30%) N/A N/A
    Total Payable Bill after automatic discount RM111
    (RM150 - RM39) RM150 RM150
    Savings RM39 Rm 0 Rm 0


    Last you can imagine by your self with your usage every month
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    Note : If you go to Celcom by your self you only can get to convert but you will not get the rebate and discount like I mentioned to you, also you have to pay register fee 20 RM and the SIM CARD will be charge to you.
    If you have set your mind please give me your reply A.S.A.P
    And if you still have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. thanx

    Here some tips for you for you get more about it

    Best Regards,

    Your Friend

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  • Sa
    SAM002 May 30, 2011

    Just activated my broadband for a day and the speed is like a snail worse than old TM net and always show Edge connection with the speed of 0kbps or not moving at all.I would like to get rid of it within 7 days so-called "cooling off" period in order to cool down my anger...

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