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Mavis Discount Tire - business deceives customers and produces work that is unfinished and dangerous

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On 02/08/2017 I brought my vehicle, a 2013 Honda CRV EX to the Mavis Discount Tire location in Byram NJ, 07874. I was originally in to replace one tire; however was told I was in need of four new tires. So, believing the attendant, I agreed to purchase four tires. Because I purchased four tires, I also needed an alignment and balance completed. I was not giving an option as to which tire I would like to purchase, level performance/price low, medium, high etc. After all was said and done I spend over 600 dollars. I left the Mavis location and my car was shaking terribly. This was not the case before replacing the tires or bringing it to Mavis for service. On 02/12/2018; I called the Mavis Discount Tire location in Wayne NJ to see if I could bring the car in to be checked because the shaking was getting worse and I did not feel safe to drive the vehicle as I commute on highway to work everyday. I was turned away, they were too busy to see me.

On 02/13/2018; I called again, the Mavis Discount Tire location in Wayne NJ to have the alignment and balanced rechecked. After providing my receipt to the manager behind the service desk (Chris) Wayne NJ location, [protected], he basically told me the tires the Byram, NJ location sold me are cheap/garbage tires and the shaking of the car is expected with this tire. No matter how many times the alignment or balanced is check the car will continue to shake due to the poor performance of these tires. I explained to him I was never given an option as to which tires I would like to purchase; as he was insinuating that it was my choice to buy a cheap tire. I explained once again, I was never given the option of which type of tire I would like to purchase.
The Wayne location finally agreed to perform another alignment and balance check on the car, however, now after having the car at a Mavis location for a third time, the car is still shaking. If the shake is truly being caused by such a poor performing tire, why would a company be selling these tires?
I was informed by a Manager of Mavis themselves that these tires are horrible. After spending over six hundred dollars, why would I not be giving the option of what tire I would like to purchase; to ensure my own safety.

I would like for resolution on this issue as my car is still shaking but I do not want to take it back to another Mavis for a fourth time as I assume they will make it worse once again. I would prefer the tires to be replaced, and with better quality tires to ensure alignment and to eliminate the shaking as to avoid future damage to the car.

Alysia Backer

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